Beyhadh 2 27th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Maya Kidnaps Rudra?

Beyhadh 2 27th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya tells Rudra that she is so excited about their wedding decision, asks if he is happy. Rudra reminisces Maya’s words that when he thinks of kissing, he remembers her face, but when he wants to marry, he remembers someone else’s face and kicking him out of house. He tells Ananya that he is sure Rishi would be happy about his decision, even mom and dad are happy, so he is happy. She hugs him. Maya calls him, and he disconnects her call. On the other side, Maya laughs saying Rudra is disconnecting her call and thinks he can escape death; she will pay with Rudra’s mind till then, he will die on his wedding day when all his dear ones and her enemies gather and mourn Rudra’s death.

Decorations start at MJ’s house for Rudra and Amyra’s wedding. MJ tells Amir that there shouldn’t be any lapse in security as he is concerned after Myra’s incident. Amyra’s father Sudhir and mother Shalini enter. MJ happily hugs him, and Antara thanks Shalini for coming. Shalini comments that they have to attend daughter’s wedding like a guest as someone else is taking her daughter’s wedding decision. Sudhir says MJ is Amyra’s godfather and has right to select her life partner. Amyra seeing her parents excitedly hugs them. Sudhir says he is sorry to hear about Rishi’s death and would have been along MJ if Shalini was not ill, tells Amyra that bestfriends make a best couple. Shalini asks is it, what if one has to follow only friendship and forgo being a couple. Maya calls Rudra repeatedly and he disconnects call.

Rudra plays fence to vent out his feelings. Maya walks in and holding sword says memories won’t die and until one is alive, memories will be alive, he can try, she will die but not her memories; if he lost hope or his desires gave up. Rudra says he has a heart and is not Maya Jaysingh; she told she will not see his face, then why did she come. She says to fight with him and starts attacking him. He fights with her and walks away. She throws gunny bags on him and captures him in it. Rudra shouts if she has gone made, leave him.

Ananya asks Shalini why shouldn’t she marry Rudra. Shalini says Rudra doesn’t love her. Ananya says Rudra loves her and she will confirm it right, calls Rudra but in vain. Shalini warns Sudhir that she doesn’t like MJ’s family’s shady behavior and if her daughter’s heart breaks, she will not keep quiet. Sudhir says problem of friendship is friend knows every secret and can be fatal, if something happens to his daughter, he will not spare anyone..

Maya takes Rudra home. Rudra shouts to leave him and getting out of bag shouts what the hell, if she has gone mad. Maya says he cannot marry, without celbrating bachelor’s party with friends he cannot marry. Rudra asks doesn’t she remember that Rishi died recently. Maya says Rishi would want him to enjoy and dimming lights sensuously dances around Rudra on Muskaan Jhooti Hai…song.. and gets heavily inebriated. Rudra asks what is this rubbish. Maya says she is celebrating for her friend. He asks her to shut up. She says you shut up and asks why don’t she see feelings for her on his face and slips. Rudra holds her and says she took the decision and not him. She asks if he can marry Ananya and live whole life without love, slips again. Rudra holds her and asks to control herself. Maya sensuously touches him and says don’t worry, she will not kiss him. Rajiv walks in and asks if he disturbed them. Rudra asks to control her and leaves. Maya says if not love, he should unblock her number at least. Rajiv asks why did he she get so inebriated. Maya gets steady and reveals she as acting and says she didn’t drink even a drop as inebriation makes a person weak and weak person makes mistakes, she doesn’t have time for mistakes.

Back home, Rudra checks Maya’s nails scratching marks on his chest. Rajiv shows Sudhir’s photo to Maya and says before marriage guests came to enjoy. Maya says good they all came to mourn. She looks at Amir, Antara, MJ, Diya, Sudhir’s pics and says still 2 are yet to come, she will kill all 7; today Rudra will be laced in her haldi.

Precap: Ananya confronts Rudra that marks on his chest are not of fencing and he was busy whole night. Rudra says she is thinking wrong. Maya holding Rudra in swimming pool asks why don’t he show courage. Ananya seeing them shouts Rudra…

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  1. Go maya go. Drive Ananya to being more jealous ??. I love how the show is keeping viewers hooked. Excited for the upcoming twists?

  2. I hate maya

    1. Do you hate her for fighting against injustice to get justice or hate her for leaving path to defeat to choose the path of victory in her fight

  3. Wow maya always has a magic

  4. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    I think behind all hetrated and revenge, Maya really loves Rudra! But due to her past, and her hetrated towards Roy’s, Maya hidden her own feeling for revenge.

  5. Maya is on right path and for the poor Ananya who is forcing Rudra indirectly to marry her, well let her face the consequences.

  6. MA waiting for 28th jan update.. Please updateeeeeeeee.. Not able to sleep without reading ur episode update

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