Beyhadh 2 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Maya loses her mother, regains her memory

Beyhadh 2 26th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vikram asks Maya why she is crying now. You know I also feel like crying when I see you in tears. He tells her to look at his eyes. Maya says you call me princess yet you have locked me here as an animal. Is this how you will treat your love? He says sorry. He opens her chains and kisses her hand. She tells him to prove his love to her. Vikram says I love you very much but I cannot let you go outside. Sorry. She says I don’t want to but someone else needs to. Send away that guy who had touched me or scared me. It makes me very uncomfortable. He assures her that anything that makes her uncomfortable wont be anywhere near her. He kisses her on her forehead telling her not to worry. Maya heaves a sigh of relief seeing him go.

Vikram touches Maya’s mother’s feet. Are you alright? She pushes herself behind in fear. Maya writes help on a paper, puts few stones in it to make it heavy. Rudra looks up from the sunroof. Aamir follows his gaze. Why are we waiting under Maya’s building? Rudra says I feel Maya is somewhere nearby. Aamir says we both know it that she is smarter than that. She wont hide in her old building. Maya throws the paper down. It lands straight on Rudra’s car. They pick the paper and look up in confusion. Maya comes inside just when look up. Rudra is sure someone needs help but Aamir says it might be a kid. It cannot be Maya. She isn’t such a weakling to seek help from someone. We went upstairs. We saw that no one is there. Maya writes another note. Aamir points at the kids playing nearby. Rudra finds sense in Aamir’s words. Maya throws the second letter but it falls on the ground unnoticed. She tries opening her room’s door but it is locked from outside. Vikram had blocked it intentionally using the room key before leaving. She pushes a photo outside, picks a thin wire and manages to unlock the door. The key falls on the photo without any sound. She heads downstairs. Her mother panics but Maya tells her to be quiet. We must leave right away. Her mother tries getting up but falls down.

Vikram is dragging Rajiv’s body to the study.

Maya’s mother tells Maya she wont be able to go anywhere. I don’t have the strength. I am badly wounded. Save yourself. Please leave.

Vikram puts Rajiv’s body in a freezer.

Maya refuses to leave her mother alone. She hides behind the sofa hearing the sound of Vikram’s approaching footsteps. Maya’s mother puts the cloth back over her mouth and puts her hands behind her back to show that she is still tied. Vikram is headed upstairs but then goes to Maya’s mother. How many rules will you break? Now even Maya has understood that she has to listen to me. Now I will do something after which you will understand my point. He begins to go upstairs when Maya’s mother picks up a knife. He is taken aback. You will get hurt. She says I wont let my daughter fall weak in front of you and I wont become her weakness either. My daughter knows what she has to do. She looks at Maya who is shaking her head at her desperately. Maya’s mother slashes her wrist. Maya is stunned while Vikram looks on quietly. He leans closer to Maya’s mother. You don’t care about your daughter. He touches her hand but makes a face when her blood spills on his hand. What did you do? I already had so much to do. I just packed a dead body and I have to clean your blood now. I have to meet Maya also. Let me meet her first. I will pack you properly afterwards.

Maya looks at her mother’s slit wrist and is reminded of Rishi’s death. She regains her memory. She peeks at her mother and remembers her taking Rudra’s name. She cries.

Precap: Maya holds Vikram by his neck and hits him. Why did you do this? You don’t trust me at all, right? How can love blossom in the absence of trust? Maybe I don’t understand your methods but I see love in your eyes. He holds her. We will live a normal life like any normal couple now. She nods. I will cook a special dessert for you. They share a hug (and old Maya is back!)

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Ok im not gonna talk about the story or who is right or wrong but maya shouldnt have lost her mom 🙁
    Thats really heartbreaking??

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    good episode though.

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