Beyhadh 2 26th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Maya Send Diya To Psychiatric Facility

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Beyhadh 2 26th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Diya runs to Rudra pleading him to save her from MJ. Rudra asks what happened. Diya pleads Maya next to save her and only she can tell truth to everyone. Rudra asks MJ and Antara what happened to aunty. Diya hides behind Maya, Maya says now she needs to tell truth to Rudra. Rudra asks MJ what truth, what is he hiding. Maya forcefully holds Diya’s hands around her neck and acts as Diya strangulating her. Rudra frees Maya and asks Diya what is she doing. Diya tries to run out shouting leave her, else her child will be in trouble. Amir stops her. Rudra asks whose child. Diya says her and MJ’s child, she is pregnant. Maya smirking at MJ says she told papa not to hide anything from Rudra. Rudra asks what the hell is this. Maya says since their wedding, Diya was behaving weird, she tried to inform mom and papa, but they let it go. Diya shouts she is lying. Maya says Diya thinks she is pregnant with MJ’s child, papa wants to hide this drama from Rudra. They take Diya to gynecologist who performs Diya’s ultrasonography and says she is not pregnant. Diya runs out and tells Rudra that she herself checked baby’s heartbeat and doc is lying. Doc says Diya’s hormones are high, but she is not pregnant. Maya says Diya needs psychiatric treatment and should be sent to psychiatric facility. Rudra says Diya was fine till yesterday, how can she send her to mental asylum today. Maya says its happening since many days and its psychiatric facility and not mental asylum. She says she told papa is a greedy, dirty, cheap main, asks MJ isn’t she telling truth.

MJ says Maya is right, he just kept quiet and now he feels Diya should need help. Antara hugs Diya and asks what happened to her, tells Rudra that Diya is really behaving weird since many days and even pushed her. Diya says she held maa, smirking at MJ and Antara. She hugs Diya and asks her to accept her advice, else she knows MJ will do whatever he did with Manvi/Maya. Rudra asks Diya what happened to her. Diya says she needs help.

Rajiv tells Nandini that Diya is going to mental asylum forever. Nandini asks not to say that as Diya was fine till yesterday and had just put on some weight, she doesn’t think Diya is pregnant; she is happy that Maya’s in-laws are good. Rajiv coughs. Nandini says Antara is always drunk and asks not to tell Maya.

Antara and MJ admit Diya to psychiatric facility. From room door, she pleads them and they walk away. Maya walks next and informs Diya that Diya is not pregnant and she gave her medicine which increased Diya’s hormone levels. Diya shouts how dare she is. Maya walks away saying Diya killed her child and now should be in mental asylum forever. In home, Rajiv walks to Amir and taunts him that he can send even him to mental asylum. MJ holds him from behind and warns. Maya walks from between and protecting Rajiv warns MJ that she is there to protect Rajiv. Antara shouts how dare she is. Maya warns it will be her turn next if she overreacts and takes away Rajiv from there, leaving MJ fuming.

Precap: MJ tells Rudra that he wants to tell something about Maya. Maya tries to hug Rudra, but he stops her; he gathers family and informs that he wants to tell them about Maya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. i think rudra will show the beyhadh book cover to the family as he said he will take maya’s approval first
    love this maya who knows planning n plotting well…it was funny to watch how MJ and antara supported maya in the drama of diya’s madness.

  2. Super jolt for deeya.. perfect revenge and perfect punishment for her..

    Now she will understand, without anyone in life how the life will be..
    Mental asylum, unexpected twist it is..

    Hope , maya will succeed over all the evil batch..

    Waiting and. Thinking,who will be the next target of maya and how !

  3. Silvan Desouza

    As I guessed the precap wasn’t what we assumed it to be
    Now Maya maybe after Antara
    but wonder what MJ told Rudra?

  4. Today i finally felt like i was watching the old maya of first season. As in not a psycho but brilliantly cunning. ‘Jahan tumhari soch khatam hoti hai wahan maya ki soch suru hoti hai’. I had assumed maya will create another rift between rudra and mj but no. She focussed completely on destroying diya and diya alone and it was fantastic. It was like a game of chess where the opposite player had to sacrifice his queen so as to save his king. MJ obviously chose to save himself and took the easy way of explaining diya’s allegations… and diya. She deserved everything she got. She sacrificed so many years, wronged so many people, even betrayed her supposed best friend for a heartless man. And today he was brushed away by everybody without a second thought. Good.
    The episode was too funny as well. Mj and antara standing silently because they could not make any head or tail of what maya was going to do next. Till the last moment they were not even sure whether diya was really pregnant or not. Imagine mj’s surprise when he realized he lost his biggest ‘support’ over maya’s mind game and he had no option to say yes to everything concorted. Even anatar. ‘Yes yes, diya pushed me two days back’ and maya ‘iwas there to catch her from falling’. 😆😆 i dont know what mj will do next but today’s episode is enough in itself.
    Btw, i still feel bad for rudra. He is the only one getting played by everybody. Nobody wants to lose him but everybody is lying through their teeth to him. When he knows the truth he will realize every single person lied to him, even maya after marrying him. And i am afraid he will conclude that ananya was the only one who never lied to him. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ i just hope he doesnt start depending on anu
    Also, i think maya should have blamed her short hair and not wearing the red dress on diya too. Just say diya tore my dress in one of her fits and even cut my hair a little, but mom dad asked me to not say anything to you so i could not give you any explanation. Another problem solved through this madness. Mj and antara would have agreed to anything at that point
    Lastly, i feel mj will really start liking this maya. Manvi was a plaything for him to exploit, to use and throw away. But in today’s end scene i felt mj actually got a little bit happy at maya’s attitude. Like he finally got someone his equivalent to actually play with, someone to keep with him for the long haul

    1. I want a happy ending for Maya not like first season

      1. Hi Safna… i want a happy ending for maya too but i have a horrible feeling that she will lose rudra. I mean she killed rishi. No matter how guilty she feels or how much she tries to justify it to rudra, he will never forgive her. Besides maya kept rishi’s gift bracelet in her trunk. I think one day someone will find that bracelet with maya and finally her game will be up… if she hadn’t killed rishi, she could have told the entire truth to rudra by now and he would have been loyally by her side. But maya knows rishi’s death is the one mistake she made and therefore she herself cant let rudra know her past. Rudra stood up for maya when she was accused because ‘why will maya take any revenge when she has no history with this family?’ When that history is revealed doubts will also start about rishi’s gf. Maya didn’t know she will really fall in love with rudra and by killing rishi she dug her own grave 😞😞

      2. Agree with you Dhara she is guilty of Rishi death.. I hope some better ending yet .. for her … I hope they continue to make season and season of beyhad

  5. Verma4

    Ashish Chaudhary great actor. And the plot thickens. Rudra is no better than a pinball machine. Poor Diya. I likes the Maya 2.0.

    1. Yes he is a brilliant actor you actually hate his character. Maya this version is better

  6. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    Amazing episode! Now, Maya’s passion, obsession and brilliant moves with innovation back. But, I really love Rudra and Maya’s love story because Rudra is only best thing happens to Maya’s ever. I really wants to see, one day Rudra will definitely understand Maya and Manvi. If Rudra lost his brother Manvi also lost her brother, father, Myra and Manvi’s mother spend 7 years in mental asylum. She still not remember the past. Manvi also face lots of torture and dead. Maya is not a person she is a reflection of MJ and his teams bad deeds.

  7. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    I know it’s a revenge story but still Maya’s feelings for Rudra are true. Maya madly loves Rudra. Except Rudra didn’t have anything. In other hand Ananya have everything thing she have MJ and MJ team love and support, rich parents. I really don’t want to see Rudra and Ananya will live happily ever after at the end after Maya’s death.Because, in Behayad Sanj and Arjun also live happily after Maya’s death.

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