Beyhadh 2 25th February 2020 Written Episode Update: MJ To Kill Diya?

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Beyhadh 2 25th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

MJ closing room door tells Manvi/Maya that she knows him well. She welcomes him addressing him as papa and says she told Rudra is her strength, she was waiting for him. He gets angry and says he knows what she is up to. She says there is no thrill in defeating fools. MJ gets angry and says he knows she is playing with Rudra. She says she is Maya and can go to any extent if someone interferes between them. He warns not to play with Rudra, else he will reveal her truth to Rudra. She says he can go ahead or else she herself will reveal it. He gets a call. She asks him to pick it as it may be a question of someone’s life and death. He picks call and walks away starting at her.

Diya in hospital reminisces Maya’s words that MJ plays with women and she is no where in his life as wife is wife and second woman can replace wife. She extends abortion injection towards herself reminiscing injecting it to Manvi 10 years ago. MJ walks to her and says he is always with her and is glad that she did it. She says she didn’t do anything, reminiscing throwing away injection. Rajiv watching CCTV footage is shocked to see that and inform Maya. MJ gets angry on Diya. Diya says she is with him for 20 years and now got a chance to start her family, so she wants him to divorce Antara and marry her and he has 2 hours for that. Maya seeing live footage says she was expecting this from Diya. Rajiv asks when did cat become tigress and how did she know Diya would go against MJ. Maya says she was in the same situation 10 years ago where Diya is, reminiscing her bitter past. Rajiv says just chill and lets have popcorn. Maya says still the move is on.

Rudra’s staff sshows Beyhadh novel’s cover page. Ananya says it is actually nice and let us go with it. Rudra says he needs to take his wife’s permission first and thanks staff. Staff leaves. Ananya asks why is he dragging his wife in this and why does he need his wife’s permission. Rudra says Maya is novel’s other and author’s permission is needed as he it his company policy. She says fine, he can keep his company. He stops her and says he and his company are incomplete without her and he needs her. He gets Maya’s call. Ananya leaves seeing that. Rudra picks Maya’s mobile and walking out asking what happened. She says she is missing him. He smiles and asks if Maya remembers him? She says she will attend office from tomorrow. He asks what is her plan today. She says she is missing him and he is busy at work, work is important. He says okay then bye. Ananya hearing their conversation thinks he says his life is incomplete without her friendship, but truth his he needs only Maya and no one else. Maya thinks she had to use Rudra and she knows he will return home and will watch her revenge’s first move.

Amir tells MJ that Diya can be problematic later, so shall he speak to her. MJ says no need as Diya is angry on him. Amir reminds him what happened last time when someone loved him so much and became problematic reminiscing Maya’s incident. MJ says he must be remembering that he did last time and this time he will not spare Diya if she become a threat.

Rudra returns home with a bouquet for Maya. She acts excited. He says it is his duty to fulfill his wife’s demand. He asks where are other family members. She says her mom has gone to temple with Rajiv and his mom must have gone for shopping. He says his dad is working as usual, but he doesn’t work at all especially for his wife. He shows her one more gift and opens box with heart shaped cake in it with their names. She acts as more excited and smears cream on his face.

MJ meets Diya who asks if he informed Antara or she should. Antara walks in and gives her a tight slap. Maya feeding cake to Rudra says she heard some sound outside and walks towards door. He holds her hand and says its a nice excuse to go away from her. She says she is telling truth. Antara confronts Diya that she considered her as her sister, but she wants to take her place without even thinking once. Rudra says he will go and check and if nothing is there, she has to pay a big price. Maya thinks something is there for him to see. Diya tells Antara that she and Rudra were both involved in this relationship. Antara warns not to blame MJ as it is his hobby, but she tried to break her house. Diya says MJ doesn’t love her. Antara says MJ loves only her name and she is his name, he loves only his children and she is his children’s mother; she is Antara Mrityunjai Roy and nobody can take her place. Rudra walks to living room and says nobody is here. Maya says she can her sounds from that room and takes him towards it. Antara warns Diya to abort the baby. Diya tells MJ that its the sign of their love. MJ says he she wants to burn his reputation and he will not let it happen; he hid about their relationship from Antara as it was peaceful and now he doesn’t have any option, she should abort the baby. Antara repeats. Antara shouts no, monsters. MJ says she has to die with the baby. Antara runs towards door. Rudra with Maya opens door. Antara pleads Rudra to save her from MJ.

Precap: Diya pleads Maya to save her and apologizes for what she did with her. Maya says MJ has to tell truth now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So peaceful to see someone crying like you cried because of that person
    Luv this Maya

  2. Maya is worst just like MJ both are worst than each other

  3. I love the strong maya who plans everything well. Love rudra n maya’s chemistry. Show has taken a good turn 👍

  4. Well damn it…this Antara is so wicked…like during the start, I had sympathy for her since her husband was cheating on her but now that I see, she really deserves it. And this Diya, now she will get to know Maya’s pain, a.though her pregnancy is fake but still….
    Tho it will be nice to watch Diya in Maya’s team against Mj…like after knowing abt her fake pregnancy and realizing Mj’s truth, she might support Maya in her revenge against Mj since Mj is a strong opponent and moreover, Maya can’t involve Rudra in her game since he might be angry at her for killing Rishi….
    And tbh, a little part of me feels sad for Diya, since she also did everything for Mj…even she was blinded by her love and felt that he will support her whem the time comes. Although whatever she did with Maya is unacceptable but still she is a victim of Mj and his ‘ ‘fitrat’, as said by Antara…
    If I would have been in place of Antara, I would have slapped this man so hard the first time he did such an act that he would have remembered it all his life…disgusting woman she is…
    The only thing I want is to either remove Ananya or let her support Maya, not that Mj…please….

    1. Verma4

      Maybe Antara quietly fancies Diya and join up for a threesome.

  5. Correction…
    Diya was blinded by ‘his’ love…

  6. Verma4

    How does it feel now Diya when the shoe is on the other foot ?? MJ only loves himself. If I was Antra and Diya, I would leave MJ holding his dick in his hand and khud kushi ke liye.

  7. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    Amazing episode! Now Diya will feel Manvi’s helplessness, fear and pain. I don’t like Ananya because Ananya resemble sanjh. This time Behayad had many elements. Ananya and Rudra’s happy ending at the end after Maya’s death really not needed.Just like a last season Maya will die and Arjun and Sanjh get married and live happily ever after.

  8. I never liked saanjh’s character .

  9. Maya ka master plan ….wow diya deserve this pain…because she was helping M j.torture manvi….love strong maya.😘

  10. Seems like Mj’s another evil plan. So Diya wins Mayas confidence and act as if she is on Maya’s side and keep reporting Mj about Maya’s future moves

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