Beyhadh 2 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Myra, Rishi’s Girlfriend?

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Beyhadh 2 22nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya pushes Maya’s mother and tries to leave when Maya enters. Ananya apologizes and tries to lif mother when Maya pointing gun at Ananya warns to not touch her mother; how dare she is to enter her house without her permission and push her mother down, she can kill her right now for that, but taking her life is not in her hands but in god’s hand or in Rudra’s hand. Rudra enters. Maya asks Rudra to decide what to do with his friend. Rudra drags Ananya with her. Mother asks Maya how did she get this gun. Maya says it is to protect her life and her life is in her mother; murmurs that Ananya did a big mistake by entering her house. She reminisces watching CCTV footage of Ananya entering house with mother, calling Rudra and seeking his help.

MJ tells Diya that he will prove Rudra that Rishi’s girlfriend is behind Rishi’s murder and once Rudra believes him, he will kill that girl. Rudra drags Ananya out and says Maya told him in the morning that he should clear his differences with Ananya and feels she is coming between them and should go away. Ananya says Maya is lying and shows Maya’s half sketch Rishi’s room. Rudra says now she is spying in Rishi’s room. Ananya says this sketch proves Maya was Rishi’s girlfriend and killed him. Rudra shouts she is so insecure. Ananya says he is a fool to not see this sketch once, its Maya’s. Maya watches hiding. Rudra looks at sketch and says Maya… A girl enters and says its Myra, says he was Rishi’s girlfriend. Ananya tells Rudra that this girl is lying, it is Maya’s plan, Maya is Rishi’s girlfiend. Rudra shouts she is obsessed with Maya. Ananya says again she is lying. A car stops, kidnaps Myra, and speeds away. Rudra runs behind car and tells Ananya that MJ kidnapped Myra, he will call police and get MJ arrested, he couldn’t save Rishi but can save his girlfriend. Maya walks to him and looking into his eyes asks him to relax. Rudra obeys her like a puppy.

Ananya walks to MJ and tells him that there is a girl Myra Mehra who calls herself as Rishi’s girlfriend. MJ shows Myra’s photo on his laptop and asks if she is the same girl. Ananya asks if he knows her, who is she. MJ says one who hates his family and took away Rishi from him. Ananya thinks she was right, Maya is not Rishi’s girlfriend. MJ says Myra killed Rishi and will kill Rudra, so he needs to stop her.

Rudra continues fuming that he will kill MJ if he touches Rishi’s girlfriend. Maya holding his face asks him to relax if he trusts her. He calms down in a second and says she is weird, makes him anger and calms him down in a second. Maya says if MJ has kidnapped Myra, he needs to speak to MJ. Rudra walks away. Maya murmurs Rudra is MJ’s son. Myra walks to her and asks if she is reminding him or herself. Maya slaps her and reminisces Rajiv kidnapping Myra, asks why did she come here and should go away, if MJ finds her, he will kill her. Myra calls her di/sister and says she will not go anywhere. Maya says if MJ finds her, he will kill her. Myra asks why didn’t she come to met her, she was searching her since 10 years. Maya says that girl is dead and became Maya. Myra says she is her and Manas’ di and cannot leave her alone. Mays says she doesn’t know MJ. Myra says not only MJ took away her child but also her Manas, so its a revenge of both. Maya says until she kills MJ, she won’t keep quiet.

Amir asks why Manas’ girlfriend Myra Mehra returned after 10 years. MJ says she returned to die and before that she will reunite him with Rudra. On the other side, Myra tells Maya that her protection is her responsibility. Maya says before MJ finds out that she is connected with Rishi’s death, he will not spare her, so she should return at least for Manas’ sake. Myra says MJ can kill her, she is ready to go to her Manas. Rajiv brings Myra’s ticket and passport. Maya says MJ won against her, but cannot now, anyways she is dead already and MJ cannot kill her again, so Myra should go from here. Myra asks her to believe in love again and give a chance to Rudra who has come in her life as a hope which will end her hatred; Maya took MJ’s son’s life in exchange of her child’s life, so she should end this. Maya says she hates Roy family each member and will not end her hatred until she finishes them.

Precap: Rajiv asks Maya to relax as Myra would have boarded flight by now. Maya says she did not board flight at all. Myra points gun at MJ. Rudra with Ananya rushes trying to stop her. She shoots and it hits Rudra. Anaya and Maya stand in a shock.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Rudra took a bullet for MJ?? 🥺🥺 why? I hope he’ll be ok soon. Myra is manas’ girlfriend 😦😦 this episode was surely amazing👍👍

  2. Nakabugo Irene

    I don’t know who is Manas

    1. Maya’s brother

  3. Maya’s brother

  4. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    Very interesting episode! Egarly waiting for next episode! This time Behayad had a very different and unique story-line!

    1. What about the it actually going to bridge the gap between Rudra and Mj then what abt maya’s plan

  5. i think tomorrow’s inccident will bring father n son a little bit closer then what??

    what will maya do now, for her revenge to complete the father n son should not unite

    the twist is interesting though and am curious about the future

  6. Interesting epi

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