Beyhadh 2 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Maya And Her Conscience

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Beyhadh 2 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya looks at torn sketch with Ma written on it and thinks if Maya is Rishi’s girlfriend. Maya calls Rudra and tells him that Rajiv found out that none of Rishi’s friends met his girlfriend, one of his friend Ankit is missing and his phone number is off, even his family doesn’t know where he is since Rishi committed suicide. Rajiv asks Maya why she is revealing everything to Rudra. She signals him to stop. Rudra asks why would anyone disappear unless he is involved in Rishi’s case. Maya says she doesn’t know, but she found that that MJ had transferred 7 lakhs into Ankit’s account on the day of Rishi’s death. MJ tells Amir that only Ankit had met Rishi’s girlfriend, that girl is also missing like Ankit. Ananya walks to MJ and says she needs to speaks to him something important. Rudra walks in and asks what is she doing here. MJ says she is speaking to him. Rudra says he needs to speak to MJ alone, everything can wait. Amir walks away. Ananya tells Rudra that its about Maya, she thinks Maya is connected to Rishi. Maya hears their conversation via Rudra’s phone call. Rudra asks Ananya to go. Ananya thinks she cannot prove Maya’s involvement with just photo and has to gather more evidence. Maya tells Rajiv that Ananya is interfering and she needs to handle Ananya herself. Rajiv asks if Ananya is jealous of her as she is getting closer to Rudra. Maya says Ananya knows something more which can harm them and she will take care of it.

Rudra asks MJ why did he give 7 lakhs to Ankit. MJ says he didn’t trust Rishi’s girlfriend, so he gave money to Ankit to spy on Rishi’s girlfriend. Rudra says this story is similar to his story. MJ says he was worried for Rishi. Rudra says MJ’s hobby is to win and his trophy is son’s death. Maya says she will create huge difference between father and son, only then Rudra will die and MJ will be alone, only then her revenge will be complete. Rajiv says she is amazing, whatever MJ did with Rudra 10 year ago no father will do that. Maya asks what did MJ do. Rudra tells MJ that MJ did not let anyone know for 10 years why he stopped him calling dad, reminiscing MJ kissing Rudra’s girlfriend. Girlfriend rushes to Rudra and cries that there is nothing between her and MJ. MJ says don’t trust her, he proved that this girl loves Rudra’s money and not him, he did this for Rudra’s betterment. Maya says how can MJ romance his son’s girlfriend, Rudra’s hatred for MJ is valid. Rudra tells MJ that he lost his father and not his girlfriend that day, MJ didn’t even think once before doing that and broke his pride, MJ snatched his father and he will never forgive him for that. MJ says Rudra was not listening to him and he was just protecting him. Rudra says by destroying him, he was trying same with Rishi, hope he should have informed Rishi, Rishi would have been alive now. MJ says no and ttries to hug him. Rudra says he lost his right 10 years ago, he is just a murderer and if something happens to Rishi’s girlfriend, he will kill him. MJ stands sobbing.

Maya imagines her inner voice speaking to her and telling that it is strange that Rudra is same like her and MJ made them like this, how will she kill Rudra now. Maya says she doesn’t care. Inner voice says she feels for Rudra. Maya says Rudra is just a means like Rishi was. Inner voice asks why is she crying then, her tears tell she loves Rudra; she should stop thinking of revenge and become like her. Maya says she made her like this. Inner voice says she will ask a questoin, she hates whenever someone touches her, but she felt comfortable when Rudra touched her; what about kiss.. Maya reminisces the incident and says it was a mistake and she accepted it. Inner voice asks why did she go to console Rudra when Rishi died, why did she tie holy thread to him. Maya says her mom gave it. Inner voice asks why was she smiling when she met Rudra. Maya says it is important to gain his trust first and then kill him. Inner voice asks why she was feeling pain seeing Rudra in pain. Maya says their pain is similar. Inner voice claps and asks if she is trying fool the world. Maya says she is just fooling Rudra and no one else.

Ananya comes to meet Maya, but guard stops her. Ananya says she works with Maya. Maya’s mother comes out and seeing Ananya asks what is she doing outside, scolds guard to let her in, else Maya will lose her job. She takes Ananya into flat and asks if Rudra wore holy thread. Ananya says yes and asks her not to worry about Rudra as she will take care of him. Mother taunts her and asks reason for er coming. Ananya says she needs Maya’s novel’s manuscript. Mother says she doesn’t where Maya kept it, she will call Maya. Ananya says Maya is busy in a meeting with Rudra, so she shouldn’t disturb her, act as getting coughing spell and asks her to get ginger tea. Mother goes to kitchen while Ananya enters Maya’s room and searches evidence to prove Maya is Rishi’s girlfriend. Mother enters and asks why did she enter here. Ananya keeps book in her bag and says she forgot that she came to take Maya’s book. Mother says she warned her not to take anything without Maya’s permission. Ananya tries to rush out when Mother holds her bag and pulls it. Ananya pushes mother away trying to snatch back her bag. Mother falls down. Maya walks in.

Precap: Maya points gun at Ananya and says she can kill her right now for entering her house without her permission and pushing her mother away. Ananya gets tensed when Maya presses trigger.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Go maya, hurt Ananya, but don’t shoot that her. This idiot n stupid Ananya is getting on my nerves now. I really don’t like her nowadays 😡😡

  2. “Conscience Maya” was soooo cute .
    i actually expected the reason behind Rudra’s hatred for MJ to be bigger. I thought that maybe MJ was in a actual relation with Rudra’s gf or something but with what i got from today’s ep is that MJ did that only to prove that she was a gold digger. MJ’s way of proving that was totally wrong but in a twisted way his intention’s were not wrong. He was just trying to protect Rudra from a gold digger. I’m not saying that Rudra shouldn’t be mad, i mean what MJ did was still Wrong (he could have proved her as a gold digger in a much different way instead of getting involved like that) it’s just that seeing the intensity of Rudra’s hatred i though the reason would’ve been bigger.

  3. Verma4

    Ananya you have messed with the wrong sister honey.

  4. Silvan Desouza

    Like Behyadh, Behyadh 2 also got blind Maya lovers

  5. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    I love the sequence when, Maya’s past question her! Once again Ananya is irritating! Hope this time Maya will teach a lesson to Ananya. Ananya is doing childish things for proving Maya wrong! Finally, Ananya make Maya mother fells down to steal a story from a house of renowned story-writter. Atleast Ananya deserve a slap from Maya! Egarly waiting for today’s episode!

  6. Well I want Maya to repaint and love rudra,but went he find about rishis death what will he do

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