Beyhadh 2 20th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Maya’s Romantic Valentine Day Plan

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Beyhadh 2 20th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya walks into Rajiv’s room and says there is nothing to say, she killed innocent Rishi trying to take revenge and that guilt will be with her forever and she has to face god with that guilt. She pleads him not to inform about this to Rishi. He says Rudra is her hero and will love her forever. Maya says her revenge’s next move is already made and her next target is Diya, in fact its effect has already started. MJ scolds Antara for listening to Manvi silently. Antara walks away. MJ says everyone has gone mad, he feels this house will shatter because of their foolishness instead of Manvi. Diya says hen she should stay away from her. He says he is in stress and needs her. She says he should go to Manvi. MJ says she has also become foolish like Manvi. She shouts to stop calling Maya as Manvi. He says Manvi is afraid of him and not Maya, he wants to break her courage, but Diya thinks he is behind Manvi. Diya says she knows him better. MJ says he will return to her when she realizes he needs Diya and not Manvi. He walks away. She tries to stop him, gets headache and stops.

Rudra walks into Rajiv’s room and asks if he is comfortable. Rajiv says yes, he liked Rudra’s room, but she told Rudra and that room belongs to Maya. Rudra walks away saying he has some work. Maya leaves for hospital feeling headache. Nandini stops her and reminds her that she had checked her BP once. Diya reminisces incident and says she is right. Nandini asks her to discuss about family planning with Maya. Diya says its should be Maya’s decision. Nandini says she doesn’t have to take care of MJ and Antara as Maya is there now to take care of them. Diya says time will say who will take care of whom. Nandini says speaks weirdly and anyways when Maya will get pregnant, she will headache, nauseous, etc. Diya reminisces getting headache and thinks she is a fool as MJ says.

Next morning, Rudra comes out of bathroom. Maya asks if he is still angry on her. He says of course and wearing shirt thinks her ways of convincing him are so cute that he wants to act angry repeatedly. She asks if his shirt button is broken, she will fix it. He wears different shirts and sees their buttons broken, asks if she did this. She nods no, gives him pink shirt and asks to wear it. He wears T-shirt instead. She cuts T-shirt with scissor and asks him to wear pink shirt. He wears it, she fixes button. A romantic song plays in the background. He says he would rather marry a tailor’s daughter. She says he can marry only her as nobody has passion like her. He says passion of breaking buttons and tearing his T-shirt, he is still angry. She says she will convince him even then.

Next morning in kitchen, Maya informs Rajiv about button fixing moments. He laughs and taunts her. She asks him to give him milk and he writhes in pain holding hot pot. She says when he can taunt her, why can’t she. He asks what is her next plan. She says valentine’s day celebration. He laughs if she is going to celebrate valentine’s day with Rudra. Aditya walks in to pick water and hears their conversation. He informs MJ about Maya’s plan and says he doesn’t think Maya is harmful. MJ says he feels like him going instead of Rudra and killing Maya. Aditya asks what. MJ says Aditya believes anything.

Next morning, Ananya knocks Rudra’s cabin door. Rudra asks from when she started knocking door. She says since he snatched their friendship rights, anyways she came here on MJ’s order to check on book by Ruan Publications. He says she will be part of Ruan Publications always. She asks if Maya finished next chapter. He says she is writing. Peon brings chocolate doom saying madam sent it. Rudra says wow choc dome. Ananya gets happy thinking Antara sent it. Peon says Maya madam sent it. Ananya’s expression changes. Rudra asks if she wants to taste. She says she hates choc. He opens dome and finds a note by Maya to meet him in the evening for a valentine day date.

MJ informs peon to finish all the tasks by evening. Diya calls him and says she is feeling unwell. He says he doesn’t have time as he is planning something on Manvi, anyways she is a doctor. She tries to speak, but he disconnects call. She does pregnancy test and it comes positive.

Maya at 9 p.m. waits for Rudra in her said spot. MJ gets out of car and walks thinking its a date with past. Rudra reaches and asks what is she doing. She says this is their first valentine’s day and he can’t be angry on her today. He sees her drawing their painting and says every loving couple’s life is filled with colors today, but she kept it plain and tries to color it. She stops him and says today he has to fill colors on her and not paper and seductively holds his hand looking into his eyes.

Precap: Maya holds MJ’s neck and warns that he did a big mistake, if something happens to Rudra, she will kill him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I love the strong n romantic maya. Rudra acts so cute when he is angry with maya. They both r lovely ❤️❤️
    Diya is pregnant. Now MJ will dump her too like manvi n diya will finally understand that maya was correct

  2. In this shatranj now next move will end diya and antara s role
    Time for victory

  3. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    Amazing and interesting episode! Egarly waiting for next episode.Maya is back with a bang.

  4. Think maya has given something to diya to invoke pregnancy type symptoms. As she said diya is next target n said that effect has already started

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