Beyhadh 2 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Revenge Of The Fallen

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Beyhadh 2 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra tells Maya that Rishi loved a girl and wanted to marry her, he is sure girl was present when Rishi committed suicide. Maya asks if he thinks girl is at fault. Rudra says no, but MJ thinks that girl murdered Rishi and wants to kill her, he doesn’t know that Rishi’s elder brother is between them and will protect that girl, he has to find that girl and protect her. Maya asks if Ananya knows he is here. He says he himself didn’t know that he was coming here.

On the other side, MJ cries saying he lost his strength and wants to cry, but cannot in front of anyone, he needs her to support him at this time Diya hugs him and says he is always with her, I love you. She says Antara got anxiety attack again, so she gave her injection and she will wake up only in the morning. MJ cries that Rudra was right that he killed his son. Diya says he cannot think like this, he didn’t kill Rishi, she supported him in his every step of life and they will killl whoever killed Rishi, her MJ cannot accept defeat like this, they will win.

Rudra before leaving thanks Maya for her support. She says even she lost her brother. He hugs her and then apologizes for touching her without her permission. She says he didn’t ask permission in garden; they both have one thing in common, pain; 2 pains cannot love, but befriend. He shakes hands and thanks him. Ananya sitting in car watches everything. Maya returns home and opens door hearing door bell. Rudra returns to his room and sees Ananya sitting there, asks what happened. Ananya says she nobody cannot win in race, but everyone is given money to participate, she is his consolation price. Rudra asks what is she telling. She says he gave her wedding proposal, but not her; she wanted to spend whole life as a friend, but he gave his bestfriendship to her/Maya; he told he cannot cry, but cried in front of Maya; he shared his sorrows with Maya instead of her. Rudra says Maya also lost her brother and knows his pain. Ananya says even she lost her brothe Rishi, but he gave her friendship to Maya, why..she doesn’t want to be his consolation price, never.. Rudra shouts she asked her right at a wrong time and didn’t understand her at all, but Maya did. He walks away angrily.

Rajiv walks into Maya’s house and asks if she as expecting Rudra, he saw her hugging Rudra.. Maya says Rudra lost his brother like her, she understands the pain of losing a brother, she cannot be so ruthless like MJ walking on the path of revenge, so she was showing humanity and supporting Rudra. Rajiv asks what kind of support, if she is repenting for killing Rishi. Maya stands silently. Rajiv panics and says its true then, he is supporting her to defeat and take revenge from MJ, but should he support a murderer. Maya says until she punishes Diya, Antara, Amir, Jogi, MJ for their revenge, her revenge won’t complete; when MJ killed her baby, Maya Jaysingh was born who became a writer, whom nobody can see or meet, who trapped Rishi and worked with Rudra; she wants to destroy MJ’s power, his life, his life is in his sons, but his one son Rudra is still alive. Rajiv asks if her next target is Rudra, how? Maya says with love, like she liked Rishi; love is the weapon which killed her, now Rudra’s turn.

Maya’s mother returns from temple and gives prasad to Rajiv. Rajiv says if one shares prasad, they get connected. Mother asks what are they discussing. Rajiv says he is telling Maya that he is her brother from hereon and will protect her. Mother ties holy thread to Maya’s wrist and gives one for Rudra, says they have hope of Manas and his fatgher returning but Rudra doesn’t have hope of his brother returning. Once she leaves, Rajiv says poor aunty doesn’t know that Manas and father are dead, but he is there for Maya. Maya says she doesn’t need him as relationships weaken a person, but she doesn;’t want to and her next target is Rudra.

Precap: MJ tells Amir that Rishi’s phone must be having his girlfriend’s pic, they need to find her at any cost. Ananya checks Rishi’s call log and thinks if Maya is Rishi’s girlfriend. Maya tells Rudra that he needs to protect Rishi’s girlfriend from his father. Ananya enters asking who will save Maya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. InnocentlyEvil

    This Rudra is so irritating and annoying.
    At one point he says that the girl was there with Rishi when he sent the video and then he says he don’t believe that the girl killed him, like seriously??? Dude you’re so dumb why would a girl let her lover die in front of her???
    I liked how Ananya stood for herself today she is very much right in confronting Rudra who’s just acting like his father.
    Alsoz I think that Maya will fall in love with Rudra which I seriously don’t wanna see coz it will lead to a lot of melodrama.
    At starting I really liked Maya’s character and supported her but after she killed that poor boy I don’t support her anymore. They have decided to make her a negative character just like season 1.

  2. Woohhh!! Did Ananya come to know that maya is rishi’s girlfriend??😦😦 how will ruma’s love story go on now?

  3. Wait…She didn’t kill him..He was not a poor baby ..I know not saving anyone means killing them .but legally Maya is not the murderer..And I really feel bad for Rishi..but how could he become so dumb that he slits his own wrist. Maya is wrong..but if truth comes out she is his girlfriend..I don’t think she have to go Jail or anything as She didn’t kill him.. anyways in the end of all this..Maya will die..we all know this..

    1. Well actually legally Maya might not be the murderer but she is definitely guilty and she can go to jail. Rishi did not slit his wrist because he wanted to commit suicide, his actual purpose was to record a fake suicide video to scare/threaten his father. Committing or even faking suicide is considered as a crime . And because Maya was present there plus SHE was the one who told Rishi to record the video that makes her an Accessory . So legally she can go to jail if truth comes out . Even if it’s not proven that she was the one who told Rishi to record the video, the sole fact that she was there and did not stop him means that she allowed him to record a suicide video (or commit suicide) and thus assisted him in a crime. Legally even MJ can go to jail; locking up an adult against his wishes is considered a crime. plus Rishi clearly blamed his father in his suicide video

      1. An accessory is a person who assists in the commission of a crime, but who does not actually participate in the commission of the crime.

  4. Farnaz spears

    Isha Ghosh who will kill Maya and the way I’m waiting for a happy ending

  5. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    Rudra is right if Ananya is sad for Rishi and Rishi is like a brother for Ananya then how she is busy in following Rudra and Maya. Even in that same day Ananya is fighting with Rudra over Maya. Ananya is only thinking about herself. I really don’t want to see another Sanjh in behayad-2.

  6. since maya killed rishi i have a filling this story is following the steps of the first one where maya will die in the end while rudra and ananya will unite

  7. Yes Rudra Ananya ,Maya and the other friend of Maya will teamup and avenge MJ,Antra, Diya,yogi and Aamir.Mayaa will die leaving behind her mother Rudra and Ananya

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