Beyhadh 2 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update: A Broken Family

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Beyhadh 2 16th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra sitting on park swinger reminisces Rishi’s funny acts and hearing footsteps asks Anu to go, but seeing Maya and asks how does he know he is here. Maya says he used to come here in childhood with Rishi. Rudra asks how does she know. Maya says Rishi informed. Rudra says who cares, why should he know whom Rishi used to speak. Maya says he is in guilt of not saving his brother. He asks her to go. She says he is not at fault; who slit his wrist was Rishi and not him; one who did it even after knowing was Rishi and not him, etc. Rudra shouts stop it, he couldn’t save his brother when it was his responsibility to protect him. Maya asks him to cry. He falls down crying loudly. Maya asks him to cry and vent out his sorrows. Rudra hugs her and cries that his Rishi left him. Maya reminiscing Rishi dying says I am sorry, I am so sorry, then says he wants to tell him something, stops seeing Ananya and says I am so sorry for your loss and that he has to go through this pain. Ananya asks him to return home, but he nods no.. Maya tells Rudra that his family needs him and he should go. Rudra gets up and nods no, but on her repeated order leaves with Ananya. Serial’s title track plans in the background. Maya continues I am sorry Rudra for what she did.

Dadi packs her bags. Antara asks where is she going. Dadi says instead of her, her little Rishi left them; someone did sins and someone else suffered. She tells MJ that she liked his love for his children, but his extreme love took life of his son, she doesn’t want his extreme love to harm Rudra, so she is going to US to stay with Sumitra far from MJ. Antara pleads her not to go as everyone are leaving her alone, she collapses. Rudra holds her.

Maya writes in her diary that heading towards her destiny, she took an innocent’s life, she is sad but she doesn’t repent as it is just a beginning and she has to take a few more steps like this.

Rudra tries to feed soup to Antara and says he knows they have to be each other’s support and cannot break down like this, kisses her forehead saying he loves her and walks away. Antara signals Ananya to go behind him. Rudra says she must have thought something by separating him from his Rishi, with Rishi’s death leaves him with no reason to live, Maya’s support has kept him alive. Ananya stands freezed hearing that. Rudra says he needs to meet Maya and leaves. Ananya thinks Maya is supporting Rudra as a friend. Rudra calls Maya and says he called her just like that.

MJ tells Amir that he doesn’t care what others are feeling, he just wants to find out Rishi’s murderer. Amir says he found Ankit’s phone, has he provoked Rishi. MJ says Ankit can’t be as he would benefit only if Rishi is alive. Amir asks if Rishi committed suicide. MJ says Rishi wouldn’t do that, he is sure his girlfriend is behind his murder; now he feels Rishi was not his motto, but something else.

Maya senses his presence and opens door, sees him and asks to get in. He says he shouldn’t. She holds his hand and takes him in. She offers him water, but he denies and says he can’t accept Rishi’s death and wants to know why he took his life; he had a girlfriend whom he wanted to marry. Maya asks if that girl made Rishi..

Precap: MJ thinks he will not spare the girl who kileld his Rishi. Rudra thinks he is standing between MJ and Rishi’s girlfriend. He hugs Maya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Rudra is getting closer to maya after rishi’s death. ❤️❤️But when he comes to know the truth, then what?? It would come out as a betrayal for rudra.💔 Waiting for the developing story coz right now I have no clue what could happen next. But I m sure there will be more of rudra now onwards😊😊 The suspense is extremely interesting 👍👍

  2. This show is full of mysteries
    We still don’t know about maya’s revenge
    One thing sure may be i think she was not ex for MJ
    If she was then Rudra and Rishi knew her and also Ananya she was friend and she know Roy’s family when she was kid………….
    So there is some story back then…………..
    Anyway Rishi character was ended so soon sorry for him………………….
    Who was Maya next Target…………
    Anyway my conclusion was that when this story will ended may be it take no of episodes….
    Maya will die in last episode for sure….

  3. I don’t know,I still feel Rudra was Maya’s ex boyfriend and not MJ,may be twist is she has changed her face(happens easily in daily soaps😉) after an accident caused by MJ which killed her dad and brother,somebody told me about wiki page but that can be created and edited by anyone no?Anyways,just commented what I felt after watching,MJ brought Maya home in flash back and Antara was all smiles,but Maya’s face face is same(so surgery plot not possible😐😐)but again in daily soaps imagination scenes, they will easily justify it later if it so.

    1. It is MJ only who was Maya’s ex-bf, he impregnated her and killed her child!!!!😟😟😟
      I guess Rudra’s ex is Myra, Maya’s step-sister!!!!🙄🙄🙄

      1. Can you tell me in which episode of beyhadh 2 did Diana Khan entered as myra Mehra ???

    2. But in the throwbacks she has the same face…

  4. Silvan Desouza

    Now there is another twist apparently that MJ will be shot by Ananya’s step sister…Donmo what’s goin on

  5. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    I felt nothing wrong in Maya’s killing Rishi because, MJ killed Maya child and Maya killed MJ beloved son. Actually, Maya doesn’t kill Rishi, MJ bad karma killed Rishi. I am happy that MJ and his family going through same pain which they gave to poor Maya earlier. This Maya is just a reflection of MJ’s bad deeds! Even from the beginning MJ wants to kill Rishi GF because he is losing his control from Rishi. By the way Ankit also kidnapped Maya for MJ. Fortunately Maya escaped otherwise MJ will kill Maya that day.

  6. I think maya’s next target is Rudra and then others will follow. Her final target will be MJ. Think she is going to kill everyone that’s close to MJ and last will be his death.

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