Beyhadh 2 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Maya Kills Rishi

Beyhadh 2 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya gives a knife to Rishi and suggesting him to slit his wrist. Rishi slits his wrist and hopes his plan works and dad agrees seeing his blood. MJ getting ready for Rudra’s engagement party asks Antara to control Rishi. Antara says he shouldn’t react for Rishi’s childishness, she will go and open his room door. MJ warns not to and asks to take care of engagement arrangements while he handles Rishi. Rudra getting ready in sherwani calls Rishi, but hearing not reachable message thinks why he is so angry. Rishi panics seeing blood overflowing and requests Maya to do something. Maya asks to trust her.

Rudra and Ananya’s engagement rings come. Daadi asks if they can start engagement ceremony. Ananya asks Rudra what is he waiting for. Rudra asks how can he without Rishi. Antara requests MJ to call Rishi as Rudra is missing him. MJ walks to Rishi’s room and shouts in anger not finding him tehre. Rishi slowly loses consciousness and pleads Maya to take him to doctor, but she acts as consoling him and says everything will be fine in sometime. Rudra walks into Rishi’s room next, and MJ shouts if he opened the door. Rudra shouts Rishi is his brother and not a cattle. MJ shouts it was for Rishi’s betterment and orders Amir to search Rishi. They get Rishi’s MMS cutting his wrist and telling MJ that he loves his girlfriend and cannot live without her. Family stands freezed in a shock. Rishi loses consciousness, and Maya cries I am sorry. Antara panics and asks what did Rishi do, save him.. Rudra rushes in his car calling Rishi’s friends and asking if Rishi is with them. He then realizes the place and thinks he knows where he is.

Maya looks at Rishi’s gifted bracelet and reminisces him proposing her and cries shouting I am sorry. Rudra reaches Maya’s building and knocks Rishi’s car, then rushes towards terrace. Maya cries that she is not a murderer and just wanted to become a mother, but Rishi’s father took away her son, so she took away life in exchange of life. Rudra reaches terrace and sees Rishi lying alone in a pool of blood, shakes him to take up and asks what will mom feel if she finds out this; if he is making drama like in childhood. He lifts Rishi, but Rishi’s head falls down. Rudra cries holding Rishi and shouts Rish.. Maya standing near her car hears him and leaves in her car reminiscing how Rishi writhed in pain before breathing his last.

Maya returns home and cries reminiscing Rishi’s plea. She then looks at her baby’s ultrasonography video and thinks when she heart its heartbeat for the first time, she felt as if she got happiness of whole world. She plays with cradle and smiles hearing doctor congratulating her. She then imagines MJ walking to her kicking toys on the way and touching her tummy asking if she thinks she can enter his house via this baby, never.. Out of flashback, schizophrenic Maya cries that MJ killed her child. She says Rishi got the punishment of being born in Roy family, children have to pay for parent’s sin. She took first step towards destroying MJ.

Precap: Rudra takes Rishi’s dead body home, and family cries in shock. He meets Maya after sometime and cries hugging her, she says I am so sorry.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I really felt very bad today for rishi and Maya both. She didn’t want to kill but had to, due to mj. I was really feeling bad when rishi was asking Maya like kid,it won’t hurt na baby, let’s go to hospital. And her reply for that. Really very very emotional episode.

  2. Why they killed rishi….he is a nice character

    really! maya is pregnant with MJ child. I dont think…..some twist is their…

    I have a doubt Is maya is rudra’s ex….

    1. Watch beyhadh 2’s wiki page. You will get your answers there.

  3. Rishi is dead???? just on episode 32!!! Is maya gonna tell rudra that she killed rishi?? The show is getting interesting but rishi was so sweet n loved maya ❤️

  4. I wish he dies

  5. Rishi shouldn’t be dead?? Instead he could have slip in to coma or loss memory . This way maya n rudra can never be together, even if he understood maya’s helplessness one day, I don’t think he can ever stay with his brother’s murderer

  6. Maya is either Rudra’s Ex or somebody else from Roy family was her boyfriend ,it isn’t MJ for sure, but MJ might have made her believe they will accept her,brought her like shown in flashback scenes,treated her well along with Antara’s help and destroyed her whole family ,but if the bracelet in Rudra’s hands and Maya’s pic are same,Rudra is not identifying Maya,why?He only knows he has lost his love, it can be a plastic surgery twist (but voice?)of Maya after an accident caused by MJ for loving his son or a family member or it can be Rudra’s partial memory loss and recovery in the past and by the time MJ destroying all the proofs and details of his lover.Just wild guess going on,intriguing plot ,excellent casting,awesome chemistry of lead pairs and the perfect MAYA in Jennifer…

    1. Watch beyhadh 2’s wiki page. MJ is her ex boyfriend & not Rudra.

  7. Maya is a cold blooded murder poor Rishi does not deserve to die if its to kill kill Rudra not Rishi

  8. I don’t think rishi will die so early..

  9. Farnaz spears

    So sad I have a feeling that Rishi is not dead I hope it happens coz I love him I also feel bad for rudra and Maya

  10. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    I am still feeling bad for Maya. Poor Rishi! Hoping in upcoming episodes Maya Will kill MJ.MJ should killed by Maya.

  11. All these Maya fans, agreed Jenny’s acting is magnificent but the character of Maya is negative and always has been. She wasn’t forced to kill Rishi, she made a choice to kill him. People making excuses for her are psychopaths

  12. If Maya want to avenge she should take revenge on mj and not the poor boy

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