Beyhadh 2 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: MJ Punishes Maya

Beyhadh 2 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

MJ cuts Maya’s hair tresses. Back into flashback, Maya over phone informs Rajiv that MJ has organized her and Rudra’s wedding reception and she doesn’t trust him, he wants to take away her Rudra from her. Rajiv says not possible and now she is Rudra’s wife and cannot go away from him, she has to change her plan a bit. Maya says she feels she made a mistake. Rajiv says if she thinks Rudra is a mistake, she should send Rudra to him. She says Rudra is only hers. Rajiv says of cours. She smiles. He says Rudra returned her smile, he is very happy. Maya asks how is maa. He says she is okay and asks about Maya. Maya says he is like her brother Manas. Rajiv asks not to make him emotional and asks how is jiju/Rudra. Door bell rings, and Maya asks who is it. Rajiv says he ordered pizza, opens door, and stands shocked seeing someone.

Rudra returns home and tells Maya that Anu doesn’t want to forgive him. Maya says Ananya’s heart is broken and needs time, they both will go and apologize her. Rudra says she is so good, but Anu is thinking bad about Maya. Maya says Ananya is in deep pain and they need to lessen it. Rudra says she is so good, from where does she get this goodness. She says from him. He gets romantic and says her hair are so love, he loves them. She corrects herself. Rudra says whatever she tries, he will not do anything tonight as he is tired, sleeps on his side saying do not disturb. Maya thinks she knows Rudra is doing all this for her.

MJ looks at Rudra and Maya’s room. Diya offers drinks to MJ and asks if he cannot handle son’s happiness. MJ says he cannot handle Manvi’s happiness, she doesn’t know he is watching her. She says his past has returned and what she can do for his happiness. He says he just wants to keep Maya away from her son. She holds his hand. Antara walks to them and he walks away with her saying let us plan tomorrow’s reception.

In the morning, Maya comes out of bathroom and sprinkling water from her hair on Rudra apologizes. Rudra says she does this purposefully. He asks what. He says she purposefully makes him move her tresses and make him look into her eyes. She laughs. He dries her hair with hair dryer, says only he has right to fix her tresses, fixes them; then gifts her red dress and says he wants her to wear it during tonight’s party and color herself in his colors and find the colors she was searching; will she give him this right. Maya sits silently. He says its fine. Maya stops him and says he has right on her life. He gets closer when Diya rushes to Rudra and informs him that Antara got panic attack. Rudra rushes out with her. Maya holds red dress and says she will color herself in Rudra’s love. She then sees MJ in mirror and gets tensed. MJ says Manvi baby. Maya shivering says Rudra and tries to run towards door. MJ says Rudra is busy and his father is here. He touches her hair and says Rudra is right about her hair, they are free flowing and she doesn’t like freedom. She searches scissors. He shows scissors and says he doesn’t really like it; pulls her down and says if she thinks she will escape by trapping his Rudra, she is wrong; she is same foolish girl who forgot her worth then and even now. He cuts her hair tresses. She reminisces all her previous punishments. He throws scissors and asks her to look at her cut tresses, this is her worth, she can’t be anyone’s pride and is a garbage of each house; he gave her black color and will not let anyone color her, tears red dress. She tries to pick dress. He stops her and warns not to forget her real place, she is weak and will always be, he will complete his 10-year-old incomplete task, she won’t be able to reveal his truth to Rudra or hide it from him, she can go and show Rudra if her love is immense or hatred.

precap: Rudra and Maay get intimate. Balloon bursts on Rudra.

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  1. How the hell tables turned and Rudra became Maya’s weakness? That MJ is using his son against Maya now and she is scrambling to hide her past from Rudra. Something is still missing in the past,MJ seems more like jealous ex than worried father.n what was that diya was saying about ehsaas?I don’t know why but I still think Rudra is playing with Maya’s feelings. MJ is cruel monster but he is so intense with Maya.I know people love Maya and Rudra chemistry but I didn’t find yet that intensity in Rudra as it’s in MJ or Maya.

    1. I agree! I don’t know why but I m getting that negative vibe of rudra knowing something about maya. The way he said in yesterday’s episode that Ananya is very important to him and the way he refused maya to move further with their married life is weird.
      Also, beyhadh has been full of twists. I fear rudra would turn out to be a negative character like MJ n might be taking revenge for rishi. I seriously want maya to stand up n fight. But she would break down if rudra betrays her??

  2. Sometimes I feel Rudra is taking revenge for his father’s past from her .Think he is playing with her feelings .I hope not .Poor thing she is already so hurt .I think I liked the revengeful Maya of the previous beyhad

  3. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    I am really fedup with the show! Now Behayad is only about Maya’s torture, abused and harassment. Why, Maya don’t resist till date.

  4. I feel something unexpected will happen soon.I think nobody likes this Maya.Actually,there’s no different between Manvi and Maya now.Maya should be so dangerous and unbelievable.s But he is still shivering in front of MJ.It’s disgusting to see our heroin being afraid of her enemy.It’s so romantic when Maya get closer to Rudra but makers should keep in mind that this is not a typical indian love story. Want to know more about manvi’s past.Who helped her to be Maya. Why was Rajiv excited when he opened the door.Who will be his guest…However, we need to see something revengeful from maya against MJ soon.wish Rudra won’t be cheating Maya.

    1. Was Rajiv excited or troubled .Hope it’s not any of MJ men to terrorise her mother .If it’s going this way then it’s surely a flop show .Its beyhad abuse

  5. Farnaz spears

    Maya nooooo you can’t be this weak pull up yourself your love for rudra is your biggest weakness I can’t stand up seeing you going through this again and rudra I still don’t trust him what if he betrays you,you will be more heartbroken so face the reality and revenge those Roy family members especially mj and antara,we look upon you to teach men like mj in the society a lesson that we women we are not weak

  6. I want to see maya’s enemies dead and maya also dead for what she did with rishi.

  7. I think that Rudra is playing with Maya’s feelings. Rudra knows that Maya is the girl who killed Rudra and now plannings to take revenge on her.

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