Beyhadh 2 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Maya And Rudra’s Romance

Beyhadh 2 13th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

MJ tells Rudra and Maya that her will shoot Maya. Rudra gets tensed. Antara says relax and calls photographer. MJ says for tomorrow event photoshoot is necessary for a new family member’s sake. Rudra says Maya doesn’t like photography. MJ says she is so beautiful and reality should be shown and not hidden, he wanted family photography. Maya says lets do it. Rudra says he thought she didn’t like photography. She says with him in her life, she is ready to face anything. MJ clicks photos with Maya. Maya says hurry up as she has some work. MJ calling her Manvi says he didn’t know she can control her fear and holds her shoulder. Rudra rejoins them.

Maya excuses and rushing to her room stands under hot water rubbing her shoulder repeatedly. After bath, she searches Rudra. Rudra walks to her suddenly. She hugs him tightly. He asks if she is fine. She nods yes. He says there is a problem, he has to go to dad and mom’s room. She nervously asks why. He says she made bathroom as her room, so he may have to go use his parents’ bathroom in the morning. She laughs. He says her smile may take his life one day. She warns not to say that. He gets romantic and dances with her. A romantic song plays in the background. He gets intimate and takes her to bed. She shies, but then seeing family pic with MJ in it reminisces past and pushes Rudra away. Rudra asks what happened. She says per past haunts her. Rudra says until she agrees, he will not take their relationship forward, etc. She says she knows he will not cross the limit with her wish and leans on his lap.

Next morning, Ananya picks her belongings from Rudra’s office. Rudra walks to her and says if she is still angry. She says he ended everything and reminds him her words that if he leaves wedding mantap, she will end their relationship. He forcefully takes her box and emotionally says he did wrong, but if he had married her, he would have done injustice to him, her, and Maya. Ananya says he disrespected their friendship and there is nothing left between them and walks away from there. Rudra gets emotional.

MJ walks to Maya. Maya gets nervous seeing him. MJ says even if she burns herself with boiling water, she cannot end his touch. She calls Rudra. MJ says she may be Maya for the world, but for him his Manvi. He touches her sensuously. Rudra walks in calling Maya. Rudra says he came to gift their family necklace to Maya and tries to dorn it. Rudra stops him and himself fixes it in Maya’s neck. Maya. Maya relaxes. Rudra says tomorrow’s party is very lavish as people will meet Maya Rudra Roy. Rudra says its Rudra Maya Jaysingh Roy instead, world has changed and one should respect other’s feelings. Maya says he is right, she is Maya Rudra Roy as Maya Jaisingh doesn’t know what love is and Maya Rudra Roy knows. MJ touching her face says superb, love, trust, etc., will she attend tomorrow’s party. She says of course dad.

Precap: MJ cuts Maya’s hair tresses. Rudra walks in.

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  1. Why is maya letting MJ trouble n torture her again? He doesn’t have that right. Rudra is maya’s husband. At least MJ should respect that maya isn’t his property anymore. She is his son’s love!!
    But I love rudra n maya’s romance ??

    1. Krishna sadhvi

      But I feel that why rudra said that he needs you this ananya is so nasty and please do not show at the end rudra and ananya together if they will show that then this serial is also flop please do not show that

    2. I m getting the vibe that rudra knows something ??

  2. Of course dad ???

  3. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    What is going on in the show! MJ regularly abuse Maya. Makers revenge doesn’t mean abusive behavior towards any girl. Just stop it. Don’t showcase abusement and harassment of Maya in the name of revenge. What a coward MJ is. MJ doesn’t know any other way to take revenge. At present Maya is Rudra’s wife MJ even don’t respect his son’s wife. That means MJ don’t love Rudra he just wants to control Rudra’s life. I don’t like this kind of helpless and weak Maya.

  4. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    Yes, we don’t want to see Arjun and sanjh story once again. With different names like Rudra and Ananya. Already, I used to hate Ananya because of her MJ successfully trapped and killed Myra. Only due to Ananya’s honesty towards MJ uncle not only a innocent Ananya get killed. Now Ananya have another mission to get Maya out of Roy’s mansion at any cost. This story already have lots of elements Ananya and Rudra love-story not needed. I know like Manvi, Maya will also died at the end. Because Maya’s destiny don’t have happy ending.

  5. Please don’t show the women as weak .Seeing this serial to see Maya taking revenge .Dont want an Indian women to feel the men can take advantage .

  6. I hate Maya for killing Rishi who was innocent. Her anger is with MJ and his friends, why did she drag Rishi into it and Rudra how could he leave Ananya at the time of marriage. If he was not ready to marry her then he shouldn’t have proposed her. Both Maya and Rudra are selfish. Maya’s anger is justified but that doesn’t mean she has the right to take innocent lives.

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