Beyhadh 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya tells reporters about Ashwin torturing her and Jahnvi since childhood and all his heinous acts. Reporters ask Ashwin if he really used to torture Maya and her mother. Maya says yes. Ashwin feels embarrassed. Maya holds Ashwin’s hand and walks with him and says she has moved out of her trauma and can looking into her papa/Ashwin’s eyes and speak to him. She got back her baba. She says she used to think if she keeps Jahnvi away from Ashwin, Jahnvi will be happy, but she was wrong. She continues her dialogues and gives diamond rings to both Jahnvi and Ashwin and asks to dorn it to each other. She says their happiness is together. Ashwin is surprised with Maya’s sudden change. Maya hugs him and calls papa. She asks them to come closer. Everyone clap for them.

Arjun praises Maya and says he is proud of her. Maya cries. Arjun asks why is she cryig. She panics and says she accepted Ashwin for her mother, but knows Ashwin has not changed. She suffocates when Ashwin is around. Arjun asks not to worry, everything will be fine. Maya asks how will save her from Ashwin when he goes back home. Arjun holds her hand and says let us go. He takes her back t living room and addresses guests that he has one more announcement, he and Maya are marrying within 7 days. Everyone are surprised including Maya. Saachi is shocked, but Vandana holds her hand. Maya asks Arjun what is all this. Arjun kneels down and asks if she will marry him, if she will tolerate him 24 x 7. Saanjh says common Maya, say yes. She claps and says Maya..Maya..Everyone start chanting Maya..Maya…Maya. Maya nods yes. Everyone say yayyyyy..

Reporters congratulate Maya. Maya hugs Arjun and tells she will meet Vandana. Reporters ask Ashwin how is he feeling. He says very good. Arjun asks Saanjh did he do right. She says she is happy for him that he is getting his desired love. He says he is getting love and does not want to lose friendship either. Saanjh then congratulates Maya and prays that she gets even her happiness. Maya hugs her and says she will not lose what she got. Vandana congratulates Maya. Arjun asks Maya to be careful, Vandana will start saas bahu drama. Maya smiles and says they will start his serial. He asks which one.

Maya says she wants to talk to Saanjh and takes her aside. She tells Saanjh that she took a brave mood, if she was in her place, she would not have given up easily. Saanjh says she is happy for them.. Maya says she will not let anyone come between her and Arjun and will not come between Arjun and Saanjh’s friendship, she is Arjun’s love and Saanjh is Arjun’s friend . Saanjh says she knows, she will not break their love. Maya says you won’t get love in friendship, frendship and love are different. She extends hand and asks friends…Saanjh nods yes. Maya hugs her and says that is like good girl. Vandana comes and tells Saanjh they should go now. Arjun says he will drop her. Vandana says she has Ayan and Saanjh with her, he need not worry. They both walk away. Arjun holds Maya and asks what she was talking to Dusky.

Arjun walks with Maya holding her and thanks her for saying saying. She says he made her his by proposing him. He pushes her towards her and says whatever is hers, he will get itt. She says some distances should be maintained. He says it is a matter of 1 week, says if she should go. She says she will drop him out. He says aunty is at home, so she should stay here and he will go. He says see you soon and leaves. Maya says just 1 week, then all the distance will be cleared.

In room, Jahnvi nervously tells Ashwin that she has to hire wedding planner and organize wedding within 1 week, Maya gave all responsibilities to them. Ashwin sips liquor thinking deeply. Jahnvi holds his hand and takes her to Maya’s room. She sees Maya sleeping and says Maya is sleeping so peacefully, god did not leave her hand. She goes out. Ashwin extends his hand towards Maya. Maya opens eyes and asks if his drama is over. He asks what drama. She says everything will change except him. He says he is his father after all.

Precap: Saanjh’s booss resctricates her from job saying Maya threatened to take her case back. Saanjh angrily walks into Maya’s cabin and says if she has money, will she do whatever she wants. Arjun asks what did Maya do. She says he should ask Maya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Oh gosh!!!!! Now Maya will offer sanjh job in her office so she can have both Arjun and sanjh working in front of her so she can keep track of their friendship !!!!… By the way new serial GHULAM IN LIFEOK is good… Good start

    1. Angelk1

      Yea i know. Shes gonna monitor them lol. But i agree the new show is new an interesting. I was waiting for it to air

      1. Yes girl ?

  2. Roby wolverine

    I love you maya more and more day by day.. the way she answered saanjh, the romance with Arjun, facing her father, handling everything with such calm… I love you Maya.. Well If love breaks heart and friendship joins it then saanjh should have kept their relationship between them friendship instead of lecturing her..

    1. Roby we’re crazy in love❤️ I fall in love with Maya everyday every episode!! Mera hi pyaar beyhadh hai uske liye…do you also grin like crazy when Maya is happy?

      1. Roby wolverine

        Yep.. I too grin like that.. And also when Arjun gives priority to her more than others.. I love it to see her happy also sad when they show the abused part..

  3. Wow awesome episode…maya United ashwin and jhanvi!..i didn’t expected this.and why Maya didn’t given hand soon when Arjun asked for marriage proposal.!after all shout she forwarded her hand.and nice Maya asked saanjh friend ship.and lastly ArYa scenes superb ? ?..precap mey i think maya given job to saanjh in her office..lets see..waiting for next episode

    1. Maybe she’ll offer her a job in her office or give her a job elsewhere plus bonus! Eventually Arjun will convince saanjh to take up the job that is obvious..

  4. Shalini Senthil

    Always i love arya scence but Today i love maya and saanjh scences nice talk between two of them ….announced maya and arjun marriage in 7 days but i think its too early lets them spend more romantic and cozy moment as a lover …love arya movement

    1. shalini Senthil.. it’s not so early it’s trend in all serials both main leads marriage happens soon (ex- naagin,,pardes mein hai mera dil,Chandra nandini etc))after they will show strong bond between them with problems in thriller way with suspense drama.let’s see

  5. MaRjun are a pair of selfish idiots, Saanjh just leave them, grow a backbone and walk away. I like to hit Saanjh’s brother and break his fast fingers for texting Arjun.

    1. Totally agreed with you

  6. Iss serial ka dialogue writer kaun hai bhai??? Please usko award do!! Kya dialogues hai Maya ke they match her attitude and personality. Aur Jennifer k stylist and makeup artist ko bhi award do the clothes she wears!! She’s an angel..itne white clothes kaha mile?! This is the best serial Sony has made!!
    End ka scene “hogaya natak?” Wow the way she said it..Arjun k pyaar ne Badal diya hamare Maya baby ko..please Maya aisi hi himat rakho I love seeing you happy!! Looooooove you maya!!!!

    1. Ya stefan,and I too love Maya more ?

  7. Esther

    Well I was shocked and somewhat happy seeing Saanjh-Maya shaking hands as friends…Was that Maya’s plan to make Arjun propose,then why she herself was shocked…but she took a dangerous step by letting Ashwin and Jhnavi marry…now Ashwin is with her in her house and that will be danger for both Jhanvi and Maya…….and I must say,Saanjh is such a brave girl….it’s tough to do all these things…she should have left to Singapore…I loved the whole epi but not the precap…actly I didn’t understand the precap…,,,maybe Maya got a new job for Saanjh….don’t knw what’s the next twist…

  8. Angelk1

    Today eps was good. But maya has a motive for saanj. After all shes a very clever person. But we will see, anyway 7 days is moving to fast, but i guess the directors want to start the main theme of the story. So i hope they do get married then.

    If maya is planning on giving saanj a job at her office thats a little strange. An not only that she should have ask saanj before making that decision. Their friends now yes, but that doesnt mean she can control her.

    This is just gonna hurt saanj more. Seeing them two together in the office. I hope she refuse because she loves her job an her boss is really funny.

    But what better way to get in arjun good side, by showing her an saanj can be friends. One thing i didnt like is her unting her mother an ashwin knowing he wont change. She wont be able to sleep at night knowing his there an will try to kill her.

    1. Esther

      yea….agree with you…now Ashwin is with her in her house….and that’s dangerous….we know what all he did when he was away from Jhanvi,,now they are together …..

      but there is a possibility that he will stay calm for few days…..coz now the whole world knows what Ashwin did to Maya and if anything happens to any of them,the blame will be on Ashwin only…he’ll be the first suspect…….so he’ll think before doing anything bad…..Maya took a very clever step

  9. Antara

    seriously iam super shocked really maya patch up with papa incredible marriage within 7 days lots of fun is coming i really don’t understand one thing saanjh said that earlier she believes his duffer wat does it mean? will he love her anyways Maya baby rocks……………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  10. srujanadsouza

    yar plz support to saanjh .y u all hate her
    she to loved arjun equally as maya but more than maya n now she forget her love for arjun n supported arujuns love .so plz don’t hate her.

    1. Shalini Senthil

      Hey nobody hates saanjh here actually many of us love maya very much so if people read our comments they think we hate saanjh…and be cool dear its just a serial all charactor are rell not real…

    2. Angelk1

      Dont worry , just enjoy the show. Saanj will get her happy ending. Saanj is a good person at heart an smart too. She she has vandana an family to help her move forward. It pains her, but she rocks for enduring it all.

    3. Srujanadsouza…we didn’t hate saanjh but her character doings is will effect on saanjh yesterday ..when Maya went happily near saanjh,saanjh said I will pray god take my happiness too..indirectly she instigates Maya with her lines every time.after Maya said what i got I will not let it go.we know how much Maya genius,she will find easily what they talking.any way now Maya and saanjh friends.let’s see

      1. Angelk1

        The same with maya in today eps. I watched it, she was basically warning saanj about the friendship thing that friend should only be friends an not compare it to love. Shes basically saying dont confuse friendship to love because she will always be friends with arjun. She was mocking her in a friendly way.

        Her being friend with saanj is basically keeping your enemy closer. Maya is planning one step ahead. But what goes around will eventually come around.

      2. angelk1..with out action reflection will not same maya will not react with out saanjh action.

    4. yaar who told u we hate her,yes she was irritating earlier which made the ArYa fans angry.but we do not hate saanjh at we guys? #ArYa lovers???

  11. Lovely episode. Arya is superb. Falling in love with Maya each & every episode.

  12. Shalini Senthil

    What to do maya day by day killing her fans by there acting beautiness and cleverness…love u maya …arjun cannot able to control maya by touching and kissing ….maya is rockzzz awesome

    1. Yes Arjun loves more Maya ney like beyhadhly.At first maya alaways been trying to spend time with arjun and romance with him bt he didnt care…nd unsee now arjun alaways tries to do bt maya nakhre karti hai..???❤

  13. Leave Arjun sanjh ..He is so selfish he only using you…

  14. Its a very cunning step taken by maya, Maya did not accept Ashwin for jhanvi happiness, she knows very well that Ashwin can never be changed, she just acccepted him for Arjun becoz she knows very well with this move Arjun won’t leave her alone and he himself wil propose to marry her. She doesn’t want to loose Arjun becoz of saanjh. But whatever the emotional condition was saanjh should have not proposed Arjun after knowing very well that he is loving somebody else. I understand that she didn’t do it wantedly still she put Arjun in dilemma as it would be guilty feeling for Arjun that somewhere is saanjh hurted becoz of him, saanjh should have controlled her emotions. That showed her week character.

    1. Angelk1

      I understand that, but she was under pressure an arjun wanted to know the reason why she was gonna leave him. Its better for her to say it then knowing he wont feel the same. Its a wake up call, besides arjun isnt feeling guilty at all.

      He announced knowing saanj loves him, he told her to not leave an to stay with him knowing she will be hurt even more, but he doesnt care. He just want things to be normal, so he acts like everything is good between them. Saanj trying to do the same, but its going to be even harder for her now theirs a wedding involve.

      Arjun is selfish, he should have let her go. But he wanted her near, thats why i said if ayan an saanj get close he has no right to be angry. Saanj needs to leave arjun so he can stop depanding on her.

  15. I Love Sanjh and her character is owesome as for Maya she sucks big ti and I Love the Couple of Arjun and Maya more

  16. Now they are dragging

  17. Hi to all
    Happy pongal but sorry for delay wishes
    Up to Mauritius track I understand stand every bit of serial clearly
    Once Maya hospitalize I did understand
    Saanch confences her love in front of arjun
    She knows everything thing ,how much arjun loves Maya
    But that is really shame
    I didn’t like that seen
    Again she was hope on arjun
    All are saying saanch love is true
    Show the proof s plz (sorry asking like this)
    And some are saying Maya obsession
    She never behave like that
    And again saanch has childhood friend ship , in this way arjun never leave her
    But Maya has no friendship relation with him only love only there
    That love also resently bloom’s
    So Maya fear is right
    Any girl in her position behave like that only
    She knows saanch praposal arjun that why she feel tension
    Childhood on words she miss everything except money
    That’s why she doesn’t give imp to money
    Only imp to arjun love
    But now days episode are not related to our own ides serial full of twist s

  18. I understand Maya character but saanch god only knows
    One time she propose a one time expect ING love
    One time he only change and ask love like friendship
    One time encourage Maya
    Has irritating
    But Maya has full clarity she love arjun and want s once she got arjun not fear of saanch only ashwin
    But saanch father said truth love expecting from arjun is time waste
    Once any problems created by ashwin got any separation happen he doesn’t ash saanch love ask only friendship.
    This was the final truth

    1. Wow observed very well??

    2. Angelk1

      I didnt understand one thing you said, but time will tell.

  19. Maya Maya Maya….i love you,yaar more than arjun.if i was a boy i would have proposed u.

  20. Yes excateley I love Maya character and Arjun little bit selfish

  21. O really some are saying they dont hate saanjh but they arya fans commenting we can clearly see that how much you guys hate saanjh that’s ok coming to saanjh yes she proposed and she dont force arjun to accept here wat your maya did , she is trying sorry she is actually breaking their friendship but as usually you guys say maya is great she is clearly about breaking good relationships also good


    It was too irritating the way Saanjh said, my happiness should be given to you,,,, I agree she is a good person but yeah Maya Did not snatch her happiness As Maya said to Arjun “” if I had seen love for Saanjh I wouldn’t have proposed you and had no guts to propose “” “” she is trying to explain and clear Saanjh that she should maintain only friendship with Arjun because He Is Her Love Love,,, obsession, or whatever but Arjun is Maya s I agree her way of dealing with Saanjh is different because she is not goody goody, so called sanskari, Abnormally forgiving Angel,,, She is Person gone through lot And Has no time for Emotional Decisions
    For Me Best part of Maya is she is way different from All star plus, colors, zee TV or even Sony TV’s Bahu Beti who are so boring, tell me which real women does what they show leave other women Atleast the Actresses themselves??????

    1. Esther

      Ya…that’s sooo true…..some are shown as if they are angels sent by God from heaven…like covering up other’s mistakes (even if he/she is an enemy of the lead)….sacrificing life for no reason….those mahaan type people are irritating……but in this serial no one is perfect….all acts normal……..even this is applicable to Saanjh’s character….now her heart is broken..she is trying hard to move on…sometimes that dissappointment/sadness will reflect in her word….it’s not an easy thing to move on…ARjun should have let her go

      1. Angelk1

        Exactly he should have let her go, but he wanted his cake an eat it too. He cant have both. If he was a good friend he should have understand and be more reasonable, but he was being selfish. He expect her feelings to go away an things become normal again. He doesnt know how hard it is. To do that.

        It will be even harder for her now that she didnt leave.

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