Beyhadh 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh reads Samay’s papers. Samay enters and asks what happened, what is all this. Saanjh says this is his story, he lied to her. She burns papers and says he lied he came to Mumbai for her, but he lied. Samay reminisces coming here for Maya. Saanjh says he lied a lot and should tell truth to everyone. Samay thinks if she will know that he came here for Saanjh, then he will be in trouble. He tries to change topic and asks where are everyone calls uncle, aunty, Shubh. Saanjh says she sent everyone out so that they don’t hear his truth. Samay thinks to keep Maya happy, he has to kill Saanjh. He picks knife. Saanjh comes near him and asks why did he do this to her. He parts apart and blows candles. She asks what is he doing. He then holds her and says he can do anything for love, holding knife behind her.

Maya looks at her hand injuries. Arjun touches her and she acts as shocked. He pampers her and says let us have aloo parantha and feeds her. She says he is very tasty today. He says tasty is food. She says nobody can come between them. He reminisces Vandana cursing him and says everyone are gone know, nobody can come between them. Maya smirks.

Samay looking at knife and hugging Saanjh that he is waiting when will her marriage break and she comes in his arms. He is about to cut Maya’s beck when Saanjh’s family enters cheering up. Samay hides knife. Shubh says he frightened Saanjh today with truth. Saanjh says there is no truth here. Samay says she is right, he came here for his first love, kisses Suman’s hand and says his first love is mother Suman. Saanjh gets emotional. Samay says she will not find anything in his papers. Suman says she will play court here and asks everyone to play a character. She asks Shubh to hand cuff Saanjh and Samay. He does. They all hug Saanjh and Samay. Samay looks at knife in his pocket. Saanjh says papa told she has to move on in life, from today Sharma family is just her neighbors. Vandana enters and shatters hearing that. Suman notices her and she returns. Suman tries to go behind her, but Saanjh stops her and says aunty has to wipe her tears herself.

Vandana rushes to her room crying and holding Ayan’s photo cries that he left her alone. She reminisces Maya and fumes that she is the root cause of all problems. She picks knife and leaves home. Maya standing in her balcony sees off Arjun and smiles. Arjun gets into car and starts it, but stops seeing Vandana. Vandana hiding knife behind her back says enough now. She kneels down holding her pallu and begs Arjun to return her Ayan, he won and she lost, she can even touch his legs. Arjun says Ayan is being punished for his act. Vandana says he is elder brother should forgive his younger brother. Maya rushes down. Arjun asks Vandana to go, he and Maya cannot do anything in this issue. Vandana says she can even hold Maya’s legs and beg her. Arjun says they cannot do anything and asks her to go. He tells Maya that maa has come to apologize on behalf of Ayan. Vandana picks knife and rushes to stab Maya. Maya shouts Arjun…

Precap: Operation theater is seen, someone being operated. Arjun waits outside OT.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Maya has stooped so low that I have no word left to say about her.Earlier when people condenmed Maya I said something or other so prove that her actions were not all bad, but this time she has crossed all limits. This act of hers is not defendable nor will I defend and people who support her in such things seriously need to change their thoughts. We all know women’s condition and after this people’s belief in women who are really raped will decrease. Why are the writers showing this why spoil the show??

    1. Indeed rape is not a joke, they took it too far
      Agree 100%

  2. Superb episode..?..omg samay tried to kill saanjh I didn’t expected this.. Poor saanjh&her family heart will break again..&vandana will get heart pain,so she is in hospital…waiting for next episode &loves ArYa ? &loves maya?..

  3. Today’s episode was boring. Wished for the ArYa romance to continue today. Yesterday CVs showed Saanjh in between ArYa romance which irritates a lot but today they concentrated more on Saanjh. The trps would surely go down if this continues. And by making Maya black instead of grey and portraying too much negativity about her the viewership will go down. Maya is the central character of the show. Let her mistakes be shown but not to the extent that she cannot atone, heal or redeem later in phase 3. Let there be temporary ArYa separation if the need arises but unite them in phase 3. I feel Samay is more negative and obsessed than Maya and and perhaps he turns out to be the murderer and villain no 1. I admit what Maya has done to Ayaan can only be condemned but in phase 3 let her realise this and other wrongs she has done. I can dislike her deeds but my heart does not allow to dislike Maya. It’s just like in real life when we condemn the misdeeds of someone near and dear to us but deep in our heart we cannot dislike the person. So Maya cone to your senses please and atone for the wrongs you have done. Let love won in the end.

    1. Resonance1290

      This ones who truly love and understand a person/character will see the wrongs as much if not more so than what is right.
      I lose respect for Fellow maya lovers who only see her goodness and justify all her wrongs as right, that is incorrect IMO, we all have to accept her mistakes but love her for who she is/was and understand her reasoning/empathy.

      I like you and others who still wish for her happiness and betterment but are not blind to her actions. I’m speaking mainly of my frustration after seeing some IF maya lovers adamantly saying even falsely alleging rape was justified and a result of the past etc. they are giving “maya lovers” a bad name and I hate to see that, we are a group of individuals who love that tortured girl within and wish to see her conquer her demons and emerge victorious in love as you say, but right now we cannot justify her, only support and wish for the best.

      You are correct, today was uneventful and because of those lousy last 3 minutes last episode all future Arya till phase 3 will be painful not enjoyable to watch, the CVS took it too far and I cannot forgive them.

      Anyway hope you are well and I’ll post my thoughts on the last 3 episodes next and what I think the CVs could have done better.

      Maya ❤❤❤

      1. Well said Resonance1290. Yeah CVs should not portray Maya as totally black. She had more goodness than grey in season 1, let this goodness give her a conscience to realize all her evil deeds shown in season 2.

    2. This deed is not just a bad deed it’s evil and can never be forgotten and if girls are taking thisas just a bad deed then they need to get their right and wrongs checked …no one can support that

      1. Angelk1

        Even I agree kulsum. Maya character was shaded from the start, of course this would happen. She’s a psychopath. No one can blame illness for it. She looks perfectly fine, but she’s just evil all over.

        Staging her rape, separating a family, killing her father and also injuring her own mother and causing her own miscarriage. Who to say she won’t harm her next child knowing arjun won’t pay her mind.

        I hope that don’t happen. And I can’t wait for the day she confesses her sins.

  4. The Dark Hunter

    As I have nothing to say about this rubbish track making maya black and doing serious injustice to her character and our love for her, I will make a compilation of times when maya was good and selfless/ grey but remorseful/happy in love and I will keep posting it to remind us maya lovers and maybe give insight to those who may have not seen that side of maya, to remind us of the beautiful character they created, all her good mixed with bad moments and how they made the show unique and beautiful; a testimony to their good work the last 6 months and a curse/warning to the current CVs plans and the current track which is decrediting and defiling almost all that came before. ?

    I will start work on it soon and will get back to you guys

    Many thanks and love (PHASE 1) Maya always ❤❤❤

    1. Yeah TDH, the earlier Maya was what endeared her to us. Waiting for your posts. And let’s all keep the hope floating for Maya’s realisation of her misdeeds.

  5. this show is so much against women, it says that no woman can stage her rape but it actually does show that they can. and Arjun is the most stupid character in this serial

  6. It’s turning boring day by day..
    Poor Sanjh, she will b heart broken again.
    I thot Samay wud b a positive character but he’s not.
    Ahhh! Tired of seeing such manipulations, betrayals n negativity…
    Even Arya moments doesn’t interest me anymore. I want d truth to b out asap.
    N whz in d OT. I hope it’s not Maya’s another drama..:(

  7. The character i hate the most is arjun he always want to appear as the good person and let other fight over him. i am sorry if i offend any fan but he is a loser who couldn’t be a good son, good brother, good friend neither a good husband. Once ayan went to jail he never thought that his mother also needed support since she already lost one son( he) and now losing the other, he didn’t have any faith and trust on his brother with whom he grow up, and as a friend better not start with. All these time when he felt imprisoned by maya he didn’t fully confronted her, seek help from professional to cure her, he is a educated guy he should be able to see the craziness behind her love. All he cared was himself , he didn’t protect his family or friend neither he helped his wife getting better. Maya turned into a very smart criminal for him, his mom is attempting muder because of his uselessness and sanjana is going through losses in order to help him and his family. And he is the dumb guy who just watch the drama happening but never react

  8. Best serial arya is best couple

  9. Guys just give credit to such a unique plot where the protagonist itself is the villan…. tell me how often would u come across such a cool plot… That too in a domain where u find only sati savitri heroines with pallus on their heads.. this comes like a breath of fresh air and a height of creativity.. kudos to the CV for having the guts to pull off such a track. . I’m sure in the end good will win over evil.. so relax till then and enjoy the roller coaster ride with such mind boggling twists n turns…


      Not villain, ANTIHERO. That is what make so many love maya, as she has goodness and her abusive past makes us empathise with her and her desperate attempts to cling onto her one happiness, no matter what she does. However going to this extent is making her a villain and most people don’t want that, we don’t want it being a stigmatic spiral of decline with a grey character becoming black, a mentally ill person becoming a irredeemable psychopath, that’s not what we expected especially after the effort and backstory they’ve made into her character’s complexity and respect for her despite her wrongdoings, that she had goodness and good intentions but when the world was against her she had to fight back for her place in the world itself, which was admirable. Whereas now they are doing injustice to such sensitive issues as rape, maligning the show and destroying her character and that’s why so many people both saanjh and maya lovers alike are against this, either that maya is becoming too far dark and unrecognisable from her amazing season 1 persona, or that it is making fun of rape by making a person stage a false rape, as well as the backlash and devaluing the impact it has on people’s lives.

      You are perfectly correct in wanting to enjoy the show neutrally I really respect you can do that without taking sides. However the way they are handling such sensitive issues and completely changing/hurting characters in turn are hurting viewers’ sentiments too and they need to realise this as well. They cannot change the overall story, but they can be a bit more careful especially with her manipulations, else it will bring all the work they did before crashing down and it’s a shame and a waste to see them depict her in this way.

      Anyway hope the CVs will change the track to Arjun seeing her truth and leaving/supporting her through it, and best her track of healing and betterment not revenge that will only be detrimental to her character and people’s love for the show as turning a grey character negative is NOT what we signed up for, and I assure you many many people will leave and their show will decline, so lets see whether they have that element of forethought and reminiscence or are just driving on ahead without looking back and seeing the character’s they developed and the audiences’ views of them, if so it will be a huge disappointment.

      Hope for Maya’s love and happiness to prevail in the end. Yes she must be punished/realise her wrongs and maybe even leave him, but then she should start to improve and return to the maya we remember from phase 1, who was her best ever rendition for so many reasons and they have to show her return soon, it will be a breathe of fresh air after this horribly cheap shadow of her once strong, passionate and proud character that so many of us fell in love with and respected.

      Love maya ❤❤❤

      1. Well said MAYA + ARYA FOREVER :). Yeah Arjun will be the key to Maya’s atonement and redemption. Right now the CVs are hell bent on painting her black all over.

    2. Yeah the plot is unique and a refreshing change from the SaaS bahu sagas and the leading lady being portrayed as a sati Savitri. Such heroines even go to bed in full traditional wear with make up and jewellery intact. I don’t know how they can sleep like that. Coming to Beyhadh Maya is the central character and ArYa love is the main track and the serial needs to give a message of hope and redemption for the negative shaded people in life who do bad deeds due to their unsound mental condition. So they will give a wrong message if Maya is made all evil now.

      1. Obviously unique story ?.i love it…”Maya is hero,heroine,villain to this serial..?+ArYa romantic love story?+thriller??..” present track is looks more obsessive maya but we know story is like this,we can’t ignore it.i too want to see season 1 maya.if our Maya lies with someone,she will try to turn true by crook and hook.she lied wit about she won now after ArYa beautiful moments in before episode.soon our Maya will be pregnant again.i hope this time she will not lose baby.?..want to see ArYa wit small maya baby like happy family.but in this pregnant drama while in upcoming track vandana fake drama to punish maya..again ArYa separation will happen.samaya unite..etc let’s see..loves maya&ArYa?

  10. Isn’t there enough in this world already that every Indian serial has evil in that .Thought this serial was different but it’s just junk ,there is a limit for obsession .

  11. If Samay is capable of killing Saanjh thinking she knew about him and Maya, then he’s capable of killing Ashwin to keep that secret a secret. If you remember, all Ashwin wants is to reveal Maya’s past to everyone. Some of Maya’s lovers are turning their backs on her, but I won’t. I still love her despite what she did and I still support her. What she did was unthinkable but as always, she’s doing everything for Arjun. She doesn’t know what’s right or wrong. She just wants to keep Arjun no matter what. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. I love Maya always

    1. The Dark Hunter

      I am not turning my back on her Zee not now not ever. I know that she is doing everything for Arjun and her relation, she has always put more effort in than any other. Her view is warped by the hatred, neglect and abuse she has only been given and that is what makes her do such things.
      I will always support maya, however I can no longer justify her the way things are going.
      Please don’t think we are turning our backs Zee, we all love maya till the end, but it is difficult to find that maya we love within the maya they are showing as of now, so its just difficult to continue watching, but of course I will always support maya and maya lovers no matter what. Maya’s eventual happiness, healing and redemption/victory in love is all I wanted since the day Arjun defended her and she started feeling happiness and smiling, and that will never change.

      Love maya always ❤❤❤


      Yes this reassures me somewhat that despite everything maya still may not be the master serial killer as well, as that will make her otherwise irredeemable.

      Don’t think we have left Zee we never will, we will always support Maya and our dreams for her happy future in the show, but it is difficult for many people ATM especially people like TDH, OSTT etc. who even talk of being abused and seeing themselves in maya, I really feel for them and their desire to want maya to heal and redeem as its an inspiration and an example, a prodigy going beyond merely the reel. Lets hope The CVs see such people and if not already make Maya’s ending or her future prospects brighter, if not for our sake then for theirs 🙂

      Love maya forever and always ❤❤❤

    3. Hi to all. U r right Zee did u notice samay is left handed and sanjh told arjun whoever killed Ashwin is left handed.
      Lots of people are bashing maya for her deeds. but i feel now the real suspense starts. Maya is grey, she cant control her anger but it seems samay is taking benefit of it .

      1. Ya right I too felt it,in yesterday episode also samay used left hand.he holds knife wit left hand to kill saanjh,let’s see

  12. Maya is simply amazing. I love her, she and Arjun so s*xy, they should make for couple in real life. Would be very cute. Honestly someone should give Vandana a tight slap also saanjh should die. Because she is the one who is obsessing and everyone blame poor maya. They should do one scene where Arjun realizes how rude he was to maya. He should apologize for real and their love should go back to what it was. Saanjh and Sammy should go back to London and vandana should die.
    Thank you
    From Lola ganatra

    1. Gyan De Sagar

      However I wish death upon no-one so I disagree on that part, and saanjh should move on and be happy, but yes Arjun should leave her and then realise the value of a love so pure and endless, it’s a girl most could only dream of having lol.

      1. Yes very very true but it would spice things up of vandana and saanjh died

      2. Yes very very true but it would spice things up of vandana and saanjh died

  13. Curses, superstitions, predictions, etc. are illogical and hope CVs don’t fall on them to make them come true. So let Vandana be proved wrong and her cursing Arjun have the opposite effect. She is one blind and illogical woman and she too is obsessed with Maya. Let logic and reasoning prevail. And right now I feel for Arjun. His tears really move me as he is torn between the people he loves. He is a simple soul and Vandana’s curses are making him miserable. Shame on his step mother for cursing him. A true mother will never curse her children no matter what. She is thinking of Arjun as her step son only and she is the main reason for Maya’s present state of mind.

    1. Ya right vandana mata is reason for all problems..Jennifer told in her interview..maya is not evil,Maya tried to change for happy family,but they didn’t gave maya will go in her way to get what she want,she will not give up if it comes to her loved one.&im also feeling bad to see Maya deeds but I can’t accept only maya is wrong,she had reasons to behave like this based on her surrounding people over behaviour(they are also not correct) on I love my Maya?,i will support her always.❤?

    2. Yeah VM is literally the reason behind all thus fiasco. Lets hope Maya redeems soon and gets her famous happy ending.

      Love you Maya ?❤?

  14. Samay stole the episode ? I just wish Saanjh tries finding happiness by herself and isn’t dependent on others for what she wants.
    Love Maya always. You need to redeem soon, girl. ❤ ❤ ❤

  15. Ayesha22

    today’s episode was full of saanjh and company.i just hope whoever is in the OT must not b maya or because of maya.i still love,support and want my Maya to see who she really is and should relax a bit of her obsession for arjun because he just do not deserve to be obsessed upon.anyways hoping for a bright future and happy ending for maya,i love you sooooo much baby.

  16. I don’t like Maya but I don’t fully hate Maya but tis Maya lovers t making me to hate her.pls don’t say get a psycho becoz she has a criminal mind nd she is doing it future if her secrets t known ten she ‘ll easily escape by saying she has mental illness nd for such persons tey ‘ll 1st be treated nd ten ‘ll be gone to jail.poor saanjh wat to say abt u pls leave tat he is evil triple times ten Maya.i cannot beleive now also how these ppl r still supporting her evilness nd talking about their chemistry yesterday the romance between Maya nd Arjun was not good inspire it was so romantic becoz even Arjun was in a situation to do tat it didn’t came from his heart I hate dumb Arjun. Finally pls change the track nd the latest news is tat Arjun comes to one abt Maya and Samay s plan nd he tried to explain it to saanjh to teach a lesson to May a nd samay

  17. I think vandana is the one in hospital and it is shown that she is dead.Arjun will never forgive Maya for this….. want to see Maya paying for her sins,,…..

  18. The Dark Hunter

    Looking back at day before yesterday, there was one way they could have sensibly done it that would have kept Maya’s greyness and many maya fans/beyhadh fans loving and respecting her character, and simultaneously still adhere to the current track.

    If when she was doing her FBs after consummation, we should have seen her bribing the women that was fine, but instead we should have seen the assault scene we originally saw on Friday and said these words,

    “What you did to me Ayan, I will never forgive or forget, but despite this I thank you. Because of your actions, Arjun is mine once again, and now no-one can take him away, nobody.”

    Something like that would have shown her taking advantage of such a situation, but not wholly staging it and making her a black villain in the process and Ayan completely innocent, as he more than definitely wasnt.
    Just like she was sad at her miscarriage and blaming Ganesha, but then performing Visarjan and thanking Ganesh for closing Arya’s distance and that even God couldn’t come between them. That was GREY, if they had shown her FB of deliberately falling and then just praying to Ganesh thanking him for taking saanjh away and not caring for anything else, that too would have been BLACK. There are many other instances where they properly showed her greyness, it seems they are losing their touch and ruining her just for drama 🙁

    She should have been genuinely hurt as they showed the episodes following the “rape” scene especially with her FB in the hospital etc. those are inconsistent with her thoughts now. If she was actually hurt by it, but took advantage for her interests, that would have kept her GREY and even allowed the track they’re making to progress in its current way. Later on, Maya would be thanking Samay for his help and samay would be getting all romantic, Arjun overhears it, feels betrayed that Samay is maya’s past love and wants to revenge maya and warn saanjh. Maya retracts Ayan’s case to get closer to him and co. but eventually her past with samay is revealed, Arjun is shattered and leaves her.
    I would have preferred this SO much more, it would have been consistent with Maya’s character, of her taking advantage of situations for her own gain, something far more memorable BUT forgivable than what the CVs have so stupidly shown. Yes indeed alleging Ayan of rape is wrong, but they way they showed the behaviour towards maya she would think that if hurt genuinely, which they showed so truly but then scrapped for the sake of a twist which is inconsistent and immoral TBH, especially the way it does injustice to her light/dark layers making it so much more dark and almost completely removing the light that so many fell in love with.

    I’m not trying to make the CVs do their job I’m sure they could do something far better, but this was the incorrect way to go about it as character consistency and respect for characters are being destroyed and it will adversely affect the fans both Maya and Saanjh lovers, neutral people I respect for being able to be neutral!

    I wonder what you guys think?

    Maya always ❤❤❤

    1. Exactly! I agree wid u..
      N those words dt u said- what u did 2 me ayan is unforgivable but thnks….
      Ah! I wish d cv’s wud hv shown d same thing.
      Anywyz I hope dey will get back d old Maya back..

    2. TDH, I really wish you were the maker of Beyhadh. That FB about Ayan would have been much better. Now making Maya black with the FB shown is really inconsistent as you rightly mentioned. Wish they show no more black deeds of Maya. Don’t like her wrongdoings but cannot hate Maya.

      1. The Dark Hunter

        Haha thanks Amcee 😀
        I am currently writing a fantasy thriller novel myself so I wouldn’t mind trying it out if given the opportunity I could give it a go 🙂
        I would definitely make it a windy road but keep Maya’s goodness intact and ultimately get her justice in life and love, I hope that’s what the CVs also have in mind, else I may just have to take over… ??

        Anyway thanks for your comments Amcee and Mayra appreciate it!
        Love maya always ❤❤❤


    This is just a repost of my post from yesterday, just in case anybody missed or wants to comment on it.
    Thanks guys 🙂


    Yes I want her end, but not Maya’s death, I want an end to her evil in the end, for the goodness that she had shown to be so beautiful and bright at one time to surface and destroy her darkness and insecurities. All these events are happening, all these battles because of her fears.

    However, the only real battle is between Ashwin and The Child Maya. To show maya dying or irredeemable/forever alone is letting Ashwin win and that CANNOT be done, it just cannot. She has to face her demons head on and someone has to soon help her realise the pain she has given others in the name of love, make her step back and see her wrongs and start to redeem. The light in her always stayed when she had Ganesha with her, and now that she renounced his protection she is darkening. Before whenever she did wrong she had reason for, or at least reflected with regret in front of God. Now however without sufficient cause or regret she is committing such vile deeds, it is horrifying to see.

    They have to bring back her Ganesha in whatever form it takes, only through her first true friend can she heal and start the right path to let her light shine and defeat the darkness of Ashwin within her, else Ashwin will win which is WRONG.

    I hope she doesn’t stray any farther and Arjun through his actions tries to expose her wrongs. I used to want him to give her all the love in the world and wished for her happiness and a family but now I want her truth to get out, her to realise and then her to start on the right path to a better tomorrow. If Arjun returns to her that will be Ideal but I pine only for her happiness and redemption now, they have to make it so to make it truly unique and beautiful.

    Love maya always ❤??

    1. Well said MAAF 🙂

  20. Good luck with your novel TDH and hope to read it when it gets published. ?

  21. Horrible..maya..a two rupee cheap and a total sl*t..not jennifer but the character….horible concept


      A sl*t?
      Someone who is so loyal to her husband she is willing to kill anyone who even badmouths him, keeps everyone away so that she can protect him and care for him, even beats up her ex and says arjun owns her very soul, a woman that is willing to give her life at a whim for him? That is loyalty taken to extreme, there is no promiscuity in that I assure you!

  22. I like aneri aka saanjh.her aractor is superb.

  23. Like I like saanjh I hate Maya.l don’t like the actress.she is selfish in her every moves.I want to push her down.

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