Beyhadh 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya sitting in her car sheds tears seeing Saanjh and Arjun hugging. Arjun says let us go home and leaves on his jeep with Saachi. They reach apartment building. Saanjh asks to go now. Arjun says he will not let her in front of hungry tiger/Prem, he must be papa pencho.. Saanjh asks if he remembers what Prem did when he called him with this name. Arjun says he remembers. Saanjh asks him again to go, she will handle situation.

Maya returns back to her hospital, reads Yug’s message for Arjun again and throws mobile. She fixes IV line back in her hand. Jahnvi comes and asks where had she gone. Maya says she had gone out to see what is happening behind her back. Arjun returns and apologizes for being a bit late. Maya says he is too late and says she cannot be discharged today, so he can stay with her and share this bed, even she will get some rest. Jahnvi asks them to continue chatting and walks out. Nurse brings soup. Arjun feeds Maya soup and reminisces Saanjh’s words that she loves him since childhood, etc. Maya says everything/soup is finished and why is he holding it. Arjun searches his phone. Maya asks if she is looking so bad that…if he promised to keep quiet along with along together, what happened, what is coming between them. She loves his problems, his solutions, etc. He says nothing like that. She says it is okay, she will learn to live with his lies. He says dusky/Saanjh loves him since childhood and he did not know about it. She asks if he had know, will he had loved Saanjh. Arjun reminisces Saanjh asking same question and says even she asked same question, he loves dusky since childhood, but it is a friendship love and not this one. She asks what is this kind of love. He says passion, prayer, extreme/beyhadh, you know what he means. Maya says Saanjh gave him right name, duffer. Whole world knows that Saanjh loves him except him, she knew from the day she saw Saanjh with him.

Suman tells Saanjh that she is lying again. Saanjh says she is not lying, Arjun did not stop her, it is her decision. Prem says it is waste to explain her, she got a chance to get away from her problem, but she bent in front of her problems. Saanjh says she has not given up, she will have to face her problem alone. Suman says she will shatter. Saanjh says she may, but her duffer will not let her shatter, he asked her friendship, hope he had asked love, it would have been easy. She asks if Arjun had eased her life any time, why did not Suman inform her that loving someone is not that easy. Suman hugs her emotionally.

Saanjh tells Arjun that it is not difficult to walk a distance between love and friendship. He says whichever music they hear, they walk on it, if they don’t people become mad and that is called love. Maya says she knows, so she loved him, she did not see that love for Saanjh in his eyes. Arjun asks what if he had. She says she would not have informed him as Saanjh as first right on him, he should not break duffer and dusky’s relationship. He smiles. She asks to promise her. He does. Their chatting continues.

In the morning, Arjun wakes up and does not find Maya on bed. He searches her and she calls him. He turns and sees her in orange gown, praises her and asks where is her bandage. She says she is fine and says she will call maa and Ashwin and ask to reach home by 5 p.m. She then calls Vandana and invites her and Ayan for a party at her home at 5 p.m. Vandana informs Ayan. Arjun asks reason for party. Maya says patience…

Saanjh is busy working when boss does pooja and signals her to pray. She prays god to get lots of divorces and get lots of money to our office. Maya then calls Saanjh and invites her for a party. Arjun asks Maya which bomb she has planned to blast. She smiles and says yes, he will also hear its sound.

In the evening, party starts and reports surround Maya and ask why did she invite them. She asks them to have patience. Ashwin asks Jahnvi why did Maya throw this party. She says she does not know. Maya smiles at Ashwin. Vandana, Saanjh and Ayan enter. Maya addresses reports that she wants to introduce them to her past and looks at Ashwin. She tells she wants to introduce them to her father whom she considers a terror. She describes how Ashwin tortured Jahnvi and her, how he used to beat her repeatedly and lock her in dark basement, strangulate Jahnvi, throw paint on her an drown her in water, etc. Everyone look in a surprise.

Precap: Maya panics and tells Arjun if he goes, who will save her from Ashwin. Arjun takes Maya in front of reporters and announces that he and Maya are marrying. Vandana is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Today ‘s episode was completely Maya’s after 2 days of nonsense .She proved her dominance and shrewdness in every scene .The scene where she maintained her temper even after knowing what happened behind her back is the one every girl should follow .
    She waited for Arjun to say the truth and when he was hesitant she let him free telling him dat she ll learning loving his lies which was enough for Arjun to confess .
    When he confessed ,she reacted calm and made him so comfortable dat next time he wouldn’t think a second to confess.
    Secondly, she questioned him in a way dat nobody would blame her for doubting Arjun again pushing Arjun to prove his love once again . Even after knowing it , she made a strong claim dat Arjun ‘s friendship should remain forever indirectly telling dat “Only frienship should exist” thou he never realised it
    When we think about Saanjh ,she never gave time for Arjun to confess and she blasted him leading to the future scenes where we saw Arjun hiding everything from her .
    Third statement where Maya claimed that she would have loved Arjun Silently if she had known dat Arjun is in love with Saanjh

    The above scenes will be shown in future where Arjun ll defintely intimidate Saanjh saying dat she proposed even thou she knew he is in love and will claim dat his Maya would never do it .Every word of Saanjh against Maya would make Arjun doubt Saanjh n never Maya

    Highlight of the episode : Maya’s confession infront of the media
    Would fetch Vandhana and Ayan’s sympathy .Would make Saanjh join with Ashwin eventually leading to ArjunSaanjh separation , made Ashwin go out of her life , making Arjun believe dat no more secrets exist and every word byAshwin in the future ll seem a lie .

    Last but not the least : clever move of MakingArjun announce their relationship infront of Media

    P.S : instead of Analysing if Saanjh is true and better or Maya is , all I can say Maya is perfect for Arjun .She is the only human on earth who knows to handle him

    1. Roby wolverine

      I agree with you Nandhana N..

    2. Thanks a ton Roby

    3. great analysis done by u..!
      n every statement of yes was true n I agree with it..
      great.. ☺

    4. Hey Kalyani thanks for agreeing ☺

    5. Nandhana N..Well said ?? ..

    6. Have been loving all your comments ☺?

    7. Thank you dear ?

    8. Shalini Senthil

      ??semma super

    9. Hey thanks Girls .. it’s finally a happy time for ArYa fans ??☺

    10. Thank you so much Shalini

    11. MayaTheEvilWhore

      Maya deserves to die, she is too broken a person to live. Anyway if Arjun feels nothing why is he going to slap his own brother for having feelings for Saanjh… Maya can play her games evil always dies, Maya deserves to meet Negan’s Lucille like Glen did

    12. Roby wolverine

      Can you please avoid words like w****..? there are all kinds of fans here and even some underage.. It’s ok to hate characters but avoid naming like that using those kind of words..

    13. Shalini Senthil

      Well said roby? dont use this w****word for my maya baby?

    14. Agreed 100 percent. Love Maya and Arjun together ?

  2. Saanjh be leave and just be happy for your friend

    1. Saanjh be strong and happy for your friend

  3. Wow awesome amazing episode…..loved ArYa scenes,both talked each other with open it.what a twist at last…i felt Maya will announce their marriage in front of presss..but Maya revealed ashwin truth in front of press..interesting..precap is good.waiting for next episode ?

    1. Haha Ks, our Maya is here to do the least expected . Arjun taking a firm decision was actually a sweet shock ..
      Did u notice Saanjh n her dialogues ..can’t even understand what she wants Arjun to do ..Arjun is in express love mood time to even stop n explain Saanjh ..He is in a jet speed to make a better world for Maya

    2. Ya nandhana…Saanjh said with arjun asked my friend ship ,hope so he will ask my love too.she had hopes still.and yes Maya gets shock to hear Arjun announcement about marriage.let’s see

  4. Shalini Senthil

    Wow love u maya …looks so cute in orange gown

    1. She Is hotness and cuteness together..Arjun will romance her wherever she is ?? even ICU

  5. Maya b*t*h… Jennifer rocks in her character. Saanjh cute.. Leave Arjun and move on saanjh. He does not deserve saanjh.

    1. Jealous on Maya ????

    2. Ouch .No hatred ..Love favours the brave ☺ every move of Maya is spot On ..she deserves it ..

  6. Arjun will not understand saanj’s love…..arjun will not understand that maya’s love is not pure….it is obsession….she will go any level to take arjun….but saanj here sacrificed her love…saanj love iz pure that is y she was going to leave arjun….but arjun is very selfish he needs maya n also saanj….he knows that saanj will get hurt aftr hearing marriage news…he is impossible…n now on ayaan will be the supporting system for saanj….there is a news that ayaan will go against arjun….arjun will feels jelouse wen ayaan flirt and take care of saanj…..upcoming eps will be intresting!!!!!!….

    1. Angelk1

      I agree. Without thinking he announce the marriage knowing it will hurt saanj. But once again saanj will be happy for him. With all the pain shes undergoing i hope she moves on for now. Arjun is saying all this at the moment. But if he does get jealous with ayan an saanj closeness, then i hope prem beat the heck out of him.

      I also want saanj to Stop listening to arjun an yell at him. Maya plan has just began. Saying things that arjun wants to hear , making him promise to only be friends with saanj an confessing to the public. Things are getting interesting.

      But this story has a kuch kuch similarity. The main lead didnt realize his feeling until he was grown an married an his wife died. So basically we will have to keep on waiting for a while. But we will see

  7. Roby wolverine

    Oh God……….. loved it… I love Maya and her mind, her manipulation, her plans, her subtle moves… grabbed his heart… And it’s now clear and I am so glad that Arjun doesn’t have feelings for Saanjh.. Even though it’s for plan Maya finally had courage to deal with her past… I just really really love Maya and her mind… So hot and cool and superb Master mind Maya..

    1. Shalini Senthil

      ???roby u r right maya is clever semma mind

    2. Roby wolverine

      semma….! it’s a Tamil word.. are you Tamil..?

    3. Justified dat she is the one who deserves Arjun and how she runs a successful business empire ..shrewdness max

    4. Shalini Senthil

      Yes roby im tamil girl born in cuddlore my childhood my learning all in kolkatta married in madurai???

    5. Roby wolverine

      Shalini di I am too tamil…

    6. Shalini Senthil


  8. Maya rocks as usual i thought saanjh will start her life fresh but no this duffer actually wat is thinking one side he says he loves saanjh as her friend on otherside he loves maya so he loves both of them in different way anyways WAITING 4 2MMORROWS EPI

    1. It’s already confirmed dat Saanjh will join with Ashwin n plot against Maya

    2. Angelk1

      Where did u hear this from, they said saanj will hit maya with a rod but that didnt happen. Please give me the sources so i can read it too.

    3. @Angel : Ashwin captioned a pic saying Saanjh n Ashwin have joined together:)forgot the entire caption but the content was Ashwin n Saanjh joining hands against Maya ..
      It’s all over instagram and Twitter in any beyhadh page or check his offl acc

    4. Angelk1

      Please send me the link, because not everything is what it seems. I want to check it out.

  9. Angelk1

    Clever move from maya, now theirs no way arjun will leave her. Even if saanj speaks the truth. But like i said time will tell. Saanj you should have listen to your father, instead of arjun. Now your gonna see this everyday. Especially now that arjun announced it to the world.

    The only thing you can do is be his friend for now an concentrate on your work. Yes, i think vandana will sympathis an try to be nice leading to the marriage, but i dont think she will be as close to maya as she is with saanj. Also, jhanvi will probably defend ashwin and ashwin will not leave maya now.

    Maya confess about her past an now the whole world knows, so now their wont be any explanation to the upcoming craziness. Arjun is on his own now, he locked his fate.

    Lastly, i think this is good for saanj, now if she gets close to ayan an they become good friend’s arjun cant be upset over it. Because he has no right to be. If he does then he is even more selfish.

    1. Roby wolverine

      Wolve……..! Yaar Angelk1 i think wolf was better than wolve..

    2. Angelk1

      Lol i thought u didnt like wolf

  10. Great Episode With Hot Precap

  11. i lovd beyhad very much..i want to see mre passion n romantic scenes betwn arjun n maya like kissing scenes..i dnt like saanj her lve is nt true its just selfish..maya perfect 4 arjun n pls arjun must marry maya only nt saanj..lve cnt replace as arj mya

  12. Maya is a mastermind she thinks about everything! No wonder she’s always ahead of saanjh..phew! Thank god it’s clear that Arjun is not in love with saanjh I would have killed him if he did! What a great twist wow I thought she would announce their engagement or marriage to the media but no she reveals the horrors she faced! Perfect move to get love and acceptance from arjun’s family..I want to see if saanjh goes to ashwin’s side or not,if she does than she is the real villain! In 7 days arya forever!!!!!❤❤

  13. nice plan.Maya

  14. Did u all notice Ashwin in the Precap ??? It means Maya Revealed her past and yet she has favoured Ashwin with some other explanation .She definitely has bigger plans

    1. There is No plan nandhana..ashwin tried to kill maya recently Na two times..if Maya leaves him freely,he will try to kill her she revealed her past in front of he will not dare to touch will know what’s ashwin.but ashwin will come back to harm her again.he will not left Maya property.

  15. Maya is a character which never ever seen in television,, she smart, cute but manipulative, beautiful not just face mind too, she knows how to deal with everyone,
    Today’s episode was rocking shocking,
    I think Saanjh s fan may be didn’t observe “” Maya said if Arjun was loving Saanjh maya would never confess her feelings for Arjun “”

    1. Yes mariyam ..that was a cute conversation between ArYa? ..?

  16. O really but she also said that she was aware of saanjh love towards arjun but now its of no use because you will tell maya is great blaw blaw so yes maya is great , arjun should end up with maya arjun should leave saanjh , brother and his mom and then marrige at one point of stage he will face Maya’s obsession, he will suffer all the pain which he is enjoying now .
    At last one thing for sure our dusky will be in peace .

    1. Angelk1

      I agree at some example. Maya did say if saanj have confess she wouldnt have interfere, but shes forgetting she did knowing saanj had feelings for arjun. But then again maya had no obligation towards saanj an just like when saanj warned her on the trip.

      Maya says she wouldnt have interfered, but she tried breaking their friendship. When arjun had plans with saanj she made her own, manipulating him. She use manipulation to make her way to his heart. She said she wouldnt want anything to happen to arjun an saanj friendship but thats a lie.

      Matter fact she doesnt like it. Coming in between when arjun went to sit with saanj on the plane. When he wanted to start a conversation with saanj, maya distracted him. Maya says many things. This is just the beginning. Right now maya depanding on arjun she says his the only person she has, she breath for arjun, worship him an even crave him.

      We will see when arjun leave her how mad she will become. Shes calm now, but how long will that last.

    2. Angelk1 watch episode clearly…maya said to Arjun I didn’t saw love in your eyes for saanjh,so that’s why I came for u.and I saw her love on you at first meet in saanjh eyes.she clearly said with Arjun openly.they shared each other as life partners.i said from starting episodes” maya know it saanjh loves Arjun”,so she is avoided only saanjh love not her friend ship with Arjun.’watch saanjh still she had hopes Arjun will love her’ will create insecure to any life partner.”maya know this too about saanjh hope”.that’s why she felt insecure still..i just explained Maya thoughts not to argue with you.accept saanjh love is true and also Maya love also true for example every father will not show same way love on their sons.some fathers will give restrictions’ to their sons,and some fathers will give freedom to sons.but we can’t say restrictions father’s is not loving truly their sons,their love also true.some will show love with care.&some will show love with rude.

  17. I dont tink Ayan & Saanjh is tat bad……they both look cute together…..actually I liked the idea of Ayan falling in love for Saanjh…..waiting for Ayan & Saanjh scenes <3

  18. wow.maya is so clever she want to secur her futur with arjun.definately her love is not pure but a game to get a toy.

  19. ArYa forever

  20. I do want maya in arjun life.. Saanjh is the best partner to arjun according me… I Need saanjh to be paired up with Arjun…

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