Beyhadh 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Saanjh Proves Maya Guilty in Court

Beyhadh 17th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suman tells Arjun that Saanjh is different and until she is assured that his love is true, she will not accept him. Jahnvi says Suman is right, he should give lots of love to Saanjh. Inpector Ranveer comes and gives envelope to Arjun. Arjun opens it and says court hearing is tomorrow. Suman thanks god that they will get rid of Maya tomorrow.

Saanjh stands in her room silently. Suman enters and says Arjun loves her a lot. Saanjh says she saved Arjun’s life, so he wants to do her favor. Suman says she has seen love for her in Arjun’s eyes since childhood. Saanjh says Arjun loves Maya and is Maya’s husband. Suman says Maya is out of Arjun’s life. Saanjh says she just knows that she does not want to be betrayed again and keep false hopes, she loved Arjun and he rejected her, then Samay came in her life and played with her feelings, she is tired and cannot handle this anymore. Arjun hears their conversation standing near door. Saanjh says let us sleep now, tomorrow is big day for them, until Maya is punished, her risk will hover them always.

Next day, Maya is brought to court. Reporters throng her and asks why did she act as her own murder to trap her husband, she even tried to kill her mother and trapped her devar in rape case. Arjun comes. Reporter asks Maya Arjun Sharma tried to ruin him and his family, what he wants to say. He says she is Maya Mehrotra and not Maya Arjun Sharma, not to take her name with his name. Reporter asks Saanjh if she thinks even now Arjun is innocent. Saanjh says she will expose Maya’s truth today.

Women organization group try to beat Maya and chant slogans against her. Her lawyer Pooja comes to her rescue and says court has not proved Maya guilty and warns them to go away. He introduces herself to Maya as Pooja who fought her case against Arjun and sent him to jail, she is amazed seeing Maya’s confidence and wants to prove Arjun and his family wrong. She takes Maay’s signs on petition papers and smirks.

Maya is taken into court room. She fumes seeing Arjun and Saanjh together. Judge enters and orders to start proceedings. Saanjh says she is fight case from prosecution. Judge asks who is from defense’s side. Saanjh sees Pooja missing from seat and says she thinks nobody wants to. Maya says advocate Pooja will defend her. Judge asks where is her lawyer. Pooja returns and says she wants to apologize Arjun Sharma for convicting him in Maya’s murder case. She says judge that she used to consider Maya Mehrotra as innocent, but she is a seasoned criminal and can do anything, now everything is clear, so Maya should be punished rigorously. Maay angrily walks to Pooja and strangulates her. Police drags her and get her back into witness box and handcuff her. Maya resists. Saanjh asks Pooja if she is fine. Pooja nods yes and says that is all your honour, thank you. Saanjh tells Maya that she told nobody wants to fight for her. Judge says he can provide lawyer for her. Maya says she will defend herself.

Saanjh says Maya’s lawyer herself backed off, Maya is a very seasoned and ruthless criminal and has done many crimes. She calls Maya’s neighbor Shrurti into witness box who says Maya made her believe that Arjun tortures her and planned her own murder. Saanjh calls watchman who also speaks against Maya followed by nurse and other witnesses. Saanjh calls Ayan last. Ayan reminisces his court case, Maya trying to kill him, killing Vandana, etc. He expels all crimes against him. Maya says Ayan is Arjun’s brother and would take his side, where is the proof. Saanjh says let us assume all her witnesses are lying, she will call one witness who will not benefit from this case and calls Maya’s mother Jahnvi Mehrotra. Jahnvi enters witness box and takes oath on holy book. Saanjh asks Jahnvi what she wants to say regarding her daughter in front of court.

Precap: Saanjh requests judge to give rigorous punishment to Maya so that any criminal cannot play with law. Judge says looking at all evidences, court proves Maya….

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  1. I hope court doesnt prove maya not guilty dis will be shame
    I just was predicting the volte face of the lawyer.

  2. is this serial coming to end wooooowwww

  3. Pranav

    It’s going to be innocent i know

  4. Maya must have blackmailed her mom about Ashwin being alive and in the court Janvi will support Maya

  5. diehardbeyhadhfan

    @sonia 15 august reply…I get it more than u miss sonia.. coz.first of all im A married woman… It’s ok to warn Ur friend Wen they’re getting associated with the wrong person..
    But once married.. best friends indeed become a third person to speak in between a couple…. the most important thing that anyone should do if at all they’re approached to sort out issues between a couple is, Advise to work on a marriage rather then breaking free
    .. I never once said saanjh tried to break their marriage… But she handled issues insensitively… N yeah there’s no need to snap back for everything dear…. U need to grow up in Ur approach…

    1. diehardbeyhadhfan

      Let me give u an example.. god forbid if u were rendered barren after Ur wedding n Ur hubby approaches a friend of his saying.. I’m depressed my wife can’t give me a child. Then wat should a friend advise? Should she say.. Teri wife baanj hai! Haan Haan baanj hai baanj, Tu Woh kar Jo tujhe Khushi De.. How would such an advise be helpful for Ur hubby? Rather a true friend would keep all their issues aside n say… “Don loose hope so soon.. get medical help….maybe things will all turn up positive….. ” So how is it different for mental illness…? Y was saanjh ranting paagal paagal at a drop of hat.?. marriage is a strong institution in India so people here try their best to bond a couple first n if nothing works out then advise other options….Saanj didn’t know Maya was a murderer all she knew was Maya was obsessed right? I agree saanjh is a decent character as compared to witch Maya… But she still needs to grow from wat I see.. her characterization is just maybe fit to please teens who watch the show.. but as an adult I do see many flaws in her ..n she’s no where close to being mature

    2. Exactly. The sole reason for my hatred towards saanjh is this. Her narrow minded mentality and insensitive nature even when it comes to relationships and stuff. She was one of my favorite characters at the beginning of the show but it soon turned to hatred and disgust when she started screaming at the top of her lungs that Maya is pagal therefore arjun should leave her just like that, rather than suggesting getting her professional help. She didn’t do that then and we couldn’t expect it now when it seems like nothing else could be done and everything is already too late. Her first priority was revenge towards Maya not her love and concern for arjun and his well-being. If we love somebody and care for them, then if something unfortunate happen to them, we’ll try to find solutions for it. Here saanjh admits albeit grudgingly that arjun loved Maya and only Maya. So she should also know that arjun’s happiness lies with Maya’s happiness and her well-being. So if she really wanted to help arjun like she always claimed, she should’ve thought that arjun will never leave Maya so the next best step is trying to cure her. Did she do that? No. Rather she constantly insisted Maya is mental so he should leave her. Had she tried to cure Maya and Maya refused all her attempts to help and just clung to arjun I’d not have hated her. I’d have loved her and hated the hell out of Maya. But as it is Maya was shown struggling to change and nobody bothered to help her and even tried to take away the only happiness in her life, her husband.

    3. @dreamyeyes, going to point out directly that you’re wrong. I said before and saying it now too, it’s not Saanjh’s job to get Maya treated. Maya is not a 5 yr old kid. It is solely her parents’ responsibility to whatever is needed to make sure their child is healthy in every way. The reason why y’all are hating on Saanjh is because Arjun has been such a big duffer that his sensible smarty friend fell into the habit of yelling on top of her lungs to make the duffer realize what’s happening. It’s because the useless duffer didn’t do anything that Saanjh came in the spotlight. That’s how their friendship has been. This serial has shown that from the beginning – Arjun being an idiot and Saanjh parenting him. Arjun even used to wake up in the morning by Saanjh’s calling, remember? Yeah. That’s the reason why y’all are hating on Saanjh because she apparently took the responsibility of Arjun when that grown up child man should’ve done that for himself. This is the one and only biggest mistake of Saanjh – selflessly parenting her best friend rather than leaving his dumb self on his own so he could learn his lesson. And now you guys are judging Saanjh’s ways that she shouldn’t have done this or that, where you should be saying that she shouldn’t have done anything at all and left Arjun on his own terms with Maya.
      Anyway, today’s episode where Maya’s whereabouts are revealed should hopefully open your eyes that Maya has been selfish enough to kill an innocent person (the girl in the hospital). This has to break your argument that she behaved brutally because of other characters and that no one let her change etc.

    4. Nobody is telling saanjh should’ve taken full responsibility of arjun and Maya’s life and convinced everyone to get Maya medical help. Nobody said she should’ve taken the appointment of a psychiatrist for Maya by herself and made sure they actually followed through the treatment. No. Nobody said that.
      But instead of chanting ‘Maya is mental Maya is mental’ she could’ve just SUGGESTED the mere idea of treatment. Mind you, I’m not saying she should’ve convinced Maya and arjun though. But since she’s all for screaming Maya is mental a little suggestion about providing her treatment wouldn’t have hurt, I suppose. That’s all I’m saying.

      She should’ve done this or just shut her mouth altogether about this whole ordeal and mind her own damn business. That simple and no damage done.
      But since saanjh has decided to meddle in Maya’s and arjun’s life I guess it wouldn’t have took much effort than screaming and spending all her energy in establishing Maya is mental, to make a simple suggestion about seeking medical help for this problem. Then she could’ve gone her way not giving a fig about how they took her advice. And I think she would’ve done just that if what she claimed about her simply wanting to help arjun and only caring about his happiness were true.
      But tbh I wouldn’t have minded if she had so much as thought to leave this entire problem to the couple to figure out on their own. But as it is she wanted to poke her nose in their business and was all the more excited in convincing arjun that his wife is mental and should leave her therefore. Again I’m not saying she should’ve shouldered the complete responsibility of Maya and convinced her and arjun to undergo treatment, ensured Maya actually took her medicines and taken care of Maya herself, attending them and parenting them. Nobody asked her to swoop in and save the day. Trust me nobody did. Hope you get my point. Thank you.

  6. Give this serial few more days to continue ,they will still spin her as innocent .Total stupid serial .Worse in my opinion .

  7. diehardbeyhadhfan

    Anyway guys.. my last visit on this site… Leaving back to my home country… I had some real fun watching this show at the house of my Indian hosts here .. and I also enjoyed reading the written updates coz I’d miss some fast paced dialogues…I’m not so fluent in Hindi n takes a lot of effort for me to catch up with the dialogues…. Also I’d had great time in counter arguing with all Maya lovers.. it was in a very good spirited sense… No offence to anyone I hope… Dreamyeyes KS etc hope u listening… Not sure if I’d have the time to watch it there… Nor will I have the company that I had here… Moreover shows ending… so is my very long medical tour?… See u guys… God bless!!!
    Warm wishes,

    1. Good luck,? happy journey dear? take care

    2. I like your views

    3. Sorry, been a little late to comment. @diehardbeyhadhfan, I know I’ll miss you like anything dear. Even if there was a difference of opinion between us, it’s a truth that I had a great time while arguing with you. You’re definitely a good opponent in these debates. Not losing your head and hurling insults at no-one; I respect you for that and I really hope you’ll get to watch the future episodes and even comment. Because it’s always been a healthy discussion with you.
      Always making mature responses. I’m not saying this because you said you’re 30 rather your comments speak for itself. A person can be 50+ and still could act like they’re 5, refusing to grow up from that mindset. And they can very well be 15 and wise beyond their years. So I suppose age shouldn’t matter when it comes to the subject of maturity. Life experiences, extensive reading and a genuine quest for knowledge could change you for the better as long as you’re level headed and don’t become a know-all.
      Anyway hope you had a blast here in India. I know you might become busy from now onwards but I kinda look forward in interacting with you in future.
      Wish you all the best in your life dear.

  8. No Maya is going to jail.

    If janvi sent Ashwin like this to jail Maya never be in this state now or she shouldn’t suffer a lot in her childhood

    Maya is going to jail. Arjun is going to propose saanj again.
    If janvi sent Ashwin like this to jail or gave him a tight slap ,Maya should not need to suffer all this in her childhood.

    Hello ks
    When Jennifer’s new show starts and which that going to be like ps I love you, English movie.anyways will wait and watch.

    1. In colours channel dear,let’s see ?

  9. Maya pls don’t go away from Sony TV, we are all like your act.

  10. I thought it will be sad episode,bt maya bossy attitude makes me happy ? ?…she is the alone fighter ?..maya don’t need anyone to get her justice,love u Maya ?…&wow what a fake mahan people specially stupid Arjun always ready to leave maya but he is unable to left Maya property and BMW car…yuk yuk?….this mahan people don’t had self respect??…always zidy with her things..all came in maya car to punish her.???..cant they go back to their scooty,taxi life when they don’t want maya.?? double standards.??,they deserves Maya anger,any way waiting for future story ?
    Love you Maya ?❤

    1. Same to you stupid

  11. Maya and Arjun best pair saanjh just clueless character she wants to win against Maya at any cost and her acting so childish ..once your best friend married then you need to stay away from them but sanjh doing too much definitely in real life every one will slap saanjh..serial will end up with Maya Arjun unite or Maya die Arjun should kept alone living rich life but will never marry saanjh

    1. Hahahaah ur cmnt is so funny man ???Everyone shud slap saanjh but for wht???? Just becoz she interfered btw arjun nd Maya’s maariage wht rubbish r u saying ?? maya shud hanged for she did dont forget court doesn’t see someone’s past nd then decide the decision wht crime she has done in present is much in limelight then her stupid past nd yes her whole past is yet to tell

      Arjun was also dancing wid saanjh on holi celebration dont blame saanjh all alone nd maya mixed something in thier drink md doing all rubbish drama to gain sympathy….. the bitter truth is maya doesn’t have courage to fight nd face others she simply choose the easiest option which is killing now don’t say for killing u must have courage she has fear that if some1 tell her mistakes to arjun wht vl happen so she simply kill that person no person no to truth to tell. Simple

  12. Someone plz kill useless saanjh she is total waste thinking like smart doing everything ..maya character much more matured one everyone against Maya but still she stood alone Arjun character is worst is he a kid he chosen Maya married her but still says love saanjh becoz she gave him so much of love?? Such a selfish character..if ur in a position like Maya then u will knew she s right she loved a person but he left like kid ..marriage thing is spoiled in d name of friendship…saanjh should know abt her limit but she crossed it in holli party seductive dancing with arjun made Maya irk…plz end d serial with Maya alone survive rest characters should dead everyone is selfish in their way but they tag Maya as selfish

  13. c’mon crazy people still support psycho maya….shaanjih din come into maya and arjun life its maya who came into their life ….. think how happy they were ….once maya enters, she ruined all their lives…and seriously maya din fell in love with arjun once she saw she started loving him once she saw him playing with shaanjih gt it … … poor arjun din nt realize the true love n decieved by mayas beauty and moneyy….. but his feeling fr shaanjih has nt changed ….. and finally he realized but wat shaanjih did was rite….thanks fr nt accepting his proposal..

  14. Stupid crap episode as usual.
    Writers dont have common sense how can maya fight her own case nd widout llb degree saanjh can coz she is lawyer how foolish is that maya bina kisi degree ke apna case kaise ladh sakti h nd maya is so dumb to say that dont she know that u cant fight a case until u have degree of llb. Maya is showing attitude like uske baap ka court h she is criminal she is not even guilty for wht she has done. Its gud that maya has signed those divorce papers maya thinks that she is too smart to be fooled by others but there r people who can fool her nd usse kaam bhi nikalwa sakta h want maya to die nd dont want sajun to be united they shud remain frnds waiting for today’s ep dont know wht jhanvi vl say.

  15. Maya didn’t fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a daughter? Hark who’s talking! The same woman who failed epically at being a good mother and a responsible social being. It amazes me to think that she’s got no scruples in standing up for saanjh to a “dangerous” Maya who’ve literally got the life of saanjh in her fingertips yet was unaccountably a weak and pathetic woman in front of her husband while he tortured and abused their own child from childhood through her adulthood which quite literally continued till his death.

    That bit about you not showing and teaching Maya what’s right and wrong is absolutely correct Mrs. Mehrotra. You didn’t teach her anything worth a damn. It’s actually a wonder that Maya turned out even like this despite her shoddy upbringing. Seriously! Yes I agree that Maya tried to kill you, that too twice. But you’re conveniently forgetting about the other umpteen times when Maya tried to protect you and save you from that scumbag of your husband. The times she acted out of love for you without even sparing a thought about her own safety.
    Yes Maya did change after that. But the truth is you didn’t do a darn about helping her getting better and slaying her demons. You’re very big on standing up for your new daughter now but where the hell were you when your 9 year old daughter needed you the most? Sleeping off the hangover from the alcohol that you consumed as a means to escape your ill fate rather than finding a way to help your child and yourself?

    You’ve got some nerve for accusing Maya of not being a good daughter.
    Yes Maya erred and she deserved those slaps but so not from you. You lost that right the moment you abandoned your daughter and submitted to that jerk who goes by the name ashwin. If you’ve (even tried to) protected Maya as any loving mother would, even if she’s in no physical condition in doing so, and her husband is a dangerous goon, if you’ve stood by your kid’s side whenever he tried to terrorise her and prey on her fear, if in spite of all these efforts from your side Maya still choose to be bad and intentionally tried to hurt saanjh and others then I’d have applauded you for punishing Maya and calling her out on her mistakes. But as it is, that’s so not the case. With this recent outburst you just proved that you’re in fact nothing but a hypocrite who didn’t deserve to be called as a mother or a good human being for that matter. Shame on you jaanvi. Actually couldn’t expect anything less from a woman who still loves her so-called husband who tried to kill her and their daughter in multiple occasions and still waiting to avenge him. Anyway nice to know your fricking pov after having been on the wheelchair for a long period of time. Keep going jaanvi.

    1. Uhh calm down dude. We still don’t know what her past was exactly like. Ever wonder why Ashwin tortured Maya? It can’t be just for fun. Taking Janvi into account, think about the fact that she realizes what’s right and what’s wrong. Don’t just conclude anything based on the tiniest bit of information given. Whatever we know about her past is what Maya has dictated, which means it’s only from her point of view. And until now it’s been made clear that Maya has fooled people into thinking something that’s not true. She fooled everyone into thinking Arjun hit her, fooled the mental asylum girl, watchman, neighbor with fake stories. So I wouldn’t assume her past story is true either. Yeah I agree it’s partially true – we did see Ashwin come to Maya’s house and scare her. But that’s not enough.. we still don’t know what truth/secret he was going to reveal about Maya? Also Janvi has told Maya that she should’ve told everything to Arjun not just half truth. Keep that in mind before assuming anything.

    2. Okay. I’ve calmed down.. I suppose. So you say jaanvi is not at fault. Well that’s your opinion. And just like you are, I’m entitled to my opinion too. Let it be.
      And I have to agree, Maya is wrong in many aspects. But then so are the others. It doesn’t hurt you know, to admit that others have also erred. I love Maya and really want her redemption. But that doesn’t hold me back just like the other Maya lovers, from agreeing that she’s done wrong. We never say Maya is a saint and every fault lies with others. But we do say others are also at fault. There’s a difference. Whatever happened, along with Maya the others are also responsible.

      And yes Maya tried to make others believe that arjun tortured her. But we never saw Maya actually thinking about arjun hurting her or physically abusing her. No, not really. What we’ve seen was Maya trying to manipulate them into thinking that arjun was hurting her; convince those people that arjun was an abusive husband. But with ashwin we were actually shown Maya reliving her past; ashwin torturing her when she was a little girl. Those times she was not trying to convince someone that her father was a bad person. From the earlier episodes itself she’s shown reminiscing his cruelties in the privateness of her own room or so. And there were no audience at those times which totally negates the possibility of Maya just putting on a show to fool someone.

      And why do you feel like ashwin was not doing it for just fun? He was doing it for some sort of sadistic pleasure. He was always gleefully looking at her whenever she collapses from a panic attack. And do you really believe that a man, who was terrorising his daughter and blackmailing his wife for money, and who tried to kill them both not once, but on multiple occasions was actually an innocent who got trapped by Maya?!

      And don’t forget that jaanvi would’ve been the murderer of ashwin had everything gone according to her plan. She was the one who decided ashwin had done enough damage and that he should be killed soon. If she hadn’t let herself be fooled by his words as usual, she’d have finished him off then. But at last she didn’t kill him and when she knew it was Maya behind the murder she suddenly wanted to avenge ashwin! I mean, what the hell was that supposed to mean? Now she’s all like ashwin was a saint and Maya terribly wronged by killing such an innocent and loving father and loving husband!

      And about the murder of Mansi. Yes this is the first actual cruel thing she has done. Killing an innocent girl who had nothing to do with Maya. She killed her entirely out of selfish reasons and Maya is WRONG here. But Maya being wrong won’t automatically make all the others right or excuse them of their mistakes. Nobody is perfect in this show.

    3. It’s funny how you say that Maya is wrong, but then you say others are wrong too. Bruh I know no one’s perfect but the level of errors Maya has made compared to others is damn high. How other characters (talking about Saanjh and her family and Arjun’s family) have been is called normal like every other normal human being. The point here is that Maya is extreme whereas other characters (refer to Saanjh and Arjun and their families) have been just normal human beings who responded to the extremities of Maya. It’s so simple dude. Before Maya came in their lives, none of them were negative but just common middle class people who were happy in their own little lives. The way you’re blaming other characters is as if they all were waiting and planning to ruin Maya baby since their birth. Like come on, the only people who can be “blamed” for Maya’s condition are her parents and I said earlier too that she was only her parents’ responsibility. Talking about Maya’s past, I never said Janvi is not at fault, in fact I’m not making any assumption. I just laid out the possibilities there could be and we shouldn’t just assume based on little to no legit information. And did you just say that killing Mansi was the “first actual cruel thing Maya has done”???!!!! Wtf dude her list of crimes is long and you just find this one to be cruel? Hmm let’s see my husband’s mother isn’t accepting me (because she knows how dangerous I am) so instead of giving it time and handling the matter by communicating maturely with my husband and his mother, I’ll just kill her. Oh and my husband’s brother who has done nothing to harm me and came to rescue his brother who I had tied up and locked in a room, let me trap him in a false assault case and ruin his entire damn life. But oh no I’m not a cruel person, I’m just a poor little girl with whom everyone has always been mean to…… slow claps for you…

    4. Gawd! You’re entirely missing the point. I don’t understand why Maya being wrong makes others right. Yes yes Maya has done her fair share of mistakes. But how’ll that excuse others from theirs? Okay. Maybe I worded that last sentence incorrectly. Lemme rephrase it. Killing Mansi is the first time Maya acted entirely out of selfish motives and the cruelest thing she has ever done. Yes Maya is an extreme character thanks to her tragic childhood. She was like that from a small age. And it’s not like she actually got good upbringing or anything. She practically had no idea about how to handle relationships. But despite that she tried to blend into her new family. Tried her maximum. Those first days of marriage shows her struggles. And she’d have continued like that if it weren’t for her MIL. vandana was constantly trying to separate the newly wedded couple. Finally when Maya separated vandana and arjun, it was not to spite her but it was resulted from the fear that vandana will succeed in her mission.

      And oh you cannot call ayaan “innocent”. You just can’t. If he wanted to rescue his goddamn brother, he could’ve simply went for the door and just opened it with his strength in case it was locked. But no! Our little hero wanted to play hide and seek with his bhabhi and couldn’t stop himself even when her dress was torn. Under no circumstances ayaan is right. He literally molested Maya, she made it into look like a rape attempt. Again, Maya was not the one to tear the dress.

      And if she just wanted to kill off everyone whom she considered as an obstacle, saanjh would’ve been the one to die first. I’ve said before, I’ll say again. Until this recent episode with Samay, Maya never did anything serious to harm saanjh intentionally.
      And it was not just a simple case of saas-bahu drama or fight going on with vandana and Maya. It was much more serious. She never even tried to give a chance to Maya. From the moment she stepped into the house she was blaming Maya for each and every silly thing. Remember her foot got injured while stepping into the house for the first time after marriage due to the broken glass piece. I seriously don’t get how’s that Maya’s mistake. The glass piece was in vandana’s house, she didn’t clean it well. Maya, like every normal human being when stepped into it broke her skin and started to bleed. But again she somehow wanted to make it Maya’s fault. But if she was just being bad to her Maya would’ve endured all this silently. But vandana was not satisfied with just taunting and generally making her life hell. She wanted to separate them and she voiced her intentions and clearly too. So yes if there’s one thing Maya wouldn’t allow its losing arjun. But even then she didn’t do anything to physically harm vandana as a retaliation for making her suffer. She just separated her and arjun.
      But she killed vandana not because she was mean to her but because she firmly believed vandana was responsible for the stillbirth. In her eyes she was avenging her baby.

      So you couldn’t say Maya, without giving a chance to clear the simple misunderstandings killed her MIL because she was mean to her, and also trapped her innocent devar who just happened to be trying to save his bhai, and who did nothing to trouble her. Because that’s not what happened.

    5. Ayaan tore her dress why?? Because your dear Maya hid the door keys in her damn dress. He was fighting her to get the keys from her and in that he happened to tear her dress (unintentionally). Get your facts right dude. And you’re not getting the whole point here. You say that Maya being wrong doesn’t make others right. Okay what is that supposed to even mean? Just look at the whole picture for god’s sake. Maya has committed numerous crimes that are just unacceptable. Justice system doesn’t excuse a criminal because of their personal issues, which in this case you’re blaming all other characters. No one put a gun on Maya’s head and told her to go on a killing spree. If Vandana was being a b*t*h to her then she could’ve talked it out rather than creating drama. If you’re saying that other characters somehow pushed Maya to act extremely, then that means that if your neighbor will steal money from your house then instead of taking proper action (reporting them to the police and let them handle the case the right way), you’ll go and steal their double money and even kidnap their child. What I’m trying to say here is that other characters weren’t being all psycho and manipulative and criminal as compared to Maya. Coming back to Ayan’s case, the whole tearing the dress stuff wouldn’t have happened if Maya hadn’t made Arjun unconscious and locked him up in the first place. It’s not like he just went to her and tore her dress for fun. Also don’t bring double standards here. If Maya was a man not a woman, anybody in Ayan’s place would’ve beat him up. If Ayan was a woman not a man and Maya was a man, then again you would blame the man here and say Ayan was not at fault. At that time what Maya was doing was wrong to the core and Maya took advantage of the fact that she’s a woman and that’s why the whole world believed her blindly. Deal with a person like this in real life and you’ll get sick of their games no matter what your relation is with them.

    6. Oh dear! I’ve said before. I never justified Maya and said what she did was right. I just say what situations led her to do it. Not using that situations or circumstances to defend her. When I feel like people are only concentrating on her mistakes without thinking about what might’ve made her to commit the same, I just try to put forth my views in her perspective. So no. I’ll never advise to follow your example about breaking in your neighbour’s house to get back at them.

      What Maya did was extreme. But again she was always like that. Remember the time when she simply went into the ocean to wash off the cake on her face which was smeared by arjun and him commenting about her being weird and strange. That time also she could’ve simply washed it in the office itself. But she chose the extreme. Why, because she’s not normal. And this extremeness was extended to her all other activities like dealing with other aspects of life.
      So just like she wouldn’t opt to drown in the ocean to wash her face if she were normal, she wouldn’t have taken all the other extreme steps too. But still doesn’t make her right. If drowning in the ocean holds the threat of killing herself, which is a crime in itself, killing others are also crime be it in self defense, revenge or anything else.
      So again I was simply trying to understand what led Maya into doing this and explaining the circumstances which led to it.

      It was never my intention to say whatever Maya done was the only thing which could’ve been done at that situation.
      Still that doesn’t make ayaan innocent. I’ve said that before. And I’ll say so any day. See if Maya were a man there’s a difference. If ayaan beat the hell out of Maya nobody would say anything. A lot of heroes have already used this cliche dialogue of how they’re gonna spare a person despite their cruel acts only because they’re female. Any self respecting man will do the same. They wouldn’t pick on those who are weaker than them. And Maya definitely was weaker and not fit or in a condition to physically deal with ayaan.

      And yes Maya did hide the key in her dress. So what. He had the strength to go after her and tear her dress but was strangely not strong enough to break the door or something. If she had thrown the key away though the window, would he still go outside and search for it? What, is he such a gentleman who wouldn’t think twice about tearing a girl’s dress but will never open a door without a key? Afraid of causing damage to bhabhi’s house by destroying the door and causing a bad impression? Wow ayaan, how chivalrous of you!
      Even if Maya hide that key in her dress but ayaan chose to open the door by breaking it, how would Maya be able to trap him? There’ll be no cctv visuals showing him chasing her and tearing her dress. In a way he was digging his own grave. Even if the dress tore accidentally he could’ve stopped right there. Because whatever happened Maya was still a woman and his bhabhi. But he didn’t stop there and still gone after her. But of course, if Maya was a man the story would be different. But as it is, I believe no-one should touch a woman’s body no matter however cruel or evil the woman is, without her consent. And ayaan just did that. Sorry to break it to you, that’s still molesting.
      But this is not to say what Maya did was right. False rape cases are a serious issue in our country. Women often frame unsuspecting men in cases. And it’ll adversely affect the real rape victims too. So I resent beyhadh showing a classic example of framing the rape as it may be a bad influence for the society. It may give ideas for women waiting for a perfect revenge and brings the additional danger of looking down upon actual victims.

      But like I said earlier, Maya being wrong doesn’t mean ayaan is right and vice versa.ayaan had every options to avoid this situation. But since he opted to attack Maya instead of going straight for the door, things were easy for Maya to frame him. Both are at fault.

      And we’ve already established that Maya is extreme. But what about your so-called normal characters. Have they did the right thing to do, the normal things? Tried to discuss matters maturely? Did vandana ask arjun to get Maya medical help because she thought Maya is mental? What about saanjh,ayaan.. you expect an abnormal Maya to do the normal thing and behave but cut slack for other normal characters. Well talk about double standards! To her credit Maya at least TRIED to do the right thing. She tried to change herself.

  16. Yeh comedy drama ban gayi hai yaar.episode starts with a big comedy scene.’saanj thodi swabhimani ladki hai arjun’??.really????finally,saanj realised Arjun is maya’s husband.but too late are going to die for what you did?.does anybody know where is that pooja now?another name added in maya’s list.?why don’t anyone do anything directly.cheaters?’……mera naam karab math kijiye.tu pehle se hi itna characterless hai Arjun.finally maya’s bossy attitude is back.that style and casual I think pooja got sign in maya’s divorce papers and guys in season 2 (after this month) revenge track’ll start.again Maya has planned something to trap Arjun.upcoming twist

    1. Fir se wohi track revenge track seriously directors can’t stretch serial for 1 year repeating same track again nd again boring…..

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