Beyhadh 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Arjun Rescues Saanjh

Beyhadh 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun tells Suman that whole hospital staff is with him and they have told his operation will take 2 hours. He knows Maya will come to see him, so she has sleep on OT bed in her place. Maya rushes into OT and peeping from door cries all this happened because of her. Ayan with Shubh watches her and hopes Arjun finds Saanjh soon before this chudail Maya finds truth. Arjun searches Saanjh’s location and finds it. Saanjh tied in Ganesh Idol making factory prays god send Arjun soon. Maya tries to walk into OT and panics. Nurses stop her. Suman on OT bed asks doc to lengthen operation for some more time. Shubh asks Ayan to stop mad Maya, else Arjun’s plan will fail. Ayan asks Maya to come into her senses and takes her away.

Arjun reaches place according to Saanjh’s clue near Ganesh ji’s idol making factory and asks man where is #101 house. Man says here it is just names. He asks about plots. Man says this is #101 plot. Arjun walks in and sees someone painting idols. He reminisces Saanjh sneezing and Suman informing Saanjh is allergic to paints. He walks further and prays ganapati bappa to show him a way. He sees a suspicious goon looking man walking suspiciously and follows him.

Maya continues panicking and Ayan tries to control her. Shubh says last year Ayan was also operated and docs did not let anyone meet him for 2 hours. Maya continues peeping into door and sees Suman’s face. She angrily holds Ayan’s neck and warns here is Arjun. She enters OT forcefully and holds Suman’s throat and asks where is Arjun, more they Delay, Saanjh will be punished more.

Arjun follows goon and reaches Saanjh’s hidden venue. He holds goon’s neck and asks where is Saanjh. He sees Saanjh tied to a chair and fights with goons He beats them all and saves Saanjh. Saanjh pushes him and runs. Arjun runs behind her.

Maya continues troubling Suman. Suman pleads to spare Saanjh. Ayan says nothing will happen to Saanjh as Arjun has gone to save her. Maya shouts they will not change. She calls her goon who informs that Saanjh escaped. She asks if Arjun was with her. He says yes, they both ran away together. Maya walks out warning she will not spare them.

Saanjh continues running away from Arjun and asks not to come near her. She runs on roof top. He holds her. She says he held his hand, she does not need anything, he should go now. Arjun says he will not go away from her. She says if she does not thinking wisely, she will go away from him forever. He asks what is she telling. Maya drives car thinking she will unite with Arjun only after killing Saanjh, she is coming to kill Saanjh.

Precap: Saanjh shows bombs around her waist and says she will die for sure, but will let him die. She pushes him and falls from roof top.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Angelk1

    Omg saanj, dont do it. Now arjun will regret this for the rest Of his life. If he survive

  2. Pranav

    I like the maya in season 1. Just introduce another character

  3. Can some one please explain to me
    1) maya has killed so many people still she is free.
    2)they show arjun so brave .. but not when he with maya
    3) maya back from the dead.. no case
    4) whose runnning mayas business seeing that both arjun and maya never go office
    5) maya supposed to be *crazy* but plans eveything

    1. I agree wid u last point maya is crazy but she plans evrything better then normal people nd normal act like crazy

      Directors writers r also gone mad dont know wht vl they show till oct.

  4. woww so excited arjun is going to propose saanjh Maya chapter ends

    1. Beyhadh is Maya show,her chapter will never end,yes Arjun proposed saanjh,but maximum just for glimpse…if sajun is final ,cvs will change ArYa montage to sajun montage.anyway this week totally sajun scenes,enjoy sajun fans

    2. yes stupidmaya final done

  5. For Jennifer fans good news,,jenny new serial will start in colours channel…Serial name is “ADHURA ALVIDA” which was also produced by cinivistas and same beyhadh technical team with Harshad chopad and shebnam Azim as new leads for Jennifer and she plays a passionate lover living in dreams of her death husband and how her world changed with entrance of Harshad chopad in her life as intense passionate loving partner in her life.????

    1. Wow that’s great

    2. KS its old news u r too late……

    3. Oh really then why did you not informed full information about this news ?..? ,til yesterday they didn’t released exclusive pics,yesterday they released,you didn’t inform Na,so stay away kiddo?…

    4. Why wud i inform about this news mujhe nhi laga to share this information nd pls u want that whatever one get information about beyhadh nd other characters it is compulsaory to share it oh ks………..

    5. ks u r too budhuu the pics all tv channels r showing r fake they r of jenny’s old shows. Cant u see the diff. btw how jen look 3-4 yrs back nd how she look now nd that hero is not harshad chopad also nd some r saying that the shows name is not decided yet
      U r too foolish LOL………

    6. It seems you are sleeping,oh lol even sbs segment released pics ??,you are big fool still you didn’t saw pics but you gave budhu reaction on my comments ??..don’t say this video&pics also old…????wakeup foolish…lol…

    7. When it’s not compulsory for you,just stay away,don’t give foolish response on my comments.

    8. see dont wanna fight wid guy type of u so stay away nd chill man have courage to face all jokes on u rather then epeating same good nite

    9. First you reacted overly crossed ur limit,you lose ur courage,again you are giving gyan…&,who are u man to make jokes on me,just stay away,not interested to fight with you.

    10. i didnt gave foolish response dont foget that even ur “SBS SEGMENTS” can be wrong the pics can be old dont wanna carry on wid this stupid topic if u wanna continue carry on man..

  6. Another thing surprises me about Maya is How is it she known all the goons….
    Is Saamy coming back from the dead again…..
    Is Ashwin alive????????????
    And when is Janvi going to start talking ???
    Where is Mayas neighbour????

  7. I really don’t care about Maya as she’s not going to be with arjun at all

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