Beyhadh 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lawyer Pooja addresses judge that Arjun and Saanjh killed Maya for her money. Saanjh says this is lie. Arjun’s lawyer says Maya was behind Arjun and proposed him on hot air balloon and took new photographer Arjun to Mauritius for a photo shoot. Pooja says Arjun is not that handsome that Maya will propose him. She continues alleging Arjun and calls Maya’s ex-secretary who comes into witness box and gives statement against Arjun that he told he married Maya for money. Arjun says he was joking and working with him so long does not she realize is jokes.

Pooja then calls peon Ram Prasad who tells Arjun always used to come with Saanjh and go with Saanjh. He reminisces Saanjh and Maya having food together and hugging, etc. Arjun says he and Saanjh are each other’s support, Saanjh was in depression after her papa’s death. Ram Prasad says so much that they were intimate once. Arjun says Saanjh was consoling him after he lost his child due to Maya.

Pooja says Saanjh forced Maya to abort her first child. Saanjh says Maya was never pregnant at all and Arjun reminisces Maya confessing that she faked her first pregnancy to keep Arjun away from Saanjh. Pooja shows medical reports. She then says Maya was never mad and calls mental asylum doctor who says he did not see an intelligent girl like Maya in his life and she underwent treatment for depression. She was mad, but for her husband and was waiting for him to come and take her, but he never came till 6 months.

Saanjh tells she wants to tell something. Judge asks to come into witness box and speak. Saanjh enters witness box and says Maya killed her father, her baby, my father via her aide Samay, Vandana aunty, trapped Ayan in rape case and even tried to kill him. Pooja yells all these are baseless allegations, then why did she try to destroy evidence. She calls inspector Ranveer who says he knew Saanjh would try to do some something, so he went to Maya’s house and caught her trying to destroy evidence. Arjun’s lawyer says his client is being trapped in false allegations.

Pooja then calls Shruti into witness box. Arjun says he is seeing her only since 2 days. Pooja says she is Maya’s close friend since years and Maya used to write letter to her from mental asylum. Pooja continues her allegations and provokes Arjun that he is so angry when his friend Saanjh, sorry mistress is alleged. Arjun angry tries to slap her, but stops. Pooja continues that that he did not mind trying to slap a woman with just small allegations, how he must have tortured Maya. She continues her drama.

Precap: Judge addresses that after hearing all witnesses and proofs, it is proved that Arjun killed Maya, so he should be hanged till death.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Worst episode ever had seen in this serial..
    This is not fair. Here every time innocent will get punish.
    I really regret myself watching and keeping hope on this

  2. Angelk1

    Wow pooja girl is annoying. Poor saanj, Maya has ruined everything for Arjun. All this she planned it perfectly, it makes one believe she had eyes on Arjuna from the start before making her move. An I’ve said this before too, she’s a psycho an a con artist.

  3. diehardbeyhadhfan

    Wish aneri could learn actng skills from this new lawyer Pooja… She’s just playing her role with so much perfection… Aneri was over acting during ayans rape trial….

    Anyway coming to the serial… I’m not against any of the witnesses.. be it the doc or Maya’s friend it maid etc… Coz they are just telling wat evera maya made them to believe.. even the doc is telling the truth.. maya was never insane. Period

    . She is doing everything with all her hosh o awaaz not due to mental illness
    . Like a true criminal with all planning and schemeing…. Mental patients commit crimes impulsively coz the part of their brain that controls actions and emotions is dysfunctional….. But this woman plots n schemes over a course of three years…. She’s a cold blooded criminal n deserves death penalty…..

    1. The Dark Hunter

      In terms of acting yes aneri is not at the bar yet but it is understandable too she is much you ger than jennifer and still has much to learn in expression.

      Coming to episode…

      Its sad that saajun is being shown in such a way yet they are poropogating it as friendship, it does put insult to friendship by such close proximity especially after marriage. He seemed to not consider his wife’s condition in asylum while he was with saanjh which was wrong, maya did all these things as a back up in the instance that arjun betrays her or goes away, and its understandable as she has always been abused and used and so the one person she loved most she will want to hurt most if they betray that trust. you may say she had no trust but she actually did evident in late season 1 dialogues post her pushing jhanvi. Subsequent events of saajun built up mistrust especially late night bar scene and holid PDA which most found unhealthy in name of friendship, and if drunkeness justifies that then it also justifies arjun saying he married her for money and ayan assaulting maya when drunk even if for a different purpose than what was condemned. Saajun relation is definitely unhealthy; fone if they were friends without any other relations but totallybtoxic when paired with a external marital relation, such two relations cannot co-exist else one will destroy the other, and that has happened. So i deeply condemn this telationship for what it did psychologically to an already insecure and hurt maya who had experienced pain and betrayal b4 arjun and couldnt stand seeing him join the list, she loves him beyhadh, so either she gives him the stars, or she will drag him to the pits of hell if she is betrayed she isnt bad she is extreme, and we know why.

      Coming to the issue of being mentally ill or evil…

      Maya can be mentally ill as well. Schizpphrenia and sociopathy are mental illness but are difficult to realise as the affected people can usually be high class extremely intelligent people, because they are able to manipulate and change the world around them based on their own perceptions of the world which can differ drastically from our social norm. This is not to say they are bad people or wrong, else all people who think differently e.g. Galileo, enstein etc were all called crazy and stupid when they were actually revolutionary minds! Us people need to realise mental illness does npt always mean spmething negative, but can be turned negative by foul treatment from prejudiced others. Maya is a similar case. She is a brilliant mind but was also a tortured child within wanting peace. If one is taught from childhood that manipulation and cruelty aid survival they will grow and propogate such beliefs which will make them social outsiders. This doesnt mean they are bad people, just unfortunate that their brilliance is wasted on the wrong things. So maya haters calling her evil and a schemer, plz think of her story till now and why she does what she does. Look beyond the black and white of the world and see the grey space between, then maybe just maybe you may find a new perspective, maybe not to love maya but at least understand her.

      Thats all i have 4 today, stay safe and take care guys
      maya ❤️❤️

    2. The Dark Hunter

      Apologies for spelling errors i am famous for those and typing fast leaves no prisoners ??

    3. diehardbeyhadhfan

      I’m was a mental distress patient myself…. I was battling post partum depression in it’s most severe form after birth of my child…

      I know at times we loose it and go out of control…. But that is in rage wen we triggered. Although we can still control our limbs from executing out the bad actions even in those moment trust me..

      But then like I explained to my friend dreamyeyes… There are times u feel back to ur self and normal too.. n it is in those moments u plan an scheme calmly… On how to deal with ur weak moments that is.. not like how our maya is scheming… U make a strategy and a routine… On how u gonna walk out of bad situations…. U communicate to people around u as to wat they can do to help u… But maya is only using her calm time to plan n scheme worst of things… She’s insane even where there s no reason to be insane… Did she forget arjun was with her n wanted to help her so why all this???

      Anyway I respect all the mentally ill mentally physically handicapped people who accept their weakness but use theirr superhuman potential in every other strenght of theirs… But my lady maya has confronted her weakness many times…. But has she used her intellect that she is gifted with n fight her weakness and come out as a winner????? She’s just using mental illness as an excuse rather…..

    4. diehardbeyhadhfan

      My point in brief is.. she can use the same intellect and power that she’s using right now.. in working over her weaknesses instead…in fighting her mental illness.. if at all she has that is….

  4. I do not know how can a Person like MAYA to be born in this world. Nobody can be like MAYA… Beyhadh always made me glue to Watch the episode and i become restless weekends of what would happen next… The most exciting factor about the serial is it unpredictable… I watch many thriller and suspense serials be it English are my favorite but its first time in Hindi such as serial being telecast… Hats off to Maya… but apart from Maya character i really like Sanajh also… In this serial women characters are strong and determined… if Maya is full of negativity then Sanajh & Arjun combo are full of positivity… I feel even though they both are going tough time but isn’t it life were everything is unpredictable… we all goes tough time being Maya also gone rough time… we can’t be bias… Frankly speaking the thought process of Maya is too ahead from others…

    Jahan sab ka hadh khatam hota wahi se Maya ka hadh shuru hota hai… Nobody might have thought so much as MAYA I felt past few episodes… The moment she died when everything is over but still maya is there in everywhere… and has presence still in Arjun’s life… Even Death of Maya can’t separate her from Arjun… Scriptwriter I think this might be your best script ever developed by you… Hats off…

    1. Hats off to the script writers for conveniently incorporating the story of gone girl.. to fit this track wat all did they have to screw up in a potentially unique storyline.. n that takes a lot of effort doesn’t it. well we’ll…. I’m taking a sneak peak into this forum after a long time… Nice to see some old fan base of Maya…. But me on the other hand as usual watching this show for the thrill without any emotional strings attached to the Characters. Hope u guys have a great time. See ya!!

  5. Beyhadh boring since 3 days … maya ne toh game/ story or interest sab kuch hi khatam kar di hai …?

  6. What a disgusting drama!!! This show is becoming sooooo very intolerable day by day…when do we get to see the positive side of it. Ufff everyone is dancing on Maya’s tunes…she is such a ********** . I don’t know I ran out of words for such a girl!!! And yes this Pooja is soooo annoying and probably doing her part to prove Maya innocent but when are the writers gonna put an end to this shit!!! This is absolutely NONSENSE drama on a he television.

  7. awesome maya.. I hope saanjh too gets tangled in such a way that she gets called characterless.

  8. Archi406

    I have nothing against Maya or Saanjh… it may seem like I am against Maya but I am not. All of the actors play their role very well. But I want to know… What type of people are you??

    At first you guys say that Maya is the best for Arjun and then start criticizing Saanjh.
    In the beginning all of the problems are becuase of Saanjh. It is always Saanjh. From the beginning I knew Maya was not right for Arjun from the start and I had hoped that Arjun would get married to Saanjh. At the beginning you say how possessive Maya got of Arjun and you say how Maya has started to create problems in Arjun and Saanjh’s friendship but you guys said that Saanjh deserved it… why?… because you don’t like her as a actress or you don’t like her character… but when it comes to Maya all of you are saying I love Maya but even after seeing her be a negative character you guys support her, but now all of the sudden you guys say I have Maya… But then when it comes to Saanjh it is that she has poor acting skills, why don’t you think about this… is Saanjh’s character that way? Is this how the story makers want her character to be? Is this how Saanjh’s personality is? You have to think about the others things… not always judging people about their acting skills. They are professionals and compared to you they are way better and they have better skills than you have. You guys always supported Maya even when you knew that she is a psycho and you only supported her becuase she is Jennifer Winget, and you don’t support Saanjh because she is played by Aneri Vajani. You guys should look beyond who is playing for what character.

    1. tania-the fairy

      I must say Archi, uhave given maya lover a tight fit answer .I m not supporting any of charecter here.but when beyhadh was trp topper we can see that how it has given all the lead charecter equally importance.but after marrige there was just maya nd her evilness winning.saanjh tried so much to bring her truth but could not .they showed saanjh just a supporting rule nothing else.
      Thats why everyone begain to criticise saanjh that she could not bring maya s truth many times.
      Its not saanjh s mistake its writter s who didnt gave much importance to her rule.
      saanjh could do better if the writter want.

    2. diehardbeyhadhfan

      As aneri and Jenny as actors.. let’s admit Jenny is much better coz she’s more experienced and seasoned.. I’m sure others may differ from my point of view no offense… All have rights to comment wat they feel that’s wat the forum is made for…..yes we are not Good as aneri in our acting skills coz we are not actors here but good in our professions and open for genuine feedbacks to improve our weaknesses n strive to be better n I’m sure even aneri would be happy to receive some feedback.. So relax…

      As saanjh and Maya as fictional Characters.. people have their reasons to hate n like saanj n Maya… As far as I notice, Maya supporters see her as a mental patients with traumatized past that’s why maybe empathiize with her not coz it’s played by Jenny.. n if can read their messages ith some maturity u’ll get the point…. I personally hate Maya for the reasons stated above n don support saanjh totally too coz she has her flaws…

      So relax and stop getting over senti.. enjoy the show it’s for pure entertainment purpose…

  9. Nice episode ?,im missing my Maya,and I like lawyer pooja??,she slay it,&i knew pooja,watchman,shruti,cook,maya dairy all lies,but i will agree with peon ram Prasad,PA Riya,Doctor.
    *Riya said arjun loved Maya’s money as he himself said that,Arjun said it was joke.poor Arjun thought its any chatter to say every time with all.
    *We know MAYA is the most smartness girl & today the doctor himself told the same!!maya is not mental she is more intelligent& unique,but she is depression patient.
    *even ram prasad, the office peon noticed that sajun friendship isn’t normal.sane Arjun thrown file at Ramprasad for seeing sajun in compromising hug position..Even the office people thought there is something abnormal relationship between sajun ,I thought somehow arjun is innocent, Maya was in mental hospital,i thought he stayed alone,but no sajun were having moments in office too,now Arjun deserve this punishment by Maya is psycho, But these so called positive characters are no saints either.
    Sajun fools thought Maya will not see,.that’s why maya was so angry she khow everything’s when she was in mental asylum.
    Although Maya is strict with her employees,but they all loves Maya& loyal to her.?
    Best dialogue of pooja to saanjh:-” it’s easy to call someone mad but no one feel how they feel.??
    anyway waiting for next episode ?
    Love you Maya ❤ ?

    1. To maya It’s easy to kill someone but no one feel the pain how they feel. When maya kill many those family members also suffer a lot. in fact, she is the reason to kill prem uncle, did she know how much pain a family and a daughter been through??? No, ‘cos she don’t know what is father’s love what is the relation between father & daughter.
      she can kill any one; there will be no punishment for her. what’s wrong with Arjun he didn’t kill maya even though he sentenced as guilty. insane!! Challo will consider Arjun married maya only ‘cos of her property. FYI in marriage there is a fire incident happened all stepped down from mandap she alone sitting crazily and said Arjun will marry now and got married. (who ask her to marry in that state? huh?? ) she got a chance she can leave him but nah she want to see Arjun in pain, ‘cos to maya love is also a business which can snatch. if not destroy their life. Maya had got ‘n’ number of chances to break her relation. but she didn’t do in fact she created a fake story and pretended that some thing is happening with her. b*t*h characterless lady. she is shame to call her as woman.
      When she is mentally strong, why she has to behave as if her mental state is not well. in court scene and every where, her BGM I hate to the core. such crap doesn’t deserve to be in world.

    2. Oh piya,you people didn’t considered maya goodness,want ArYa separation,then how I will expect you people will accept her&her bad deeds,even if she did not did,you people will create new.samay killed prem,but still balme on Maya,If Saanjh killed Ashwin & Samay to save Arjun, she’s god&pure love on Arjun.But when Maya does to protect Arjun,she’s psycho killer,my foot….anyway I knew story no need to remind all.enjoy it chill

    3. How stipid ks Maya is mad and u suport maya u are also same Character

    4. Oh really jk,where your character went,.?? same to you ?

    5. Oh ks calling someone mistress is rite???

      Anyways guys think once maya did 4 murders still she got no punishment no police custody no one is that much smart to escape police nd punishment from court nd u guys r happy that arjun is getting punishment for those who think arjun vl get punished i wanna tell u guys that no he vl get saved i dont know how but then he vl propose saanjh for marriage just want to see that lawyer pooja losing the case arjuns lawyer is so dumb he doesnt know wht to say

      Dont know how much maya had paid to her staff shruti nd pooja to lie pooja is so flying high the day she vl loose the case she vl get a tight slap on her face nd shruti none has seeing her before even arjun cmon guys arjun was living there for more than 3 yrs nd he him self hasnt seen her foolish writer

    6. Oh evil,did you forgot Ayaan fake rape case time how saanjh trapped humiliated ArYa relationship in court rather than prove Ayaan innocent(which Arjun shared personal matter as friend to saanjh,),now cvs shown saanjh,&i knew you people will not consider sajun unhealthy relation scenes in office,will target on Maya,& my maya suffered more to get her right company,she established company wit hard work,but stupid arjun made saanjh to sit in Maya’s chair in her absence,this people don’t like Maya but didn’t left company or maya home,having fun with Maya property,this people don’t had any self respect,hell with sajun….i dont care if he married saanjh and left maya don’t need any one.
      Love you Maya ❤

    7. Dis ks has some serious issue!!!u can’t support a serial killers deed…..she is a negative character!!!it’s like supporting Hannibal lecter??

    8. You are saying serial killer Na,then why over act..stay away. enjoy serial

  10. They would have questionsed then witnesses asking did u see that really or some one told u all this then the answer from everyone’s mouth will be Maya told us. So it will be proved she has planned it. I guess

  11. Bhawana Vishnoi

    Hate this becoz writer is taking this very wrong way if an innocent will be punished then noone will trust and believe in court and law

  12. Indira chatterjee

    You tube shows Maya must be return but after postmortem how could be it possible?

  13. I didnt wanted to say anything cz i really strted feeling uneasy watching the maya lovers jst tl me one thing,who gave this right to maya to try to prove a girl as ‘rakhayl’.do u guys think fr a girl this word feels very comfortable?i really dnt understand being a woman also how can this pooja girl call saanjh that cheap girl?maya was nvr blamed tht way whn arjun came to know about her and samays relation.but how could maya play with a girls dignity in this way?at frst she blackened saanjhs face,though it was not saanjhs fault.thn this ‘rakhayl’!!how could she yaar?she herself is a this means mental illness has taken away all her good??how maya can stoop this much low?ek ladki ki ijjat ko leke aisa kaise kar sakti hai woh?’rakhayl’!!as a commenter also i hv accused mayas character bt never talked this way regarding her dignity.but cvs has crossed all limits yaar.its a shame!

  14. I didnt wanted to say anything cz i really strted feeling uneasy watching the maya lovers jst tl me one thing,who gave this right to maya to try to prove a girl as ‘rakhayl’.do u guys think fr a girl this word feels very comfortable?i really dnt understand being a woman also how can this pooja girl call saanjh that cheap girl?maya was nvr blamed tht way whn arjun came to know about her and samays relation.but how could maya play with a girls dignity in this way?at frst she blackened saanjhs face,though it was not saanjhs fault.thn this ‘rakhayl’!!how could she yaar?she herself is a this means mental illness has taken away all her good??how maya can stoop this much low?ek ladki ki ijjat ko leke aisa kaise kar sakti hai woh?’rakhayl’!!as a commenter also i hv accused mayas wrong deeds bt never talked this way regarding her dignity.but cvs has crossed all limits yaar.its a shame!

  15. don’t worry guys at the end the lovely couple Sajun will be together
    arjun will never accept maya again if she comes back and am very happy seeing arjun hating Maya
    Maya’s fans are mental as Maya that’s why they are still liking Maya anyways am happy Maya is not here and wish never comeback and sajun come out from this stupid situation of stupid Maya
    Love saajun

    1. Stop using the word mental on others babe…. U have no rights…. Wat if tomorrow u meet with accident on road hit ur head n ur brain stops funtioning normally n stops to reason n u loose the ability to control ur state of mind? There are hundreds of people out there who work in NGOs and rehabilitation centres to give such people a second chance who study their past and who work on making them a better humans…. so are they all mental Ia it?????. And maya lovers maybe of that breed….. So just have a broad-minded view…..

    2. Kelly,nice example?

  16. Hey btw I’m coming across a lot of commenters who keep ranting… Truth is not getting justice Innocents are being punished etc etc…. Seriously id this how they read a suspense novel..?? Read the first page then read the last coz they want to see the killer and him being punished asap… How does a story build up..?? U have the enjoy the thrill and and the tension building up then a fruitful climax…. Else beyhadh would end in three days itself…. Lolz!!!

    1. I totally agree with you.this is like an English thriller.people should understand that.if they want melodrama watch other serial rather than critizing Maya and Maya love or beyhad fans.regarding saanj acting skill , some people are asking why people are critizing bcoz she was too bad in Nisha aur uske cousins and now also.she should improve a bit.rather than supporting make her realize that she should improve both acting and voice modulation.

  17. Again court drama?!!pooja is definitely better than saanj.mainly,she her voice.during shouting also,she maintained some calmness.I think,saanj’ll understand how it feels,when someone shouts and argues for a needless topic.she did the same in ayan’s case.I’m talking about rakhail topic.maya just tried to say to the world that arjun and saanj’s relationship is more the friendship.coz she felt like that and that’s somewhat true.even ramprasad also felt the same and definitely that’s not a friendship wala hug.arjun was consoling saanj?the person who doesn’t have the sense to understand the pain of others was consoling.and surely,saanj has no selfrespect and care for herself and for her family.prem is dead now and her family has become as a bottomless tree.then also,she was running for her so called friendship and jailed.It seems like Maya,before marriage understood that Arjun’s character doesn’t suit with her(in Malkani scenes,she lied that Arjun marries her only for money).then,why she married him??why she used her precious mind for cruel things just for the man whom she doubted since beginning?waiting for the answers.

  18. I m not sanjh or Maya lover.but here calling sanjh characterless and shameless is wrong just bcoz she is arjun ‘s frnd or arjun is hugging her to console her.everyone needs someone close in their tough time.some people here are talking like chugalkhor aunties who are always ready to point fingers at girls character.they are childhood friend.if Maya had problem with sanj and arjun’s frndship.who told her to marry arjun?and yes we also have friend and we hug to console them or when we are happy.its pretty normal.may b u don’t have that type of frnd but it doesn’t allow you to call any girl characterless or shameless.actually u want to like Maya its fine.but don’t comment like b*t*hie aunties.plz

    1. Oh Riya,I’m the (only)person who talked about that hug.u can directly tell that to me.but you……ok,who’s chugalkhor b****ie aunty now???.now I’ll explain my point.saanj and arjun are not reacting like friends.Is anybody here who’ll allow your friend to kiss you after marriage?you may Riya,but normal persons can’t do that.who can call a newly married bestfriend for dinner?and noone can dance with bestfriend in holy infront of wife.She’s definitely having love feelings for Arjun.So,that she tried to separate them instead of providing proper treatment to maya.leave Maya,why ramprasad doubted them???I haven’t pointed out all the incidents coz of lack of time.after all this,noone can trust that’s a pure that I explained that hug was not a Friendship wala hug.upbringing(only) is not deciding one’s character Riya.It’s obvious in saanj’s case.

    2. U r not only one there are some other also who are saying these thing and I kept my point as u wrote what u feel.and ramprasad is a peon for them hugging is big issue .and that was don’t react like b*t*hing aunties.means sirf hug krne k liye kisi ko characterless mat banao.maine normally sabke liye likha tha.ksi ko bich ya sl*t gali nhi di thi which people usually do here.bcoz i
      personally feel that wrong.nd second thing this is only a show dont get that much hyper for everything.yes everyone knows sanj loves arjun.but she loved him before maya came in arjun ‘s life.nd holy vala jo b scene hua tha vo maya ne un dono ka drink spike kiya tha. nd she nd ayan supported maya after marriage while vandana was against it.yes she was against maya when she come to know about her truth.nd she called arjun for planning surprise for maya and yes everyone is human here they vl do small mistakes it doesnt mean we will kill them.for u if maya is innocent it ok its your thoutht.i write what i feel.and again yaar plz its show dont get that much personal.

  19. Riya if you want triangle love and friendship story please go and watch some Hindi movie rather than expecting a thriller to do melodrama yo b****

    1. U should react after reading comment properly and dontdont use filthy language for anyone if they are not using it for will harm you not others

    2. I just said don’t talk like b*t*hing or chugalkhor aunties. Not called b*t*h to anyone.I hope u understand difference between these two words my dear angel

    3. Thanx saina

  20. It shows your upbringing keerthi that’s y u r using that type of word and by d way Maine yaha serial k bare me much nhi kaha h na hi tumhari tarah kisi ko gali di h.I just said don’t call any girl characterless just for hugging his frnd.

    1. Riya What about your upringing.what an only started using not [email protected]@@ some respect to elders.these forum s for people who is disusing about beyhadh not age.

    2. And one more thing chugalkhar or b*t*hing aunties does not mean old person we use it for anyone who always talk bad about others.

  21. So v can say b aunties but can’t call anyone directly.hahaha.thank you for making me understand saina and Riya.

    1. omg my pleasure keerthi

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