Beyhadh 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

In police station, Arjun and Ayan watch news about Maya’s murder and Arjun being proven guilty. Ayan says Maya trapped Arjun badly. Arjun says Maya was right, she is nowhere but everywhere. She is a loneliness in crowd. If leaves the world, even Arjun will not be alive. Ayan says there is no way he can get out now.

Next day, Arjun and Saanjh are brought to court room. People discuss Arjun killed Maya for her wealth. Some says here comes Arjun with his keep Saanjh. Arjun angrily stares. Inspector says there is no use of staring now. Courting hearing starts. Judge asks where is public prosecutor. A young woman enters and says sorry for late. She says sometimes to get truth out, it is better late than lost.

She starts alleging Arjun that he killed Maya for her money. Arjun says this is wrong. She says Arjun loves Saanjh and not Maya. Saanjh says this is lie. Lawyer asks judge to remind Saanjh that she is an accused here. Judge asks Saanjh to sit. Lawyer continues alleging that Arjun forced Maya to transfer her company in his name. Arjun says this is lie and tells that Maya did not want her father to take over her company, so she transferred 51% shares in his name. Lawyer calls Malkhani who tells Maya told when one has to choose between love and ethics, love wins. She will transfer all her shares in Arjun’s name as she loves him and he will not marry her until he gets company shares. He says this is wrong. She says everything is fair in love and war. Out of flashback, he alleges Saanjh that she ruined Maya’s life. Saanjh says this is lie and Maya has trapped them in biggest conspiracy. Lawyer again reminds her that she is an accused. Judge says if she comments again, he will consider it contempt of court.

Lawyer continues that Maya was pregnant and Saanjh planned to abort Maya’s baby. Arjun says this is lie, Maya was never pregnant. He reminisces the incident where Maya fakes her pregnancy. Lawyer shows Maya’s pregnancy report and asks what would he say now, he was becoming father, but Saanjh conspired to abort Maya’s baby. Saanjh says again this is lie. Lawyer asks her to come to witness box and speak.

Saanjh walks into witness box. Lawyer asks if she loves Arjun. Saanjh says a lot since childhood, but for Arjun she is just a friend. Lawyer shouts she and Arjun killed Maya together. She continues her argument.

Precap: Judge pronounces Arjun guilty in Maya’s murder case and announces Arjun to be hanged till death.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. tania-the fairy

    I want to slap maya.she made fun of love saying she loves arjun.

    Really is this a love?she has ruined everything in the name of love.her love was fake but arjun loved her .she made fun of his love.

    I really feel pity for arjun.he had made a mistake by marrying a girl like maya which leads him towards death..saanj was far better than her.

    Really want maya s punishment.

  2. tania-the fairy

    Maya was,is and will always remain one can cure him not even arjun.

    Saanjh is the best companion for arjun.
    She never leave him alone after tolerating so much insult not even then.
    Maya will die surely .And want her to die with all hatred of the pple whom she had trapped in her maya jaal.

  3. Superb court drama episode?,and I like Maya’s lawyer ?..&so its maya back up plan,i think she started this plan from 1)arjun bachelor party in pub.Arjun in drunk said he loved maya for money with his friends..Maya heard that and made this back up plan.not only one time,many times Maya heard..Poor Arjun can’t handle drinks and speak out truth and Maya heard restaurant With saanjh Holy party
    4. After 2nd leap in car
    And once Even he flirted with receptionist while talking​ to Maya over the phone,this things changed life’s.
    &maya’s lawyer dialogue with arjun-:arjun Sharma aapne ek bai ki faraz nibayi ek dost ki aur ek Bete ke nibayi…par ek pati ki Faraz nahi niba payi..???
    &,in phase 3 maya look is bald..we will see her in ashram with sadhus and kids.
    Waiting eagerly for Maya and for upcoming story…?
    Love you Maya ? ❤

    1. oh ks maya undressed only hands,lol really so maya can undress but its not wrong

      u r talking about the kiss which didnt happen only u r saying married man all that hen wat maya did she married and in realtion with sammy hugged made him bite and then when she is with arjun she kissed samay forgot all this????? we r both sannjh n maya u r the one who see only maya u blind

      and did u forgot maya ready for suhagraat with samay she went to him tried to sleep with him

    2. Ha ha,? im getting laugh to see ur own cook up story.,and,people will think you are watching beyhadh or another show.any way not interested on ur cook up story..enjoy it,stay away

    3. first of all not cookup story ppl will laugh at u coz u see only maya arjun sanjh never kissed u told tried if u watch behyadh u know maya made her bite and she gave kiss to samay she came for sugaratt with samay b4 ask anyone or see serilas and u at u only

    4. u told that jhanvi with ashwin so killed if maya has baby same baby thinks the same so baby can kill maya

      any one can do anything no one has right kill anyone and he killed her mom for that reason 1st time and she know everything y cant she love her baby wen arjun says baby first y she ll become eveil

      and y she killed 2 time for sympathy thats too much

    5. sooo funny…
      when maya faked rape case the soo called maya lovers were blaming cv’s for ruining her character..
      but for them arjun n all his family r always wrong.
      there s no role for cv for making their character so n so…??
      if u r partner is not taking care of u..jst leave him n let him go…do u think killing all his family n frnds is the real solution…??
      maya is atlst psycho with a great intelligence n very small heart with no lov at all….
      n there is no use of blaming cv for this…bcz cv s wanted to show the world that such people also exist to ruin othrs live n life…
      here what arjuns mistake was he stood with his decievng possessive wife by leaving all his loyal loving n caring family…

    6. From this serial,You taken message what you want, &They are giving another message also don’t left your wife&kid for your girlfriend…&this is beyhadh that’s why this show is different.heroine doesnt cry when hero leaves her. She makes them cry?..any way Both Arjun&maya are right and also both are wrong at the same time,the difference being maya while doing bad deeds was only thinking of arjun, while arjun said i love you to saanjh.chill

    7. so, how should maya pay for her evil deeds.
      in this show almost every one died only because of b*t*h maya. (She killed every one except Arjun, saanjh, ayan, jahnavi & suman)
      maya also fallen low to success in her carrier life. She used Sammy. who knows she may slept with him ‘cos of her business. may be cv’s show latter… by knowing Sammy she obeyed all his so called demands.
      she is apt to call her whore.
      okay, leave it this is all pre-marriage, every one had a past story.
      When she came to know Arjun is not loving her in bachelors party, why don’t she canceled the marriage? in fact she killed her father who tried to stop shaadi.
      did she do patni ka faraz: ??
      she will get jealous if Arjun speaks with jahnavi, abbey yaar jahnavi is her own mother na why shd she feel jealous??
      affair with Sammy: ks, yu said she undressed only hands wah yaar . she wore night suit. upon that she removed and ask Sammy to bit, cant he hug her and bit..
      she planned to ruin saanjh life by sending Sammy into her life.
      she planned fake attack, when Sammy leaves she gave him flying kiss,
      she went to Sammy room to celebrate suhagraat
      besharam maya, she is a whore.
      for getting sympathy she tried to kill her own mother..
      she made her in-law cry, she behaved very cruel with her.
      she send brother-in-law to jail by fake case
      installed cctv to track his moves in house and car. it suffocates Arjun.
      she even got jealous with her own child also. when ever Arjun says “he love bandar more than maya, her face expressions will change automatically.

      pati ka faraz : lol yaar he loose every thing for maya, he scared of maya if he leaves she might
      kill his family. pati ka faraz means to have s*x???
      fyi Arjun had become only patti (like maya kutta) neither a good supporting son nor a brother.

      as you said in phase – iii maya look is blad: she doen’t have a face to show.
      she is fallen so low.
      I wish in ashram at least she should not kill sadhus and kids ‘cos of her mental ability

      if so, after the fake rape scene she got that love from Arjun.

      she is criminal, b*t*h, murderer, whore

    8. samay said wit his own it’s his plan to stay with saanjh to get airport he trapped saanjh,oh anyway carry on ur cook up stories.,enjoy with ur frustration wit blind’s my last reply on cook up story blind comments.

    9. yes, Sammy said he came to saanjh life only to re-enter into maya life.
      But, maya was the one who ask Sammy to marry saanjh, she wants saanjh to suffer.
      cook up stories and blind story…??
      what the hell you are blind in maya’s pagal pyaar, supports her every evil crime as if she got a Nobel prize.
      you don’t have a face to drop a comment in this forum when cv’s showed maya tring to kill jahnavi. and all her evil deeds.
      you don’t have a face/ courage to accept the true facts always be in the fake world created by murderer maya.

      I am so sorry to say but I wish you should get a LIFE PARTNER like Maya with the following qualities:
      > who always doubts on you. who doesn’t want to move with family, friends, etc.
      > wants to be like kutta (pet dog)
      > creates negativity impression to surrounding people on you
      > killing your loved one if you say no.
      > having a affair with another person after marriage.
      > had insecurities with own child.
      > to ruin your family (each and every person)
      > if you show love; may think this is only because of nasha
      > finally creates your life like a hell which you cannot imagine in the dream.

    10. Apu, it shows you are in irritating mood. If you are a saanjh fan, it doesn’t mean you have to curse another person, you cannot be judgmental. have some maturity.

    11. Oh apu??? don’t lost your sense??…im already seeing in you villain,evill thoughts, which you mentioned..don’t know what you learn from your parents or elders,maybe you don’t have any one to say,that’s why you guys like to learn from fiction,that’s why reacting overly overly….?? for fiction you normal people guys reacting with out sense and humilating others,my poor Maya abnormal girl how she will bear vandy ,saanjh humiliation her surround people betrayal.. .Saanjh still loves Arjun and everyone keeps on blaming Maya. No wife can tolerate this type of shameless girl.saanjh dont had any self respect, in court also saanjh made a wish for arjun love,shameless person&shameless people come to talk gyan.ufff..chal hut..hur hur…get lost my way.
      Love you Maya ? ❤

    12. You should just do the world a favor and die. I only Have 4 things to say to you KS and I won’t acknowledge your existence again.

      May you live in interesting times
      May you be recognized by people in high places
      May you get what you wish for
      May you find the final curse

    13. Oh kalika,what you said,reflects the same to you with curse too.enjoy it,and you are mentioned every time world world, why world,you need to be useful first for ur family,and then with others with humanity,but im not founding this in you.only show off Na like thinking about world.first do your self for world then talk about it.not interested only in good talk for sake,fedup to see fake people and fake talk.over act math karo.chill

    14. CV’s are making fans and viewers insane.
      When maya knows Arjun is not loving her why cant she break the relation in the beginning, why she want to beat herself, why she want to push herself in pain,
      Kill every one for Arjun love, she scared if he knows truth he will leave for sure.
      This Drama is becoming irritating day to day. should appreciate her brilliant thinking. she trapped Arjun and saanjh beautifully..
      But, still I am not understanding why to kill these many people when there is no love relation between them. why to beg every time Arjun not to leave me, be with me
      cv’s pls don’t show this all as a plan…

      KS, season – iii do maya will leave every thing and starts living peacefully with kids and sadhus?? what about Jhanavi? who will take care of her?? though maya tried to kill her mother twice she love her a lot! this means is this the end of Beyhadh??

    15. Ks u r rite i have also seen that news maya vl chop her hair (although jen hasnt chop her hair she vl be wearing a wig) she vl chop her hair as she vl hold arjun responsible to kill her nd revenge track vl start waiting for future episodes :):):):):P:):):)

    16. Ks, In this forum I could see you always stand for maya. like a strong fighter, you never consider others comments. I really appreciate for your commitment and understanding the role played. (Y) 🙂

    17. My pleasure dear?…i don’t know but based on updates Maya will come back soon,bald look is only for temporary.phase 3 about ArYa love and hate track.let’s see

    18. diehardbeyhadhfan

      Guys guys.. come on just chill… Y do u guys take wat ever ks says so offensively…. Let’s just accept the truth!! If it wasn’t for ks and her comments this forum would be so boring…majority would have same comments n views n nothing interesting to read.. but I find ks a real cool persona here who has the confidence to have a different view and be so firm on her stand… She give a million reasons to keep up the heat on this cold forum otherwise…
      . N I believe she’s really fun coz I’m very sure she’s doing all this for the fun of it n laughing over everyone getting so hyper for a silly daily soap…. I’m not a maya lover… But I do love ks ?

    19. Thank you dear ?

    20. wen arjun tried u said he was drunk sannjh wantedly didnt do

  4. Thanks for upload written upload

  5. Angelk1

    I guess this is payback for arjun. Remebering when he acuse saanj an saanj says maya is lying. Now no one will believe him in court except saanj. Arjun really deserve a women like saanj who never gave up on him even through his darkest time.

    I fe el maya coming back will try to kill saanj an ayan. No one will believe them. I hope than jhanvi speaks up

  6. Poor Arjun.. He wanted to cure Maya with his love. He lost everything in d course of gaining Maya’s trust n trying to cure her. But what he got in d end? Death sentence as a punishment. N punishment for wht? For taking a stand for himself? For questioning Maya on her evil deeds? Like seriously.. Wht kind of beyhadh love is dis?
    What is Arjun’s fault? Y is he being punished? N y wz everyone punished in d past? Okay! She punished everyone for Arjun’s love. Den y did she do all dis to Arjun. He left his best friend for Maya, he left his brother, mother n evryone for Maya..but Maya ruined his life. Hating d track. When will Maya b punished for her evil deeds? Hating dis twist..:/

  7. i m not understanding one thing! did maya plan everything since before marriage or is everything manipulated now ?

  8. Arjun is getting his punishment who ask him to marry maya its his fault after marry maya he did not give time to her and was always with saanj so of course maya will get jealous she did all this to get his love but he always behind saanj so maya did all this and she already told samy that she is going give arjun last chance if he love her truly than she will not do anything but he did not and he never understand her if he did all this would have not happen so if its maya fault than its arjun also so don’t blame maya only even saaj should understand his married she suppose to make him understand that a wife need her husband nop she did not do that she just continue to glue to him so she is also at fault so don’t blame maya


      Good point. Understanding Maya’s psych is complicated especially being mentally ill makes it harder but the clear underlying concept is her innate insecurity and distrust. We’ve seen many glimpses that tell us why she is so mistrusting of even Arjun, but the extremeness of her actions do often outweigh and put other characters’ wrongs in the background as their actions while severe to maya are not severe to them and so matter less even if they inadvertently are causing her inner emotional destruction and thus eventually theirs. I won’t go into it but there are many incidents where others have been wrong and have made maya think of taking drastic steps, despite her actions she doesn’t strike first, there is always an emotional trigger. Anyway it was a boring episode as there was no maya to make the show worthwhile aside a FB that raised more questions than answers.

      Anyway 4get it I respect maya and dislike saanjh a lot, but I have no love for either in this show. For those who will jump on me calling me stupid or psycho because my comment seems to support maya, read my comment fully and understand it before typing else you make an issue out of nothing and show your true maturity is much less than u believe.


    2. They won’t understand.they will just criticize.never accept saanj all who supports saanj vi ve a many of you will accept a friend like saanj in your life partner s life who always criticize you and trying to brain wash your life partner agnist you.morever spending more time with your life partner than you.most of the Maya lovers accept Maya s mistake and said she s a it’s your you accept saanj mistakes

    3. u r very r8??
      as maya said to sammay arjun shoudnt have do anything to maya even after maya killd his maa,ayan…etc
      what do u think of the word “understand”??
      supporting every crime of ur partner??
      Saanj didnt do anything wrong with maya rather than helping them when they needed her support the most.
      its true there was unbreakable relatn b,w sajun …. bcz they were childhood frnds… but arjun trusted maya more than he does on sanj…he was damn confident abt mayas love… when he thout ayan tried to rape maya he stood with maya for nothing….there was nothing to gain for arjun rather thsn loosing his family again…
      but still maya couldnt keep his trust r8.

    4. diehardbeyhadhfan

      I’m don’t like maya… But I don’t support other Characters too.. they have been insensitive at times at handling certain situations.. but thats being human i suppose and they are meant to reflect majority of our society which has prejudice…. The most perfect character on this show was prem uncle… Sad he not in show anymore…

    5. Hello re
      Saanj was irritating from the beginning.not because Maya killed maa pojari or father or rape case.everytime telling Maya s not good or not suit for arjun.every Crim e started after a long time.maya was victim in the that time also saanj was irritating and saying same dilogue . hope you understand

  9. Worst episode

  10. Aliya.sharma

    Who says maya is mentally ill? See she is highly brilliant. No one has idea about her thinking. She planned everthing from the beginning. Because if some day problem occurs no one can blame her.

    Wah maya wah. I thought after marriage i am missing bossy attitude of maya but no i was wrong. Your thinking doesn’t changes & for your brilliance hats off. And that is y i love you & your character. And today i also like that public prosecutor. No surprise if it reveals she is maya’s friend.

  11. Mentally ill is 100% she mentally ill persons can also be highly intelligent.there are many exmples also.either thy can use their inteeligence in good way or bad.upto them.maya choose 2nd one i think.whatever.
    my point is,if maya knw this alrdy frm s1 tht arjun is after her only fr her money(though i dnt blv some.) & dont love her.thn at tht moment she could hv left him,broke the rlatn with her.thn why all this drama of love?forceful consummation,madness,killing all tht?she understands her profit very well.thn why she wanted to spnd her life with such type of a person like arjun about whom she alrdy knw doesnt love her?why all those drama yaar?irritating.

  12. My favourite dialogue was =oo dekho arjun sharma apni biwi ka khooni aur saanjh uski rakhal???
    And literally i felt the lady lawyer better than saanjh . Atleast she bought out som interesting things by insupting sanjh or else sanjh can just shout and shout more in which no one is interested
    3 saap se sanjh ne law colledge mai jaakh hi mari?????.
    Anyway gyes i like the way maya is though i know she is not right but her grey shades no way in earth justifies sanjhs wrong doing neither it justifies limitless stupness filthy sajuns friendship.?????

    1. Hell saanjh hell is maya not saanjh ok i agree all mistakes of saanjh but her only mistake is that she interfers btw arya rite ???? but remember arjun also loves saanjh i agree wid poojitha that when there is no love btw arya then why maya is killing people for arjun maya is killing people just becoz of arjun she knew from starting that saanjh nd arjun r best frnds then why she came btw them i agree that saanjh didnt confess her love for him but u maya lovers wont understand u guys blame saanjh for every situation thats not rite we also blame maya for evrything becoz har jagah uski hi galti hoti h except that fact if we point some mistakes of her which maya lovers dont have an answer they say that we r saying cook up stories except the fact that u maya lovers also dont know some answers just to satisfy ur ego u guys say cook up stories about mayas mistakes. Anyways no offence maya lovers.

    2. Ashika I have answers,but not interested to argue with brainless people who forgot story..k say when Maya went with samay for suhgarath.?is she went with willingly wit interest on him.?and maya thought she using samay on saanjh but maya realized later it’s samay trap,its revealed samay confessed his plan,why point on Maya again?etc..based on this clearly knowing few people just came to fight unnecessarily to point on Maya and on Maya fans not interested to explain.dont expect answer form me,it’s just entertainment.

    3. Ks i didnt question that suhaghrat i know maya was not interested in that suhaghrat woh wahan majboori se aai thi becoz samay said if she didnt came he vl reveal truth to arjun at that time i fully support maya becoz at that time she was preganent i understodd wht r u saying u see thats why i didnt cmnt on that isssue

    4. I saw my word “cook up story”, you may felt I don’t have answer,so I gave respond.nothing else .??

    5. Maya Forever :)

      Nice to see u guys again. It’s been a while. This forum sure has been dragged down to hell by the negative tracks hasn’t it. I’m surprised that u are still here Ks especially as others are being so vindictive and personally attacking u over a tv show. Admire your resilience. I won’t give analysis on the maya FB but I will still say with conviction reasons were there for her actions at the time, though they have leaked forth and spurred worse events to come. Interested in seeing new track of Maya’s return but deeply saddened by loss of Arya looks like my name tag will have to change back again lol.

      Nice to see @hellsaanjh, @dreameyes @teju @Maanu13. A shame TDH, Ayesha, available are gone but then it was during lighter times the maya lovers were more and for good reason, only the diehard fans of her can remain now, and @ks does not disappoint ?

      All the best guys I’m keeping silent for now but if some interesting observation comes in near future I’ll comment on it.

      Keep up your good spirit guys. ?

      Ps. Haters can hate about maya and call her evil, but plz don’t call real people psychotic for supporting her, they have their reasons. I know TDH did it and understood it most because as I recall she claimed to also be a child abuse victim so I can understand that. Please don’t discredit and discourage those who wish to support maya just ignore or accept and propose your argument in a sensible manner, if you think you are mature not supporting maya I ask that you plz show that maturity through all aspects especially through your words, else you are nothing short of hypocritical which is most unfortunate.

      Many thanks all
      Maya ❤❤❤

    6. diehardbeyhadhfan

      Well said… I’m a maya hater but i sincerely hate the who follow her foot steps and display the same amount of insanity crudness and violence in their comments…. it’s utter hypocrisy…. True we all have a reason to have our opinions… And I find it very absurd wen maya hater calls ks and other maya fans names and tag them as psychos where as the same ks and gang have been very much humane well mannered and less abusive n violent in their comments.. its a perfect example of paradox that I’m coming across on this forum….

    7. My pleasure Maya forever,nice to see you after along time ?

  13. Maya’s plan is so amazing! I actually loved how she had planned this all… probably after the night of Bachelor’s party when Arjun indirectly said “he is marrying for her MONEY”. Alcohol is a truth elixir and probably I was too madly in love with ArYa to notice it then. And also, Maya’s plans were not out of revenge but somewhere Maya is definitely the smartest lady in this show inspite of having sanest characters ever like – Saanjh and Arjun.

    She could foresee all of this happening probably, and yet wanted to give Arjun chances… and Arjun lost it all for his friendship. Lost his family too.

    Waiting for the upcoming track. How much ever one hates Maya, you cannot deny that she is the jaan of this show. Her craziness is what exactly drives this show. So, stop complaining and enjoy the shoe instead of targeting Maya fans or ArYa shippers. ?

    Love Maya. ??❤

    1. Oh anaika maya is not only jaan of this show others r also pillars of this show nd r supporting this show nd remember show runs on 3 importanat thing one is the story the other is the acting of the actors nd lastly how popular the actors r nd in this show the makers have taken all popular actors jenny a very popular actor kushal he is much popular then jenny nd kushal ko iss show me sirf uski popularity ki wajah se liya h nd uski looks nd rest he doesnt know how to act aneri she is a wonderful actor as jenny nd she is also much popular nd u guys can see all characters in this show r very popular ashwin piyush they all act so well nd aswin is so popuar villain in film industry nd tv industry so the show runs by all actors support im not saying jennifer doesnt act well instead after watching her in beyhadh im a die hard fan of jenny i love her acting a lot

      We hate one character in a show either it is positive or negative we have hatred towards them becoz they act well if one character doesnt act well we vl not talk about him/her like kushal Lol

      I love all actors nd thier acting (sometimes kushal aslo act well)

    2. Maya Forever :)

      Thanks @Aashika for being a mature opposition to maya lovers. Saanjh lovers and neutral viewers alike can take reference from people like you, its just a show and should be treated as such, and even if they want maya in real as well just accept they see something in the character that draws them in, and it should be respected. In my case i deeply admire her intellugence and her strength despite such a childhood, yet i dont accept her mistakes as right, in fact im disappointed that such a beautiful intelligence has been invested into such undeserving and harmful ventures, but that alone is not enough to deter me. Maya is definitely the strongest and most powerful female lead on TV for good or bad its undeniable, and i look forward to Jennifer and her outstanding performance in the upcoming months.

      Nice to see maya lovers are returning if enough of us return maybe even old timers like TDH might find reason to come back, then it will be like the old days and much more fun and meaningful

      Thanks all and love maya ❤️

    3. Hey I didn’t mean any offense to Kushal or Aneri. They are working hard too but what I really meant was that without Maya’s madness the show would have been like any ordinary daily soap.

      Kushal and Aneri may not be as good actors as Jenny but their performance is definitely commendable. Sorry, if my comment was offending their fans. ?

      Hello MAF dear. How are you? And yes, I have been following this show and the forums silently. Didn’t want to waste my energy amidst all this negativity. Hopefully Maya changes for good after leap. ?

      Love Maya always. ??

    4. Thanx maya forever for kind words ? see i think now im not double minded person rite ks ???? Im now staright forward related to maya’s actions nd maya lovers

      Thanx hellsanjh for kind words ?people shud not say such words to maya lovers

  14. Current story of beyhadh is more​ like a Hollywood movie ‘Gone Girl’…..

    1. We all know that its a copy of gonegone presented in slightly a differnt way . But the still hope they doesnot make the ending simillar

      And yah Ashika as ks said we have answeres but its just that we r tried of repeating the same thing again and again and we feel thers no need of any justification to maya she is just awsome but still if u want ans Ashika c most of jennis interview she herself explained every thing and deed of her.

      Frankly speaking Ashika u were very gentle in ur approch to us the maya supporters. Other wise we just get bassed every where for supporting maya people like Kalika telling Ks to die wow what an inhumane attitude of sanjh supporter just bcz Ks supported maya she supported her independent liking and she has to die wowwwww??????????


    and now please show some good things also.. like maya panicing , regreting, asking for forgiveness to Arjun, ..

  16. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I love Maya because I hate Arjun and sanj relationship. Arjun no doubt very selfish. Maya is right in her own way.

  17. If Maya is not a patient then what’s her problem?? ??

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Maya can be mentally ill as well. Schizpphrenia and sociopathy are mental illness but are difficult to realise as the affected people can usually be high class extremely intelligent people, because they are able to manipulate and change the world around them based on their own perceptions of the world which can differ drastically from our social norm. This is not to say they are bad people or wrong, else all people who think differently e.g. Galileo, enstein etc were all called crazy and stupid when they were actually revolutionary minds! Us people need to realise mental illness does npt always mean spmething negative, but can be turned negative by foul treatment from prejudiced others. Maya is a similar case. She is a brilliant mind but was also a tortured child within wanting peace. If one is taught from childhood that manipulation and cruelty aid survival they will grow and propogate such beliefs which will make them social outsiders. This doesnt mean they are bad people, just unfortunate that their brilliance is wasted on the wrong things. So maya haters calling her evil and a schemer, plz think of her story till now and why she does what she does. Look beyond the black and white of the world and see the grey space between, then maybe just maybe you may find a new perspective, maybe not to love maya but at least understand her.

      maya ❤️❤️

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