My better half (swasan ff) Episode 29 by Marsuu

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My better half(swasan ff)
Epi 29:
Recap: swasan blessed with twins baby girl and baby boy.

After one week:
Maheshwari house:
Today swara is getting discharge and babies are coming home for the first time. All are very happy for the babies arrival.
Later, driver stops the car in the mansion and ram is having baby boy and swara is having baby girl while sanskar help swara to come out. Then
Swasan are standing at the door and sujata is doing their arti.
sujata: now come inside.

Swara and Sanskar came inside with babies in their hands. They went to their room.

Swasan room:
Swara was shocked to see the room. The whole room is decorated. There are numerous toys along with teddies. Even swasan bed is changed it is double then previous one. Sanskar gently place baby in the center of bed and took other baby from swara and lie her also on bed and make swara comfortably sit.
Swara:when u changed our room?

Sanskar: yesterday as now babies should feel its their room. How’s it??
Swara:beautiful (look at sleeping babies) they will love it.
Sanskar: swara mom was saying if we will do naming ceremony tomorrow is it okay??
Swara:yes perfect.
Sanskar: but I will call them Angel and champ nice na??
Swara: yeah. Now we should sleep.
Sanskar:yes take rest.

Sanskar made her lie on bed and cover comforter on her.
Sanskar lie on other side of babies.
After half an hour:
Swasan were just lying as they didn’t slept. Champ made noise as he woke up. Sanskar saw him who stretched his not so long arms after hours sleep. Swara also wake up. Sanskar went and switch on one button due to which stars start shinning at the ceiling. Swara was also amazed to see it. Camp opened his eyes wide and saw the stars. He shouted loudly in excitement. Angel also wake up due to noise. She roll her eyes and saw Sanskar on his one side and swara on other. Then she saw champ who was laughing seeing the stars twinkling. She also looked up and keep on staring then giggle.
Swara:I think they liked it alot.
Sanskar: yes

Babies were giggling seeing the stars.
Later, swara said
Swara:Sanskar now switch off them otherwise they won’t sleep.
Sanskar off the stars. Babies shouted in irritation. Their whole room was echoing with their scream.
Swara: ohh god whole day they sleep and now at midnight they want to play.
Sanskar(laughs): yeah they have their own timing.
Champ look at sanskar and then extended his hand to ceiling as if asking to on them.
Sanskar: aww u want to see again wait.
Sanskar again on the stars and babies smile and got busy with them. Sanskar saw swara feeling sleepy.
Sanskar:swara u sleep I will see them.

Swara:no its okay.
Sanskar also got busy with them and swara slept in uneven position as she was tired. Sanskar made her lie comfortably and kissed her forehead.
Babies have no intentions to sleep. Sanskar was playing with them and they were enjoying. Little later angel also slept. Sanskar smiles and kisses her cheeks.
Sanskar: champ see your mom and angel slept now u also sleep.
Sanskar slowly pat his chest and he keep on staring him. Even he too slept seeing angel already sleeping. Sanskar kissed his forehead and off the star lights and slept.

Next morning:
Today is the naming ceremony and they had invited few close guests only.
Swasan room:
Swasan are so busy in making babies ready. They are still in their night dresses. After giving them bath, swara made babies wear dresses and Sanskar shoes.Babies are seeing at ceiling
Sanskar: now stars will not be there they come at night.

Swara(laughs): u are explaining like as if they are understanding.
Sanskar:what ever okay swara u get ready till then I will be with the babies.
Swara went to get ready and Sanskar set babies small hairs.
Sanskar:champ once u grow up then I will make u dashing by applying gel and all and for angel I will learn how to handle your long hairs otherwise your mumma will do.
He keep on speaking to them and they were keenly listening as if they are getting what he was saying.

Later, swasan went down and shomi and rajesh had ready came. Swasan met them and took their blessings. Swara is wearing red saree and sanskar red Shirt with black jeans.
All are standing as pandit Ji was arranging for the puja. Then only a Lady in sixties came inside with a bag in hand. He came near where swasan and ramta are standing.
Lady: bhai bhabi
Ramta saw her and got happy to see her.
Ram: parvati u here.

Yes the lady is parvati ram’s cousin sister but they are more then real.
Parvati:yes I thought u people will not call me so I myself came.
Sujata:no its nothing like that jiji.
Sanskar was not happy with her arrival while swara was confused as she didn’t saw her earlier as she came first time after their marriage.
Swara:Sanskar who is she??
Sanskar: dad’s cousin sister.

Swara:ohh means your Bua.
Sanskar:hmm why the hell she came??
Swara(shocked): what are u saying??
Sanskar:I don’t like her.

Sanskar:u will get to know when she will live here.
Swara kept quite as parvati came near them.
Swara:namaste Bua Ji.
Parvati look at babies in swasan hands and said to sujata
Parvati:sujata your grandchildren are beautiful.

Sujata smiles. Parvati was looking that when Sanskar will greet but he ignored and was busy in playing with his angel.
Swara observed this and gesture him to greet her. Sanskar give her i m not interested look but when swara glare he took the blessings.
Parvati:be happy Sanskar I hope your wife is now doing her duties properly instead of living alone in Mumbai.
Sanskar got angry as she was taunting Swara. He know she never like swara as she want sandy as his wife. Swara give fake smile.When she left
Sanskar: no need to give your fake smile to that Lady.

Swara signed.
Sanskar: and she is sandy’s relative u know??.
Sanskar: hmm.
They were interpreted as pandit Ji called them. Swasan sit near fire with babies in lap. Pandit Ji perform certain rituals and they asked the names from swasan. They informed the names which they had decided.
So finally, Girl’s name was kept
Sanvi Maheshwari and boy’s was kept

Sahas Maheshwari.
Later, after having lunch all the guest left.
(I don’t know how the naming ceremony is done sorry if there is some mistake)

In hall:
Swara and sujata are sitting with sanvi and sahas who are sleeping. Sanskar is working on laptop sitting beside swara.
Then only parvati came and sit in front.

Sanskar(still working): mom don’t let swara work for one month as doctor said
Sujata:okay don’t worry.
Parvati: see sujata when it was our time we were so active. I delivered my son in the morning and did household work in the evening but now girls are good for nothing
Swara just smile and looked down.
Sanskar who listened this got angry as earlier he didn’t said anything as guest were present.
Sanskar: even if swara wants then also I won’t let her work.
Swara and sujata looked at each other that how he spoke while parvati was shocked.
After few mins:

Sanskar: mom me and swara wants to give party to our friends of babies.
Sujata: okay that’s nice I don’t have any problem.
Swasan smiles at her.
Parvati: huh!! Babies are only born or something big happened that u want to waste money on parties.
Sanskar: see Bua Ji its my family matter and for us its biggest thing that we are blessed with babies so don’t interfere….
Swara squeezed sanskar’s hand to stop him.

Parvati got angry and went from there.
Sanskar got up and picked Sahas from sujata’s lap and said
Sanskar: swara make sanvi also sleep in room.
Swara nodded and was about to go when sujata said
Sujata:swara plzz talk to Sanskar that don’t behave rudely with jiji it doesn’t look nice.
Swara:don’t worry mom I will say him.
Sujata smiles.

Swasan room:
Swara enter with sanvi and saw sanskar sitting on bed. She lie sanvi beside sahas.
He went to cupboard and take out his shirt.
Swara:u should not speak like this with Bua Ji.
Sanskar: so I should let u get insulted.
Sanskar was busy in wearing shirt.

Swara:its okay she is elder to us and if she say something then no problem.
Sanskar (angry): if anyone will point at my wife and kids then I won’t keep quite.
Swara:but that doesn’t mean u should forget your manners.

Sanskar:swara why the hell are u supporting that lady?
Swara:its not about support….
Sanskar: ohh then u don’t care about me and for you only I m wrong.
Swara: sanskar I didn’t mean that why u are losing your temper.
Sanskar:it’s you who started and fine if u don’t want to me to say anything I will not speak and will not care about you.
He shouted in anger.
Swara:u even know what u r speaking??

Sanvi started crying as they were taking loudly.
Swara give look to sanskar and picked up sanvi.
Sanskar realized he unnecessarily shouted at swara.
Swara (teary eyes): plzz sanskar go sanvi is crying.

Sanskar went from there without saying anything.
Swara made sanvi lie on bed who already slept.

To be continued….

Precap: sanskar pacifying swara and flashback.

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