Better Half (Part 3)

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Hey everyone…! Thank you guys…fa such a lovely cmnts. I loved it….thank you fa ur appreciation….!
I’m here with the next epi….so let me start..

Part 3
Dev took his car and started driving while Sona juz enjoy the cool winter breeze flashing her monotonous face. Dev admires her and turned on the radio. He wished to hear a musical melody note while it was completely a wrap in all radio stations. Sona asked dev not to change as she loved hearing loud music. Dev who was just making faces hearing a loud sound adjusted fa his wife’s sake and continued driving. Though he hate those type of music he keenly noticed sonakshi singing all the way and was surprised by her taste of listening music.
Dev’s pov
She is completely a different creature. No one like her would love to listen loud music but she does. Though she was a best nutritionist in the town she doesn’t take it into her account. Dev, u r really lucky to have her. Oh….wait…wat did I at least think. My god, am I falling fa her in the very first day after our wedding. Seems interesting dev. But, her decision is more important to me. Thank you Sonakshi fa coming into my life. Seriously I’m going to have a very beautiful future with u Mrs Dixit.
POV ends…..
He smiled at her while she was just looking out the window. Suddenly,
Sona: Mr Dixit, stop the car. Pls…pls..
Dev: Sona, sure …but wat happen.
Dev halted his car when sona jumped out of her seat and ran behind. He couldn’t understand but run behind his wife. Sona stopped.
Sona: Mr Dixit, ice cream…??
Dev: Sona, tu pagol ho kya..?!
Sona: Kyun….OK leave do u need ice cream.
Dev: bhai, give us 2 ice creams.
Sona: Nahi…nahi…3

Dev: Kyun
Sona: I need 2 ice creams.
Dev smiled at her and signalled the boy to give 3 ice creams.
After getting ice creams, dev and sona enjoyed eating it. Dev admired Sona licking ice cream and mumming to it. They both had a small walk while dev started the conversation.
Dev: Sonakshi, do u know something… This is the first time I’m having ice cream with someone at night.
Dev said what he felt but sonakshi is seen enjoying her ice cream yet lending her ears to her husband.
Sona: Someone nahi Mr Dixit, ur wife.
She corrected while dev again repeated…
Dev: Hmm yes, my wife.
After a small pause, he continued again,
Dev: U know sonakshi, I have never been in mixed emotions from childhood. I might be terrified at some times, happy at moments, sad, anger, confusion everything…..had a separate place in my heart. But today, I don’t know …..I’m happy today….to have u as my wife. I’m confused as whether was this a correct decision ……I’m terrified that how I’m going to handle this relation and my new responsibility…
Dev continues saying how was he feeling today….how was his experience marrying her. But though sonakshi kept listening to him….she was enjoying her ice cream.
Sona: Mr Dixit, listen, don’t worry….I will be there for u. Let’s try to mend our relation Mr Dixit, y did u worry so much? I know this life would be different fa both of us. As we just met as a stranger and we became friends but we got married before we started lov….
She paused and stopped licking her ice cream and saw dev and noticed that he was already looking at her. She continued though.
Sona: I hope u understand Mr Dixit.
Dev: Yes I do.
They both continued their walk when they both saw a elderly couple walking on the pedestrian opposite to them hand in hand. Smile crept on their faces when dev offered his hand to sonakshi while she holds his tight. They both walked again until sonakshi gets exhausted.
Sona: Ough..! Mr Dixit ….no I can’t walk anymore. Let’s go.
Dev: OK U wait here….I will get the car…OK don’t go anywhere…
Sona: Budhuram….

Sona turned her face while dev asked confused.
Dev: Abh kya.
Sona: Tumi ekdom impossible Mr Dixit. How could u ever think of leaving ur wife at the road at this odd hours.? R u in ur senses ….I mean..
Dev: oh oh…. Okok….I’m sorry ….come let’s go…u come with me. R do u need me to carry u all the way.
Sona: Better idea….but I know how to walk Mr Dixit. ….so let’s go.
They both walk back to the car same hand in hand when suddenly they hear thundering.
Sona: Mr Dixit, I think its gonna rain now….wow…
Dev: Sonakshi, pls not now…its gonna rain…come fast let’s move.
Sona: No….Mr Dixit, see its gonna rain now. ..and we should njoy it. Come on Mr husband. U know we are lucky that its gonna rain on our wedding day. Pls..
They both almost reached their car when sona protested to drench under rain. Dev unwillingly followed her. Sona started enjoying the cool breeze spraying her soft skins while dev kept staring at her with utmost love…..No no wait…it can’t be love I guess….then…oh he need to think about it further. Sona closed her eyes and twirls around to enjoy the most but she didn’t look at the car screeching the road at the odd hour. She continued twirling around when dev noticed the car. When the car was about to hit her dev pulled her away and holds her.
Dev: Are u mad..?! Don’t u have senses .?! Is this the way to be in the road. Sonakshi listen, I have said before that it won’t be good to be here in this odd hours. What would have happen if the car …..
He stopped unable to complete his sentence. Sonakshi’s eyes by now welled up with tears and she was just looking at her 1 day old husband (almost not) scolding her in the middle of the road.
Dev: Listen, sonakshi don’t u ever try to repeat this again. Be careful while walking on the road. I thought that u r a matured girl but ….
Dev took out his rage on her but he was not at fault too. How would he feel if his wife was at danger at cost of her own happiness. No…but he was not correct too. Sona shrugged off herself from dev’s hold and moved straight to the car. She sat on the seat while unknown tears popped from her eyes. She sat there wiping when dev came and sat on the driver seat.
Dev: I’m sorry, sonakshi. Pls …..sona, pls understand my situation.
Yes, sona was enraged on dev. Of course, who would not. Who would like, a husband outraging his wife on the very first night of their wedding. Sona wiped her tears silently when dev holds her hand.

Sona’s POV
How could he scold his wife on the first day. Such a rude man. Obhodro.
POV ends…
Dev: Sonakshi, listen . ..I don’t know why I have reacted so much…but pls Sonakshi….I didn’t mean to scold u. It was just my concern popping out with anger seeing u careless at road. Pls, Sonakshi I know u would really feel upset that it was our first day after our wedding but I have started getting angry on u. I’m sorry fa that.
Sonakshi looks at him with her eyes wide open when dev stops as words failing to reach his mouth. They had a long eye lock when again the thunder disturbs the couple forcing them to break the eye lock.
Sona: Let’s go home. Its already late.
Dev: Sonakshi.!
Sona: Mr Dixit ..pls
Dev started his car and reached home within few minutes. Dev who was looking at sona apologised her secretly.
Dev’s pov
Im really sorry sonakshi. Y did i do this. I shouldn’t have scold sonakshi on our very first day after wedding. Sorry sona.

POV ends..
Sona gets out of the car and made her way straight to their room leaving her husband behind. It was almost 4 when they reach home. Dev went to his room and saw his wife sleeping on the bed. He went near her and mumbled a sorry again but noticed she slept.
He went to his side of bed and soon sleep over took him. Later, sonakshi, opens her eye to find dev sleeping peacefully.
Sona’s POV
Thank god. I got a such a caring husband. But so rude. Thank you….fa coming into my life. Seriously, I don’t want to worry about me. I know u will be there for me as u promised. I hope, our friendship would mend into something that we wish for. I’m blessed to get husband like u. And a caring friend.
She smiled to herself looking at her cute husband shooing all worries and sleeping. She tried caressing him but backed off knowing there is more way for them to melt away and proceed further. She pulled her duvet back and had her first and the peaceful sleep at Dixit mansion and otherwise to be called as her sasural.
Ishwari: Its better u take Sonakshi along then.
Dev: Ma..Really..are u serious?

While sona and dixit sisters giggled.
That’s it for today guys. Hope it was good. Is it boring. .?? If so pls say…!
Pls give ur reviews …..I loved to read it and it also encourages me to write and post soon. So pls, cmnt guys. Silent readers come on…give ur reviews too..!
Thank you…
And yeah guys….I would like to give u a promo of the ff….so I would give as soon as possible..!
Plus, I would also love to give u a os or may be a TS on devakshi in my language (Tamil) though I would give u subtitles. If u guys r okay with it…then I would post within a week r two.
Don’t forget to comment..!
With love

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  1. Sgatik

    Hey amazing episode. Pls do post next one soon. Regarding writing in tamil, though am tamilian i prefer to read in english or hindi. There r so many who might not get the essence of ur writing if u simply translate tamil to english. Its my thought, u can every well according to ur wish. Anyways am ok as long as i get to read ur ff

    1. Heshine

      Oh…thank you sgatik…! And sure…! I would take ur suggestion… To concern…sure…thanks again…!????.

  2. lovely episode…fantastic ideas….post next soon…

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Ekani…!????

  3. Its was amazing….i loved it girl….!!
    Too good…
    You expressed everything really well in your writing….keep it up…
    Its was not at all boring….and precap is quite interesting….
    Will be waiting for the next one….??

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Vaishali…!????❤❤

  4. Richa144

    It’s such a nice episode.. your story is forcing me to write a long comment.
    Anger is the easiest way to express how someone mean to you, how much you love them..and it takes the another person to see the intension behind it. It was so lovely.. please post soon.. I would love to read further.. waiting eagerly

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Richa…!❤❤??
      And yeah, I agree with ur point…!❤❤

  5. Akshita

    Plzzz Plzzz Plzzz post soon yr??
    the ff is amazing ❤❤ really loving the plot
    And the precap??? really excited
    lots of love

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Akshita..!❤❤??????

  6. Aarti32

    Aww..It was so cute..Exactly how newlyweds behave??
    Precap..Lol?? Dixit house ki female battalion ??

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Aaru di…! ??????

  7. V.V.harshita

    Hey….nice one….and ya I hope u can post in Tamil …too…coz I am a tamilian….but no mostly prefer to English and hindi….anyways post this soon and post tht Tamil os also soon – Akshada

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Akshada…!????
      I will take ur suggestion to concern…!

  8. Darshana

    Good job! was so sweet??????..both happiness and anger was well described..?????????..
    would love to read ur os..but regarding Tamil..i don’t know Tamil not even 1%..if u translate it in hindi/english ..its okay then…
    love ya??
    post soon!

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Darshana…! ????
      I would surely translate it dear…!

  9. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Hey heshine! I just read all the 3 parts…its an awesome plot…you write really well dear…..keep it up!…loads of love??

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Samayra…!????❤❤

  10. Vinya

    Nice one…post soon…keep writing and keep smiling

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Vinya…!❤❤???????

  11. Awesome episode

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Princess..!????❤❤

  12. DramaQueen1004

    Really really nice epi
    Devakshi scenes vry nicely n cutely written
    even my mothertongue is tamil
    pls post d next epi soon n pls post watevr u r planning to post if u r free
    love u

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Nafia…!??❤???????
      Glad to know that u r too Tamil…!???

  13. Priya12

    Heshine, semaya eludhirukinga…
    U have detailed their love nicely…
    Luved it…
    Good written…
    Tamil os …sekarama…post pannunga…
    I will be waiting…and.,,
    I want u in my life again…andha ff , panunga ..pls..plss..
    Adhu..unmeliye seemaya irundhuchu…
    I missing that…
    Post asap…
    Luv u ..

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Priya..!????❤❤??
      Sure Priya…! Na antha ff seekirama post panren…! Thanks again. !❤❤??
      Love u too

  14. Aamu

    Hey,again sorry for late cmnt..
    I was really busy..
    So i cmntd here now only…n not on previous bcoz of lack of tym…
    But it ws’s possesive n he is falling for mrs.dixit…yay..!
    N abouy
    T writin in ur language…
    I dont mind totallyyyy…
    But pls giv subtitle…coz i donno A,B,C anything tamil so…
    N ya jldi jldi next post karo ye b n os’s b..
    Loads of love..?

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Aamu…! I really don’t mind fa the late cmnt dear…!❤??????

  15. Niki645

    Awesome one!! Loved it!!

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