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Recap – Anu joining her mom and sister back introduction of Nakshatra’s Twin brother , new character entering the scene

Roochika calls pugazh but it’s out of order
She calls whatsapp call
Pugazh picks up the call

Pugazh – hey dear Roo
Roo – Jagan where are you ??
Pugazh – London
Roo – what you went to London ?? Didn’t care to tell me
Pugazh – but dear, I came for just a small work
Roo – you don’t tell me at all, what a boyfriend you are …( She start to complain) pugazh became tired of hearing her complaints
Nakshatra came from back & grabbed his phone
Pugazh – Janaki give my phone
Nakshatra – I’ll have conversation with Roo and I’ll give you go and be there with kids ( pugazh pouts and leaves from there
Nakshatra – hey Roo how r u ?? This is Nakshatra
Roo – Bhabhi ( in excitement ) I’m fine how r u ?? Bhai ?? Anu Atu ??
Nakshatra – we all are Fine here , there ??
Roo – all r fine ( little sadly ) bhabhi
Nakshatra – no some things is wrong what happened Roo is everyone ok na ??
Roo – actually Kriti di had gone to depression again
Nakshatra – what ?? How ??
Roo then explained everything
Nakshatra – o God how is she now
Roo – yeah she is fine doctor warned again
Nakshatra – Roo take care of the situation there, I’m surprised ma had a dream like this , does Sammer know this
Roo – no why?? anyway ,yeah I’ll take care here but Bhabhi , what can we do on Friday Ms. Kareena Luthra is getting released
Nakshatra – he may try to tell Karan and it may affect his play don’t worry Roo I made arrangements for it, just listen to me carefully don’t allow anyone to go out on Friday , it’s your duty to make the family members to stay home do as such whatever I say
Roo – Ok Bhabhi but what is it
Nakshatra – it’s Actually a pooja each family member should be there for that
Roo – but bhabhi what about Karan bhai
Nakshatra – puja will be done ok trust me
Nakshatra was about to tell she heard Rishabh was calling so she said she’ll tell her later
Rishabh was talking with new entry who was there when nakshatra entered there , pugazh and kids were watching cricket
Nakshatra comes near them ” so friends have met each other ah ”
Rishabh – yeah, but Jan you know that Adi is coming then why don’t you tell me
Nakshatra – what who told you I know that this idiot is coming
Rishabh – Adi only
Nakshatra beats him ” you pagal when did you told me that you are coming Rishabh he is lying ”
It’s none other than Aaditya Hooda
Rishabh – it’s alright Jan leave him
Adi finally relived ” thank god Rishabh you saved me else she would have killed me ” and become silent after receiving an angry glare from Nakshatra
Rishabh – ok relax relax now tell me Jan when did you met this idiot
Nakshatra – actually Rishu after bringing these eatables I came here that time
Flash back
Pugazh was talking with a guy with doubt Nakshatra touched him ” excuse me ”
It was revealed the great Aditya Hooda
Nakshatra – hey pagal ( with excitement )
Aditya – hey jhansi ki rani ( with same excitement )
They hugged each other
She gives the things which she brought to kids Kabir was also enjoying the match
Nakshatra – how r u , how come you here
Aditya – Fine why I can’t come here
Nakshatra – I did not mean that you didn’t tell you are coming ,
Aditya – ah actually Kabir wanna see this match that’s why Zoya is busy with Renovating a child care center that’s why I brought him and I have seen anu atu so I came to meet you but met Pugazh just talking with him generally you came
Nakshatra smiled & – Mmm.. how is your new case
They both having a professional conversation
FB ends
Nakshatra – and this idiot was talking with kids and pugazh received call from our common friend & I was just talking with them you called me
Rishabh – Mm come let us enjoy the rest of the match
The three friends have seated and enjoying the match

Delhi, India

Roochika pov
I told you about Maa’s dream bhabhi but what can I say about Papa’s dream if you listen to this I’m sure you will even more tensed & I’m not going to tell you, and not want to increase your load of pain I want to reduce your load of pain , I can manage here already you are on a mission I don’t wanna disturb by telling you this news also
Pov ends
FB starts
When doctor came and checked Krithika he told she had attack again and told to take care of her and left after giving sedation
Rakhi was crying she was next to Krithika “it’s all because of me ”
Preeta was consoling her
Mahesh could not see Rakhi crying like this so he told Shrishti and Preeta to take dadi & Rakhi out of the room so Rakhi and Dadi left the room
only Roo was in the room Mahesh thinks and tell to himself ” what will happen when she listen to my dream she’ll be totally broken ”
But Roo heard it ” your dream?? Papa ??”
Mahesh stammered ” w..hat my dream I s..ay d..ream ”
Roo – ah you said dream
Mahesh was trying to hide – No I did not say that Roo let us go let Kriti take rest
Saying this Mahesh was about to leave Roo catches him – No Papa you are tensed something is there you are trying to hide
Mahesh head went down
Roo continued – just tell me I’m your daughter right , then tell the matter that is disturbing you
Mahesh – actually voh .. v…oh
Roo – what voh voh just tell me clearly Mahesh was about to tell
Roo dragged him to the corridor and asked – tell now Papa
Mahesh tears were start to flow – what do you all think Roo that I don’t have feelings for my son ah I don’t be worried for him at all I Miss my Rishabh lot ah I didn’t care much of business responsibility since Rishabh has taken over the business because I know my son is perfect for taking that responsibility when my son wedding was stopped I was hurt from inside , but was happy that we got free from that Sherlyn, the only mistake I did is I didn’t raise my voice when Kareena was accusing him , I Love my son & I miss him now if he was here then it would be different he would also have a family like Karan and Sameer
Roo pov
Bhai have a family Papa he is married to his best friend & you have the boldest daughter in law & most adorable Grand daughters
Pov ends
Mahesh continues – and you know what was my dream like a girl save Karan from a accident but she was injured & we all reach hospital a man near Rishabh’ s age was crying & two kids they were like twins of age between 7 – 8 , and blaming us that we are responsible for the accident of that girl , and the man was Rishabh, two kids was his daughters , the girl who got Accident is Rishabh’s wife, again our Rishabh left us ( he was breathing heavily )
Roo was stunned to the core she could not say anything but she hided her reaction and calmed down her Dad
Roo ‘s pov
Hey lord what’s this I never expected this , Bhabhi is actually trying hard to save the family so please help her & keep her safe
Pov ends
Flashback ends
I donno what will happen but I just want My family’s happiness .

Triplicane, Chennai, India
A individual villa , a man near 60’s entering the house but he could hear a quarrel of two ladies he know who is quarreling obviously his mom and wife
(So My Readers the man was Pugazh’s dad , two ladies are Pugazh’s Mom & Dadi )
Uma – Illa amma inniku neenga naan kudukradhu Dan saapdreal ( No ma today you have to eat whatever I give you )
Chandra dadi – mudiyadhu inniku ennaku naan kekradhu Dan venum ( No I can’t today I want what I want )
Like this it was going on as usual Subramanian aka Vimal didn’t interfere in the fight he goes to his Room got fresh up and came down
And switch on the TV to watch cricket
After 15 minutes both ladies came to him
Uma – yenna inga parungo amma enna kekranga avaluku padir peni venuma ippo upma venama ( Vimal ji look here what mom is Asking she wanna eat Padhir peni Sweet but not Khichdi )
Chandra dadi – Yen Vimal naan kekepdadha, enaku epovum ippdi panna epdi ore oru sweet dan kekran ( why Vimal can’t I Ask it , every time you are doing this to me I’m just Asking just one time right ??)

Uma – illa Amma nan seiya matten nu sollala ana ippo mudiyadhu naan nalaiku panni tharen ( No ma I’m not saying I’ll not do I’ll do but I’ll do it tomorrow not today )
In between arguments they looked at Vimal who didn’t even cared their arguments he started to having Upma which was cooked by Uma
Sub – yaar Upma panna inniku ( who did upma today )
Uma – Naan Dan yenna edachu koraiya ( It’s me why any mistakes )
Sub – Ada Ada enna oru Upma lesa kanja ennai la kadugu kadla paruppu vengayam pottu thalichu apdey cut panna vegetables potu apram light ah Fry Aana apram adla konjam jalatha oothi uppu potu kai Venda apram adla Rava potu vega vechu mudinja apram Adupu anaichutu Ada plate la konjama potu Ada chakkrai Yoda saapdracha Ada Ada Ada ennai oru taste life ipdey irundhuta podhum di Uma ( wah wah what a Khichdi after frying mustard & gram dhal with some amount of onion and adding some Veggies of your own taste after adding considerable amount of water after it comes to a boiling point adding Sooji and after the Khichdi get boiled transfer it to a plate and Having it with sugar is heaven this s one is enough for life Uma )

Chandra dadi – inda ulagathley upma modha moraiya rasichu saaptadhu en pullaiyandana Dan irukum uma (Uma In the whole world the only person who loves Khichdi is none other than My son )
Sub – pinna Annalaksmi Kevala padutha padadhu illaya ippo enna Ma noku sweet venum Adana nalaiku Naaney panni tharen ( Why not it’s Annapurna we should not discriminate food it’s big sin, Mom you want sweet Right I will do it tomorrow)
Uma – Venda na Naaney panni tharen padhir peni ku badila chappathi pannida porel ( Not needed Vimal ji I will do it else it will be like chappathi instead of Padhir peni )
Subramanian look shocked
Uma & Chandra dadi Laughed at him
Chandra dadi – Seri di ma naalaikey nee sweet panni tha ippo naan Upma saaptukren ( ok Uma you do sweet tomorrow itself I’ll have Khichdi now )
Vimal – Uma you to join us
These three started to have Khichdi , Uma expressed thanks through her eyes to Vimal he too responded ok
After having dinner Vimal Uma moved to their Room Chandra dadi moved to her Room

Subuma Room (couple Name for Subramaniam and Umayavalli)
Subramaniam – Uma
Uma – neku puridhu na neenga enna sola varel nu enna seiya sila neram amma va purinjika mudila sila neram adjust pannikra sila neram panna matten nu solra neengalum Jagan sonna mattum da purinjikra (I can understand Vimal ji what you are trying to tell I cant understand ma sometimes she adjust herself sometimes she doesnt she accept oly if you Or Jagan says)
Subramaniam – Uma avaaluku vayasu aayidhuthu Ava ippdi dan Seri enna Dan Ava adjust pannra maamiyar ah irundhalum konjam appo apo ava kozhanda maari Adam pudikra appa apo inda maari nadandukra enna panradhu namma adjust panni dan ponum uma  (Uma she is adjusting mom – in – law but she is getting old too sometimes she is behaving like a small kid we should adjust her Uma)
Uma – Mm appo apo ennaku Veda ( Atu ) vaiyum Veena ( Anu ) vaiyum pakra maari iruku

 ( Mm Sometimes  I Feel like she behaves like Veda and Veena (Atu & Anu))  ( she chuckles )

Subramaniam – mm ofcourse why not if they get aged they will behave like children
Uma – Seri enna dhidirnu Jagan London poitaan (what happened suddenly jagan Left for London)

Subramaniam – enna di ma maranthutiya Namma Janaki kum Rishab kum nala kazhichu wedding Anniversary va aache ( What Uma you Forgot?? Day After tomorrow is Janaki-Rishabh’s wedding Anniversary )
Uma – Ada Ama Na maranthe poitan ( yeah i totally forgot )
Subramaniam – enna panradhu di ma unaku vara vara konjam konjam vayasu aagudhu oru naal ennayea marakka pora paaru ( what to do you to getting old one day you will forget me too) saying this he laughs
Uma – enna pannradhu na ungala maare nekum vayasu aaradu nu radhe marakren(what to do vimal ji like you Im also getting old so obviously I’m forgetting things)

Subramaniam pouts since he doesn't like anybody saying him he is looking like aged man according to him he is still sweet 16 Uma laughs at him& Continues - Seri Seri Cricket match enna Aachu yaar win panna (ok ok what happened in cricket match who...

Subramaniam pouts since he doesn’t like anybody saying him he is looking like aged man according to him he is still sweet 16
Uma laughs at him& Continues – Seri Seri Cricket match enna Aachu yaar win panna (ok ok what happened in cricket match who won )

Vimal face get brightens – ofcourse India Dan Namma Karan Aadracha enda team Aachu win panna vitruvana enna (ofcourse its INDIA how can our karan let other team to win )

Uma - Mm Yennna Enna decide panradhu Vinneth Kalyanatha pathi 2 naal munna pathutu vandha ponnu ok thana (Mm Vimal ji what we can decide about vineeth's marriage i think the girl we have seen before 2 days is ok )Subramaniam - enna pesindruka nee ...

Uma – Mm Yennna Enna decide panradhu Vinneth Kalyanatha pathi 2 naal munna pathutu vandha ponnu ok thana (Mm Vimal ji what we can decide about vineeth’s marriage i think the girl we have seen before 2 days is ok )
Subramaniam – enna pesindruka nee namma enna di decide panradhu life Avanodadhu Namma decide panna enna iruku Avanuku pudichidu na ok (what are you talking Uma how we can take his  life’s decision its his life he should take decision if it is ok for him then its on for me too )

Uma – seri na decision avandu dhan ana  avn enda ponnayium pakka kuda varea maatraney, evlo naalaiku dan ipdey irupan (Ok Vimal ji its his decision but he didn’t come to see any girl till now, how many days will he be like this)

Subramaniam – you know right what happened to him

Uma – ama na avanuku love failure tha adukaaga ipdey vitralam nu nenachitu irukela(yeah he had a llove failure but how long we will be leaving him like this )
Subramaniam – no not at all obviously uma he will be at pain but how much time he will be keep running from his pains one day or the other he will move on that time we will make a decision

Uma – Adukaga evlo naal wait panradhu vineeth kalyanam pannadhu ku aprom dhana Namma jagan kalyanam panradha pathi nammalala yosika mudiyum yenna namma aathuku oru maatu ponna azhachitu varanumnu neku mattram illa Amma kum aasai adu thappa (till how much we will wait for him we have do Vineeth’s weedding first after that only we can think for jagan’s wedding why vimal ji Both me and Maaji wish to bring a Daughter in law to this house is it wrong??)

Subramaniam – Why are you disappointed Uma soon Vineeth will be seeing his bride and he will be marrying the girl just think the time has not come soon you will be welcoming your Daughter-in law

but still Umayavalli is standing with stern face

making her sit next to him – Uma dont get worry ill speak to him about this Allaince tomorrow with him ok

Umayavalli get convinced they both get ready for sleeping


After match finished adithya left for his home with Kabir and Rishabh and family reached their home
Anu and Atu slept due to tiredness
Rishabh and Nakshatra was talking and Pugazh was cooking
Rishabh – Janu why you told Jagan to cook he is our guest right
Nakshatra – No Rishabh I didn’t tell him he himself said that he will cook today

Pugazh arranged dinner on the Table
He came to Rishra ( Rishabh and Nakshatra couple name or guys you please suggest me a couple name )
Pugazh – Janaki, Athimber (jiju) dinner ready
Nakshatra – ok Pugazh I’ll call my angels you both go and start your dinner
Rishabh – no it’s ok jaanu I’ll call them
Nakshatra – but Rishabh …
Rishabh – o common yaar I’ll call them
Nakshatra smiled and say ok
Rishabh went upstairs to check out his angels who was sleeping
Rishabh – Anu Atu get up dears, let you both have dinner and you can sleep again
As usual Anusha got up
Dhanusha – papa pls 5 minutes
Rishabh laughs – ok I’ll go and have your favourite Gobi paratha
Dhanusha gets up with a Jerk and asks – what Gobi paratha
Rishabh – fun Baba now common and have your dinner , tomorrow definitely I’ll bring
Dhanusha again act like sleeping  Rishabh lifted her up
Anu started laughing by clapping hands – hey Sooper Papa (clapping hands)

Dining Area

Rishabh brings Atu who was screaming to leave her NakshPuga duo shocked to see Atu and Anu was happily following her dad next moment Nakshatra started to laugh

Nakshatra – (laughing) what is this Rishabh

pugazh – Yeah Athimber why you bring Atu like this

Rishabh – She was Acting like sleeping so I have to bring her like this

Dhanusha – No ill not eat I don’t want Papa lied to me(by turning her face to the other side)

pugazh – what papa said

Dhanusha- papa lied he had prepared Gobi Paratha so i dont want dinner

Nakshatra – why Rishabh ??

Rishabh – Jan what to do she was acting to wake her up I used this kind of idea

Dhanusha – thats not alright he have to get punishment

Nakshatra – what is this Dhanu( in Angry tone )

Dhanusha – ma dad only said that if anyone does a mistake they have to bear the punishment right dad

 Rishabh – yeah jaan Im the one who told the kids that  what is the punishment

janu and Jagan were surprised by Atu’s behaviour

Rishabh continues – tell me Atu madam what you want me to do

Dhanusha- for the upcoming cultural event I want you and mom to attend it that too from the front seat because we both are playing roles in the play deal ??

Rishabh smiles and Replies – ok deal Me And your mumma will attend (Anu and atu shouts “Yeah”) now shall we have dinner

Anu and Atu – Thanks PAPA

Pugazh pull their cheeks and sain like mother like daughters

They had dinner and Rishabh went upstairs with kids to make them sleep and pugazh was discussing with Nakshatra

Pugazh – hey Janaki ennaadi solra epo pesna Karan kuda nee

 Nakshatra – Medhuva da un Athimber ku kekapodhu match mudinja apram neenga parking ponela apa naan restroom poren sonnala apo dan naan karan pakka ponen


Nakshatra requested jagadeeshwaran to see Karan

Jagdeeshwaran accepted and took her to Karan

J- Karan someone have come to see you

K – who is it

Karan was standing like a stone since he could not beleive his eyes he met the same girl who saved his and his bhai’s reputation once

K- You here what a pleasant surprise Nakshatra ji how are you ? Uma aunty

They both shaked their hands

Nakshtra – Fine you and family ?

Karan – Fine

Jagdeeswaran also shocked – you both know eachother

They both nod

jagdeeshwaran – how

Karan – its a long story ill tell you later

Nakshatra – I came here to thank you Karan for saving my Anu and Atu

Karan  confused – Anu atu??

  J-  Remember That twins Anusha dhanusha we saved ( karan noded ) She is their Mom

Karan surprised and Shocked- OMG t..hat that two little angels are your daughters

Nakshatra noded – Ah karan well once again thank you for saving them Actually Anu have Agoraphobia Fear of open spaces or crowds thats why she was scared

to be continued…

Precap – Rishra’s Anniversary , Krithika’s Decision , Kareena released or not ??

Thanks for the Love and support my dear readers I’m overwhelmed by your response and comments 😃 sorry guys for late update since I was busy in my Brother’s marriage I couldn’t update hope you guys understand

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