Bestie to my best partner – Chapter 4

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Hello hi friends thank you for love for this story, A big sorry for not updating so let’s start

Out of commentary area
Nakshatra was searching for her kid then finally she got her Anu back
Jagadeeshwaran was with her two kids , he brought them back since the Players were busy in discussion he said he is ok by accompanying them & ready to take them with him
Nakshatra was first surprised to see Atu with Anu , later on she was sure Atu never gonna listen to her & will do opposite what she says
Nakshatra hugged her two kids , then
Nakshatra – how Are you Anu you are alright right
Anusha – I’m fine ma

Nakshatra – where were you Anu you know how Mumma got scared , & Atu you I said not to move from there but you don’t listen to me at all you are becoming naughty day by day
Dhanusha pouts cutely for her mom’s scoldings & say – sorry
Nakshatra – ok ok don’t keep your face like that next time I’ll not going to accept your sorry do you understand

Jagadeeshwaran was smiling at the babies & their mom

Turns to Jagadeeshwaran – thank you so much saving my baby & getting my babies back to me by the way hi I am Nakshatra

Jagadeeshwaran – hi I am Jagadeeshwaran no it’s alright it’s our duty , Actually Karan only saved your baby ,

Nakshatra first shocked little after listening to the name Karan
Just then they announced that the match is gonna start
Jagadeeshwaran – o ho sorry the match gonna start i have to go keep them safe (towards Anu & Atu ) bye kids

Anusha & Dhanusha also says “bye ”

Nakshatra – Anu who saved you this man Right ,
Anusha said Donno,
Nakshatra – ( in low voice ) may be he might be wrong or may be I listened wrong,
Dhanusha – no mamma you listened Right
Nakshatra – ah ??
Dhanusha – Karan Chicha only saved Anu
Nakshatra was shocked – Karan ?? How do you know Atu ??
Dhanusha – after you left mamma I moved out to search Anu there I saw Karan chicha lifted Anu & handed over to that uncle & I just followed them but since I was little I could not reach them at time I reached little late just then a big uncle Came out of dressing room I told I am looking for Anu she is my Twin Sister & I told him that she was taken here & he took me till Anu that’s it
Anusha – what happened mamma ??

Nakshatra – nothing come we have to go to our seat
Anu & Atu – yeah mamma
Nakshatra moved to their seat with Anu & Atu with a confused & Shocked face

Delhi , India

Luthra mansion

Krithika – Mahesh Papa ( shouted )
Mahesh – what happened dear why are you shouting
Krithika – see here the match is starting up again
Mahesh – really ( excited )
Krithika – ah yes yes

Mahesh – let me call him
Mahesh was trying to Call Karan
Finally Karan picked up the call
Karan – ah Papa boliyea ( Ah dad tell me )
Mahesh – kya boliyea kitna bhar mene koshish ki tum phone kyu nahi utaya Acha chal all the best beta aaj tum zaroor jeethega ( what tell me how many times should I call you , why you did not picked up my call that’s alright All the Best today definitely you will win )
Karan – thanks Papa , vo actually mene thoda busy tha isiliye ( that’s actually I was little busy )

In the mean time krithika asked the phone to speak with her Karan bhai
Mahesh – Karan ek min hamara krithika tumsey baath karna chahta hai ( Karan one min our krithika wants to speak with you )
Krithika takes the phone
” Bhaiyuu All the best definitely aaj India jeethega Aap aapki best deiyea bas ” ( Bro All The Best definitely today India will win , just you give your best )
Karan – ok meri ma by the way preeta & Aarav kahan hai ( ok chief , by the way where is Preeta & Aarav )
Krithika – Ohoo Romance ah !!!( In a teasing way )
Karan – eisa kuch nahi bas uska saath Baath karna chahta hun ( it’s not like that just I wanna talk with her )
Krithika – mmmm ok ok

She takes the phone to preeta
Krithika – Bhabhi ( Sis – in – Law )
Preeta – arey come come krithika kya hua ( krithika what happened ?? )
Krithika – Bhabhi bhai is on the line Baath Kariyea unse ( sis- in-law , Bro is on the line speak with him )
Preeta – what ??
Krithika – yeah speak with him
Saying this krithika left the room after handovering the phone to preeta
Preeta – ah bolo ( ah tell me )
Karan – kya bolo ( what tell me ?? )

Preeta – aur nahi tho kya ek phone nahi utasakthey tha Kitna baar mujhe tuje call kiya tha Karan par nahi tuje kisiko fikar nahi Mene kal call kiya tabhi phone nahi utaya , humesha mei tuje call karna padta hai Hena ek baar bhi tum call back nahi karsakte right ??( then what can’t you take a call , how many times should I call you, you don’t care any one I called you yesterday but you didn’t pick up nor called me back , always I have to call you , can’t you call back for a single time )
Karan – shant hojaiyea patni ji acha sorry , wese bhi aaj mene call kiya tha tu bhi call nahi utaya , actually muje tumse ek Baath kehney keliyea call tha par ab mei nahi bolunga ( ok calm down Ms Wife ok I’m sorry well I too called you in the Morning, but you didn’t pick up , actually I called you to tell a important thing but I’ll not tell you now )

Preeta – acha teekey kya bolna chahta hoon ( okay what you want to tell )

Karan – nahi bataaunga ( no I’ll not tell you )

Preeta – Arey bolna ( arey tell me )

Karan – teekey muje late hora hai match ke Baath mey call karunga jab mei bataaunga ok bye( ok I’m getting late I call you after match got over )

Preeta – acha ek min ( ah ok one min )

Karan – kya ( what )

Preeta – bye Love you all d best ( smiling )

Karan – thanks love you ( smiles)

Both cut the call & Started to think about each other

Now only Karan feels free because without his Wife’s scoldings he feels incomplete

Here preeta smiles & enjoys her Husband’s behaviour she also feels incomplete without scolding Karan

This Little fights only makes them PreeRan
Rakhi – Preeta beta
Preeta who was in the thoughts of Karan comes out of the trance & replies ” ji ma Aarahi hu ” ( Ah ma coming )
Rakhi was in the kitchen

Preeta reaches there – Ma !!
Rakhi – beta muje kuch samajh mei nahi aaya kya karu ab chakar kaha hai ( dear I couldn’t understand what to do where is sugar )
Preeta – chakar tho yahan hai third shelf mei ek min mei utathi hu ( Sugar is here in the third shelf )
She takes Sugar & gives to Rakhi
Preeta – Ma kya karney wale kuch kheer banyiea aapkey haath kheer bohot miss karahi hu mei (Ma what are you going to do make kheer , I’m missing your kheer a lot)
Rakhi – Vahi thou banana keliyea jarahu mei ( that’s what I’m going to do )
She was standing confused donno what to do after having such a strange dream
Preeta see her – Ma kya hua aapko( Ma what happened to you ??)
Rakhi – Muje kya hua puttar mei thou teeku ( what happened to me dear I’m fine )
Preeta – nahi kuch to hai ( no there is something )
Rakhi – arey puttar ji mei teek hun ( arey dear I’m fine )
( By turning to other side )

Preeta – nahi ma ( No Ma ) ( by making her to face her ) ab bathaiya Baath kya hai mere aankhon dekh kar bathaiya ( Now tell me what is it look into my eyes & tell)
Rakhi tries to avoid but she couldn’t since she can’t hide from her daughter she start to cry by leaning on Preeta ‘s Shoulder
Preeta got shocked – Ma ma kya hua aap ro kyu Rey( Ma Ma what happened to you why are you Crying )
Slowly Rakhi said all things about her Dream
Rakhi – muje bohot dar lagta hai preeta mei kya karu ?? Agar sapney sach hua tho ?? Agar mere beta muje nafrat karney lagi tho nahi mei sehai nahi sakta mei … ( I’m afraid Preeta what shall I do now by chance if my dream comes reality then ?? By chance if My son start to hate me then no no I can’t bear ..)

Preeta was shell shocked she doesn’t know what to tell just calmed down Rakhi
Preeta – Ma Ma dekhiyea ese bilkul nahi hoga apko patha hai kyu ?? Kyuki Rishabh ji aapki beta aapko kese nafrat karegi vo , Rishabh ji mere Dosth bhi hai aur vo bohot samjdar bhi ese kabhi nahi hoga BOHOT JAL VAPAS AAYEGA , wese bhi eh toh sirf sapna hai ( Ma Ma look at me it’ll not at all gonna happen you know why because Rishabh ji is your son why will he hate you Rishabh ji is my Best Friend & matured also it will not happen SOON HE WILL COME BACK TO US , and it’s just a dream..)
Rakhi – par beta …( but dear )
Preeta – Ma shssh iske baare mei Zyada math sochiyea bas ( Ma shssh don’t think lot about this enough )
hugged her & calmed down her
Two pair of eyes was watching & shocked after listening to the weird dream
It’s krithika & Roo

Krithika hurriedly Run to her Room closed her Room
ROO followed her and stood outside of Krithika’s Room with a sad face

Krithika – sab Meri vajase horahai Hena ( everything is because of me right ) ( in a guilty voice )
Roo – nahi di Aapki vajase kuch bhi nahi please door Koliyea ( No sister it’s not because of you please open the door )
Roo – Nahi di please iske liye aap kudh ko takleef mat deiyea aapko kuch nahi pata haina mey aapse Request karahi hu darwaaza Koliyea ( No sister don’t hurt yourself for this , you donno anything right please sister I request you Open the door )

Krithika – Nahi mene bhi vo so called Ex – Fiànce aur mere apne so called ma ko beleive kiya uss gandhe ki Baath maani Par un logo Ney muje bohot bada dokha diya ( No even I also believed my Ex – Fiànce& my so called mom I listened to them but they made me fool) ( by crying out of extreme Angry ) agar uss din mene apne Bhai ka beleive kiya hotha tha Aaj mere bhai yahan kush hotey they hamara saath haina Roo mene usko Baath nahi maani Right ( suppose that day if I listened to my brother then by today he would be here happily with us right I didn’t listened him Right )

Roo – ese kuch nahi hain please Di darwaaza Koliyea , di aap aise ro math please Darwaaza Koliyea i beg you di aapko tabiyat kharab ho jayega agar ese Ro yengey tho please open the door ( its not like that sister please open the door , please Sister don’t cry like this I beg you Sister if you cry like this your health will get worse )
After listening to the sound Mahesh Comes there
Mahesh – Roo beta kya hua batao na krithika kahan hai ( Roo dear what happened tell me where is Krithika ??)
Roo – Dad di darwaaza band kardiya ( Dad sister has closed the door )
Mahesh – kyu kya hua ??( Why ?? What happened ??)

Roochika explained what all they listened about their Mom’s Dream
Mahesh – o God now 🤦 this too Roo tumey patha haina krithika abhi teek hun , PICHLE 3 SAAL VO DEPRESSION MAI THA na (Roo you know right now only Krithika is fine but LAST 3 YEARS SHE WAS IN THE DEPRESSION )
Roo – ah dad par Mene kya kiya hum tho bus aise suna par mene expect nahi kiya tha Di ese react karega ( Ah dad I know but i didn’t do anything just we listened to mom unexpectedly , but I didn’t expect sister will react like this )
Mahesh – teeke teekey ese muh math rak( ok ok don’t keep your face like that )
Mahesh also tap the door ” beta please chalo darwaaza kolo meri kasam tum abhi iss wakt darwaaza kolo na ( dear please open the door swear on me you have to open the door now itself )
Krithika – chacha please ( uncle please )
Mahesh – agar tum muje apna baba samajh riyo muje , agar iss Baath sach hai tho darwaaza kolo ( suppose if you regard me as your Father then open the door )
Finally she opened the door , Mahesh & Roochika Rushed Towards her she messed her hair they noticed a injection

Mahesh got Shocked
Mahesh – Bacha ye….. Kya ( dear w…hat i..s this ?) ( His Trembling hands showed the towards the direction of Injection ) Injection !tumney phirse consume kiya hai kya ?? ( Injection do you consume again ??) ( he shaked her )
Krithika replied – Nahi baba ( No dad ) ( still crying ) I’m as sorry baba mere galti Hena na sab Meri vajase horahai Hena ( I’m sorry dad everything is going on only because of me right??)
Mahesh immediately hugged her – Nahi bacha tumarey vajase kuch bhi nahi please ro math mere sweetheart Hena tum ab dekna HAMARA RISHABH BOHOT JALD SEY WAPAS AAYEGA HAMARA PASS jab ese roega tho usko acha nahi lagega na apney aansuon pocho(No dear it’s not because of you & please don’t cry you are my Sweetheart right see VERY SOON OUR RISHABH WILL COME TO US when you cry like this then he will feel bad Right wipe your tears ) ( wipes her tears) aur kabhi socho math ki drugs use karney ki ( And don’t Ever think to use Drugs )
Krithika nods
Mahesh caress her head next moment she get tired & faints in Mahesh hands

Mahesh lifts her & place her in her bed safely & Informs Roo that he is going to call the doctor till that take good Care of Krithika
Roochika nods
Roochika receives a call she covers krithika with a bedsheet & comes towards balcony & speaks

Here kids & Nakshatra was enjoying the match

Suddenly a touch on the shoulder made Nakshatra to scream she turns to see the person

Next moment she got relief After seeing a man of her age
The man start to laugh ” Am I looking very scary ” ( in a teasing tone& sat near her )
Nakshatra – Idiot !! ( In a frustration tone start to beat him ) you should have called me , ippdi Dan yaravadhu kupuduvala ( Is this a way to call someone ??)
Next moment Anusha & Dhanusha screams in Excitement “Mama”( Uncle ) & hugs the guy
The guy hugs them ” one min ”
He takes chocolate from backside of their earlobe & gives them
Anusha & Dhanusha get excited & says – Thanks Mama( Thanks Uncle )

Nakshatra smiles at them
Nakshatra – Inga eppa da Vandhey ( when did you came )
That guy – kalambara Dan immigration la konjam late ayiduthu (morning only, in immigration I got little late )

Nakshatra – unnaku yaar sonna naan Inga irukanu ( who told you I was here )

That guy – ama idu periya thanga malar ragasiyam paru( I think It’s not a big secret ), ( Nakshatra glared him making him Chuckle) Athimber da sonna kala vandu Rishabh Athimber ku call Panna apa Dan meeting poren sollittu stadium poirukel nu sonnar Ada nera Inga vanten ( Brother – in – law I came & called Rishabh Brother – in – law just then he told me that he is going to meeting & you guys are here so directly I came here )
Nakshatra – mm Eppdi iruka Veetla Amma Appa Anna Patti lam epdi iruka ??( Mmm how Are you ?? others Mom ,Dad , Big bro & grandma ??)

That guy – Ellarum fine , nee epdi iruka ?? ( We all are fine , how are you ??)
Nakshatra – sooper Da aprm enna ivlo dhooram edavadu imp Vela ya ( Sooper da so you came so long Any imp work here )
That guy – adu onum illa nee Veetla eppa paaru Rishabh Athimber tholai panriyamey Ada ORU machana naan Ada Seri pannalamnu vanden ( actually i got to know that you are troubling Rishabh brother in law a lot so as a brother in law I came to stop you from troubling ) ( in a teasing tone )
Nakshatra gets irritated – yaaru naana?? Paakren Da naalaiku unnakunu oruthi varuvalonoa apa Janaki neeyea paravala di nu solvala apa pathukren ( who is troubling me !! I’ll see when you get married that time you will itself tell me Janaki you was better ) ( fake Anger )
That guy – aiyoo Janaki ma Naan chumma unta vilayanda Inga paaren( O god Janaki I’m just Playing with you look at me ) ( in a pleasing tone next moment ) apdinu solvenu ethir paathiya Janaki alies Nakshatra ( did you expect this from me Janaki alies Nakshatra)
Nakshatra start to beat him holds his ears & Start to twist

That guy – valikudu di kullachi ( ah it’s paining shorty ) ( by holding ears )
Nakshatra – Jagan porum idu Ku apram eda sonna ennaku keta kovam vandurum solliten ( Jagan enough tis is the limit of tell one word extra I’ll not be silent )
Let’s take his name as Jagan
Jagan become silent because he knows about Nakshatra well if he continue his fun making section she will become devil
Jagan – ok Jan pls don’t make your face like that it actually proof that you are Atu’s mom
Nakshatra pouts
Jagan pulls her cheeks & laughs @ her
Anu & Atu giggles seeing their Mom behaving like a child
Nakshatra sees her Naughty daughters making her fun ” ennanga di idu unga mama voda serndu neengalum kekabeca nu sirikrel enna keli panni ” ( what is this kids you too joined your Uncle start to making fun of me )
Jagan – podum di en kutties ah thittada ( enough janu don’t scold kids )

“Enna nadakradhu Inga”( what’s happening here ) saying this Rishabh arrives there making Anusha sit on his lap he takes seat
Nakshatra makes Dhanusha to seat on her lap
Jagan – onum illa pa chumma fun ah pesitu irundhom ( nothing just we were talking
Rishabh – illa yea enda naan car park pannitu varathukula enna galata panta en jannu kutty ( it seems not like that what have you done why my Jaanu is sad ) ( by crossing his hands around Nakshatra’s shoulder for which Nakshatra looks him proudly )
Jagan – pa Naa onnum pannala Mr Jija ji enna oru protection ( god I didn’t do any thing Mr. Brother in law , what a lovely protection )
Nakshatra – one minute what you said Rishu , neengala Ivana Azhachitu vandeyl ( did you get him here )

Jagan was hiding himself
Rishabh nodded & continued – yen unta Jagan solla la janu ( yeah why Jagan didn’t inform you ??)
Nakshatra glared him Nakshatra became angry Rishabh calmed down her, but nakshatra got up from the place
Jagan – hey Janaki nillu di ( hey Janaki stop )
But Nakshatra left without listening to her brother’s call
Jagan – Jija ji what is this
Rishabh – Jagan leave it she will come after buying some eatables
Jagan – how do you know jiju
Rishabh – because she is my wife & Bestie forever
Jagan smiles at him

Jagan ‘s pov
I’m sure janu is lucky to have jiju has husband but one fear is when jiju comes to know about Janu’s secret mission sure he will get angry & can do any thing please God save their friendship & Love
Pov ends

Nakshatra left to pantry area to buy some eatables since it’s a habbit of Nakshatra aka Janaki devi ( nakshatra’s name @ her mom’s home ) to have some thing when she
is upset , she bought waffles with chocolate sauce for Jagan , masala & caramel popcorn for Anu & Atu because they love popcorns , cheesecakes & soft drink for Rishabh , last but not the least She bought for her French Fries , Aloo maggie with cheddar cheese, cotton candy ( for her oly 😜) & ended with hot chocolate

She bought these things & came back to the seat to find out someone was with Anu & Atu & Jagan was talking with him Rishabh was missing, she called out ” Jagan ”
She see the person & get shocked

Precap – fun moments of twins with their uncles finally devar meet bhabhi
Flashback scenes

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  1. Jasminerahul

    good that nakshatra realized that it was karan who was with her child.preeta complaining to karan n i love u part was cute.karan cant live without preeta’s scoldings.ha ha.why does rakhi think that rishab will hate her…why does krithika feel guilty..ex fiance means anything to do with akshay?shocking that krithika was in depression n tried to take drugs.mahesh krithika scene was emotional.nakshatra jagan rishab n kids scene was Nakshatra’s secret mission trying to know about the luthras?Did nakshatra see Karan?which actor plays jagan?
    plz update ur rumya ff

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