Bestie to my best partner – Chapter 2

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Precap – introduction of Rishabh’s cute family , meeting the Luthras , Atu’s interest in cricket & wish to go to stadium

Arora bhavan
Preeta & Shrishti comes hug Sarla
Sarala – andar aayina Rakhi ji ,
Rakhi comes inside

Sarala having a happy tears – mere baccho kese hai tum dono ( my dears how r u both ??)
Preeta & Shrishti with same happy tears – kush hai ma aur Aap kese ma ( happy ma how r u ??)
Sarala – kush hu ( I’m happy )
Rakhi – aap kese hai
Shrishti – ma aap Ko patha hai jab mei iss di sey kerahu mei aapko milna chathi hai wo hamessha muje boltha ki Kaam hai Kaam ( ma you know when I was telling that I want to meet you but preeta sister told she has work , work , work )
Prabulta – just shut up choti

Pragya – o god Abhi bhi tum apni hey bache waali harkate chodi nahi ( o god even now you are acting like a kid )

Bulbul – for god sake you are now a Mom

Preeta – & you have a son of 1&1/2 year old

Shrishti – OMG AAP teeno muje daat riyo ma AAP dekiye na inney ye kese karthey hum dono pyaar ki Dushman( Omg you three are scolding me you see ma this three are our love’s enemy ( by standing behind Sarla )
All her three sisters frowns to her statement

Sarala – tum na bilkul nahi badla Pragya, Bulbul aur preeta bilkul teek kerahi hai ( you didn’t change at all, this three are Right)

Voice – oii koi bhi meri choti Ko kuch nahi bolega ( Oii no one should say against my Choti)
Shrishti turns to the owner of the voice & scream ” dadu”
Runs & hugs dadi
Shrishti – I Missed you so much ??

Dadi – I missed you too ??

Dadi – oii tumlog vahan kyu kade kade dekhriyo aaja ( oii why you guys standing there & looking us come )
Arora sister hugs their dadi

In the mean time Sarala makes Rakhi sit in the couch

Dadi – Rakhi beta kese hai aap?? ( Rakhi dear how r you ??)

Rakhi – pighi me teeku AAP kese hai aapka tabiyat kese hai ( Mom I’m fine , how r you , how is your health )

Dadi – teeku ( fine )

Arora girls are chitchatting
Sarala was preparing special dishes for her daughters
Shrishti suddenly came to kitchen

Shrishti – Ma tell me one thing how do you all came here Delhi & you didn’t inform us , yeh house ??
Sarala – Shrishti meiney kuch nahi Kiya apney behene sey pucho unlogo Ney hamey yahan transfer karney keliyea kaha ( Shrishti I didn’t do anything , ask your sisters they only told to transfer here ) saying this she left the kitchen
Shrishti ‘s pov
kya Pragya di Ne Kiya phir bulbul Ney kaha ( what Pragya sister or Bulbul told ) ( she told little loud )
Pragya – me !! ( Making an entry )
Preeta – Kya ?? ( What )
Shrishti – par kese ??( But how?? )

Pragya – first tumara 2 Jiju Ney apney business shift Kiya aur humne bhi phir socha ki kyu nahi ma Ko bhi shift kardete so isliye humney yaha shift Kiya (first your brother in law’s changed their business here so we also then thought why not we can shift ma also we shifted ma here )
We sold Kumkum Bhagya hall & our home with the amount we bought this home , ma also thought to start a catering service here with the remaining amount

Preeta- this much happened when

Pragya – last month we decided , we shifted last week

Shrishti – why have you not told me di
I’ll not talk to you ( with fake anger)
Preeta – me too

Pragya – arey mere pyari behene look here agar bathadetha hota tho ( arey my lovely sisters if I told you ) it won’t be a surprise Right
Still they are unaffected
Pragya – Ok I’m taking the Gajar halwa back to your Jiju

Shrishti – kya di aapney hamariliye Gajar ka halwa laya hai ?( what sister you bought kajar halwa for us

Pragya – ha Lekin tum to muj par naraz thi na ( ha but you were angry on me right ??)

Preeta – ah di

Pragya – ok Bulbul come here

Bulbul – what di ?

Pragya – Shrishti aur preeta keliyea humney laya na vo gajar halwa SAB Ko Dene , shirshti & preeta mujse naraz hai ( gajar halwa which we brought for Preeta & Shrishti right give them to everyone , Shrishti & Preeta are angry on me )

Preeta & Shrishti – di this is not fair?
Pragya & bulbul laughs at them

Pragya pulls their cheeks – Awww, come I’ll give you Gajar ka halwa

Preeta – I accept it but on one condition Di , bulbul, choti AAP muje promise kariyea AAP log mujse kuch nahi chupayea ( you guys should promise that you should not hide any thing from me )
Pragya – ok promise , one more thing you should promise us
Bulbul & Shrishti in unison – yeah di AAP bhi humse promise Kariyea ( you also promise us )
Preeta- ok I too promise you
Shrishti & Bulbul – then we too
Pragya – Ok then come I brought kachori too let’s eat
Preeta & Shrishti – kya kachori bhi !!
Shrishti – arey Wah di ( by kissing on her cheeks ) AAP thou best hai , ( you are the best )
Pragya – ok ok apney drama band kar aur Aao ( stop your drama & come )
Preeta & Bulbul gives hi-fi ? & laughs
Shrishti pouts sadly ?
Pragya feeds Shrishti first , Bulbul , & Preeta , sisters have their time with teasing, fun

After some time Preeta Shrishti left to Luthra mansion with Rakhi , Pragya Bulbul left to Mehra mansion

Preeta & Shrishti was happy since they met their sisters after a long time the day passed with happiness , Sameer also returned home happy as he cracked the deal with a London clients

Next day begins


Lovely home

The day start lovely for Rishabh’s family ,
Nakshatra was cooking in the kitchen Rishabh was busy in a call , Anu & Atu was just then got up from their sleep ,
Nakshatra comes to her kids room to find Anu Atu were wide awake
Nakshatra – Anu , Atu come we have to go to Cricket stadium Right get ready dears
Dhanusha – what mamma are we going to stadium today ( excited )

Nakshatra nods her head
Dhanusha was on the cloud nine
Dhanusha – yea Anu we are going to stadium !!! Yeah yeah
Hugs Nakshatra & says ” thank you Maa ”

Nakshatra – ok ok go & get fresh up

Anu & Atu start to get ready
Rishabh – Jan come here for a minute
Nakshatra – ah ah Rishu coming

Rishabh who was ready waiting for his wife
Nakshatra – what happened Rishu suddenly awestruck at his dress
Then she bursted to laugh ” OMG Rishu what is this , this is the same shirt right Anu & Atu painted when they were 2 years old why you wore this
Rishabh – stop laughing yaar
Nakshatra – ( controlling) ok ok
Rishabh – why you taken this dress out I weared without noticing
Nakshatra – I was searching for your new purple shirt that time my eyes got stuck on this cute shirt ( continue to giggle)

Rishabh – Cute ?? Really ?? Then ??

Nakshatra – suddenly the cooker called me I left next moment & totally forgot

Rishabh – Cooker ???

Nakshatra – Pressure Cooker

Rishabh – you are just impossible nakshu

Nakshatra – cool down Mr RL , I’ll take you another shirt ,

Just then Anu called “Maa”
By searching the shirt
Nakshatra – ah Anu what happened dear
Anu – maa please come here
In that mean time she finds Rishabh’s suit & she hand-over it to him & she reach Anu & Atu’s Room , she see Anu got stuck while wearing her white shirt , Nakshatra laughed & murmured ” father & daughter are same in dressing ”
Nakshatra – Anu what is this

Anusha – maa first help me
Nakshatra – ok ok
Nakshatra helped her in removing  the shirt
Nakshatra – now tell what happened , why you wore Atu’s shirt
Anusha – first I told Atu to take our dress to wear , I went for a bath , when I came back she said white shirt is for me , you itself tell maa both are white , which I have to wear I’m confused

Nakshatra laughed – aww my Ms. Perfectionist ?? come mamma will make you wear the shirt
In the mean time Atu came out after taking bath
Dhanusha – mamma why my shirt is on the floor
Anusha – Atu why have u not mentioned my shirt for today
Dhanusha – but I mentioned Anu you didn’t listened it
Anusha – yeah but you were wrong
Dhanusha – what mamma see her I mentioned white shirt

Anusha – yeah you mentioned white shirt , both are white shirts
Dhanusha – Common Anu you could have asked me
Anusha – ah ah asked me ( dramatically)
Rishabh comes there due to sudden sound ” what’s happening here “

Dhanusha – Dada see here how she made my shirt
Anusha – No dada I didn’t do it intentionally , it was her mistake , she didn’t say me clearly
Dhanusha – no Dada she done it intentionally Rishabh come down to their level – ok ok calm down kids ( towards nakshatra ) – Jan what happened
Nakshatra explained the whole scenario
Rishabh turns towards his babies
“Anu & Atu it’s both of your mistake first Atu you should have explained clearly , & Anu you should have not spoiled her dress so both of you say sorry to each other whether intentionally or not you both should not fight like this, & first apologize or accepting apologize to your closed one will not make you down ok say sorry dears
Dhanusha – I’m sorry Anu
Anusha – I’m sorry Atu
Saying this the both hug each other
Both parents feel elated watching this

Nakshatra – ok ok Atu I’ll iron your dress come ,& Rishu you go & have the break fast I’ll make them ready & come down
Rishabh – no problem Jan I’ll help you today &  I’ll drop you till stadium
Dhanusha – dada are you not coming ( with a sad face)
Rishabh – Atu I’ll come after  completing a meeting , then we will go for a Outing too ok??
Anusha – you should come dada
Rishabh –  definitely Anu
The family got ready & had their Breakfast , Rishabh drops the girls out side the stadium, & leaves for his  office to attend the meeting

Everybody was Rushing inside the stadium in that crowd she was holding 2 girls in the Rush she lost the hold of her one of her Daughters

Precap – a little girl was searching for her Mom & sister & caught by a man

Will the person will help her ??

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