My Best Memories With You (Kaanchi) Chapter 1

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Chapter One
A great mansion came into the vision and a handsome man came out of the mansion wearing formal clothing. He outside the mansion and signalled his driver to accelerate the car which was at rest. He had a frustated look on his face and called his fiance. After a minute or two, a girl came running through the mansion gate and bumped straight into the man .The man was Kabir and the Girl was Sanchi.

Sanchi : Sorry !

Kabir : It’s ok ! Why were you late ?

Sanchi : There was a heavy traffic.

Kabir : Get in the car

This was the daily conversation of Sanchi and Kabir . Even though enganged, they didn’t even have the relation of friendship between them. Everyday would start with a formal conversation and also end with a formal conversation. After reaching their workplace, Savitri Devi College and Hospital, they went on to their respective cabins . In Sanchi’s cabin her besties cum co-doctors ,Pragya and Isha ,were talking with her .

Sanchi : Where were you guys ? Long time no see

Pragya : We were here only ! You were the one who went on leave

Isha : By the way, how are you feeling being engaged to Dr.Khadoos, I mean Dr.Kabir ?

Sanchi : Keep Quiet Isha ! We don’t want anyone to know about this .

Pragya : As you wish ! We promise we will never mention about it to anyone until you ask us to do.

Sanchi : Thank you Guys !

Kabir was on his way to operation threatre when Ria approached him . As usual she was trying to seduce him but usually Kabir does not pay her attention .

Ria : Kabir !

Kabir : It’s Dr.Kabir for you !

Ria : Oh yeah ! Dr.Kabir, I had some work with you. Are you free this evening ?

Kabir : Dr.Ria, I’m really sorry to say that I’m not free this evening

Ria : Then tomorrow ? It’s your off, right ?

Kabir : No, I have a important conference tomorrow.

Ria : Ok then, carry on .

In the evening the doctors who completed their shift were returning home . Sanchi came out of the hospital and Veer approached her .

Veer : Hi !

Sanchi : Hello !

Veer : Let me drop you

Sanchi : No, thanks ! I can go by myself

Veer : As your wish ! Bye then .(forwards his hand for hand shake)

Sanchi forwards her hand to shake his hand .Sanchi shakes his hand and Veer notices the engagement ring in her hand .

Veer : Ring ? As far I know, you didn’t wear any ring ,then what is this ?

Sanchi : Umm … Actually, Pragya gifted me this and forced me to wear this .

Veer : Pragya gifted you a engangement ring ?

Sanchi : You know how crazy she is !

Meanwhile Kabir came out of the hospital walked straight toward parking area even after noticing Sanchi and Veer.He sat in the car when his phone gave a tick sound . He checked his phone and there was a message of his mother ” You and Sanchi go to the restaurant and have candle light dinner there ”

” Not possible” replied Kabir

“You are engaged to her ” messaged his mother Kusum

” This engagement is a compromise ” replied Kabir

” Whatever you call it, that doesn’t matter for me . You have to take her for dinner and that’s it . ” ordered Kusum.

Kabir finally kept his phone on the car deck with a frowning face and drove off to the entrance of the hospital . He saw Veer still there chattering with Sanchi .

Kabir : Dr.Veer ! Can you excuse Dr.Sanchi for a moment?

Veer : Sure ! I’m going home now !

Veer goes away . Sanchi looks at Kabir with a confused look. Kabir stares Veer till he goes to a fair distance and then looks at Sanchi .

Kabir : Umm..Maa said that we should eat in the restaurant today . So, would you like to come with me ?

Sanchi : Sure ! Dr. Kabir

Sanchi sat in the car and they went to the restaurant . On the way to their home, Isha and Pragya were talking .

Pragya : Don’t you think Sanchi and Dr.Kabir make a good pair ?

Isha : Yes ! I also think that they make a good pair

Pragya : Alas ! They don’t love each other .

Isha : You’re right . Let’s go home anyway

Pragya : Wait a minute ! They don’t love each other but they can be made to love each other, right ?

Isha : What do you mean ?

Pragya : I mean, we can do something so that they love each other .

Isha smiles and gives a thumb up to Pragya .Kabir and Sanchi reach the restaurant. They were escorted to a beautifully decorated table . The Manager of the table came to them

Manager :Good evening ! Sir, we are organising a couple contest in the restaurant. You both look good together. I think you should participate.

Kabir : No, thanks ! We would like to place our order

Manager : Through this contest, the love between you both will bloom more beautifully.Mam, please request sir .

Sanchi looks at Kabir and then at the manager with confused look . Kabir looks at the manager and then at Sanchi . He then nods at the manager

Manager : So, what are your names ?

Kabir: Sanchi and Kabir

To be Continued….

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