The best choice i made – Kaira FF- Chapter 10

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3 months leap:
Naira was now 4 months pregnant and now belly was shown. It was little but noticeable. She put her hand on her stomach and said “I love you baby, only 5 months to go. You mean alot to me. Itna intezaar nahi kar sakti. Please ajao?” She smiled and kartik noticed this. The door was left open and seeing kartik from the side of her eye, she walked towards him and kissed him on the cheek. She loved him so much that she was incomplete without him.

Kartiks pov:
I don’t want to leave her when going to the office. Leaving chotu alone, who will care for her. I looked at our marriage photo album, i was blessed to have both Naira and Chotu in my life. Im excited for the new beginning and years to come. I came with a glass of milk and she drank it all. Im surprised because when she was in 1 month pregnant, she never paid heed to me. Now it was the time for her to eat, drink and exercise healthily. She promised me to keep herself and the chotu healthy. I kissed her on the forehead and said “Take care of yourself Jaan. I don’t want anything wrong to happen to you or the baby. Please take care.” Naira smiled and said “I will if you ring me as always, inquire about chotu and if you take care of yourself. I love you baby.” Kartiks smile grew and said in return “I love you too honey, will always love you. After all my heart only beats for you and you only. I promise to come back early and spend time with you.”

Naira replied with love in her eyes “Thank you, please eat in the office. I want you to take care of yourself. Me and Chotu want you to be healthy too. Okay, it’s time to go. I will ring if i need anything, take care.”
And then Kartik left after kissing chotu and Naira and drove away in his car. Naira looked on and decided to do yoga for chotu. 10 minutes later she was tired and drank milk. She looked in the fridge and noticed a note. It said “Please eat this, i made breakfast for you, i made it with lots of love, enjoy.” Tears rolled down her eyes as she was happy and then ate the breakfast her dear hubby made.
“Thank you” she said.

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