Best 7.30pm show?

Ishq Unplugged:

This show’s first episode aired on 20th April..At Channel V, this show focuses on singing fictional is quite promising show..leads are shown as singing and associated with that field.

Meri Sassu Maa:

Pari and bhavna embark on journey where they learn and accept each other with their flaws..Pari and sattu pair and their chemistry are sizzling the tv..!!!…But due to tough gains trp of 1.1..Bhavna puts rules to pari for going to college..Bhavna husband enters and creates some show is on correct track

Sasural Simar Ka:

No words to say about this show!!!!!They have brought all concepts..Naagin,black magic,ghost,chandamani and now bee!!!!!..Simar has changed into bee now!!After ss.raajmouli Naan e..we are here to watch female lead as bee…so we should give big award to this show..

Kahani Hamari:

This show has brought new leap..Gauri,shivin and ahaan..they fights their own battle..they are from different background..Shivin and ahaan becomes enemies by past..they show youth,modern and friendship tale in new method..

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

There is a leap in show..raman shows his hate towards ishita..more…..If ishita spoke up truth all problems will be solved..but we have to wait becoz…all ekta shows will be dragged but finally they will be united..for eg..Kumkum bhagya 1yr..of tanu more is there..but still people watch that show…yhm trp is 3.1..beating kkb..2.8

Guys now share your opinion about best show at 7.30 slot…for me Meri saasu maa is good..and ssk no words to express.

-Submitted by Narendran

  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    I have submitted the article and my vote goes to meri saasu maa..

  2. Ofcourse yhm

  3. Yhm is the best

  4. U seems somewhat negative about YHM right???

  5. Meri sasu maa and yeh hai mohabbatein are the best serials

  6. Meri saasu maa… Lovely maasaab and cute pair (Pari & sattu) with some twists and turns…

  7. Oh God, a very dangerous time slot. By mistake don’t even switch to colors. My vote is YHM

  8. Ssk horrible

  9. Yeh hai mohabbatein

  10. yhm is the best but for youth ishq unplugged is also really nice.

  11. Yeh Hai Mohabbatei

  12. I vote yhm

  13. Actually I don’t watch any shows at this time slot used to be a big fan of YHM but then typical ekta drama problems And meri saasu Maa was rocking at the beginning only because of pari-sattu pair and also Maa Saab was kinda funny but then that also became boring n SSK no comments as for Ishq unplugged and kahani hamari I have no idea about these two shows at all. So among YHM and meri saasu Maa my vote goes to meri saasu Maa I prefer that over YHM YHM is disappointing these days especially after the leap it’s the same thing over n over again . So vote goes for meri saasu Maa

  14. I think there should be a choice for None Of The Above. None of these shows is watchable.

  15. My vote goes to kahani hamari but i even love meri saasu maa and yhm….hate ssk and no idea about ishq unplugged

  16. Ssk is the best! :p 😀 hahhahaha

  17. YHM losing charm nowadays!

  18. Used to watch bakwas ssk serial fr rosid…nw I’m free frm that torture….n thanks to ssk…becz of that serial…I stpd watching all series…I used to watch stupid ssk..even though plot is disgusting…only fr rosid …lost rosid…its heart break fr me…nw I’m no more interested in any serials…so fr me none of these

  19. Always YHM

  20. Yhm????????? and SSK(NOT AT ALL)????????????

    1. krishnai aka ww

      haha……. ncy comment……. u brought a smile on my face…….

  21. Of course khani hamari is best from all others

  22. krishnai aka ww

    ncy poll bro…. mine s for yhm only….

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