Best 6.30 PM Show?

Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

This show is good social message show about widow remarriage. It has a good concept. Leads are sweet and adorable. Chemistry between Viplav and Dhaani is also good. The leads should have some peaceful time, than many negative entries who try to break them away always.

Zee TV

This show has started recently, but got huge fan following. It gained 2.4 TRP on first week. It then reduced in following weeks. Still this show looks promising with a supernatural concept. This show leads are quite good with nice story to maintain suspense and drama. The good thing is there is not much dragging.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:
Star Plus

Suhani and Yuvraj’s love story turned triangle again with Soumya and Yuvraj’s pairing. Post leap, Soumya is staying as Yuvraj’s wife. Soumya and Suhani’s fight for their children’s rights can be seen in the show. This show maintained 2.4 TRP constantly and is beating other shows.

Girls on Top:

This show focuses on Isha, Ria and Revati. It is based on girls’s story, how they pursue their career and tackle day to day situations. It is a nice story from MTV after KYY2 ended. MTV brought this nice show to attract all viewers… This show gains good trp and maintains decent fan following in FB and all social network..

Sadda Haq:
Channel V

Channel V has created a new trend in young teens concept by airing Sadda Haq. This show brought a concept to uplift women rights. It presents tale of Sanyukta and Randhir. A nice show with a different modern approach. It reflects today’s generation mindsets.

Poll idea submitted by Narendran

  1. Sadda haq

  2. Wth??? Sadda haq so low??? To be corrected, the last 🙁 🙁

    1. Becaoz shadda haq is modern youth show and not a illogical saas babu drama and here max people love to watch these orthodox things of the society not the real change makers of the society

    2. Hahahah so true kushagra.. It must be on the top.. Theres nothing to be disliked about it… 🙁


  4. For me the best is Sadda Haq…its the most unique and inspirational show that i ve seen.

  5. Ishq ka rang safed.

  6. I strongly agree with Arshdeep <3 Ishq Ka Rang Safed<3

    1. Ikrs is best?

  7. Ishq ka rang safed

  8. vishkanya is the best…….why 3rd……pls vote kathy,nagma and all for u only i have sent poll

  9. Vishkanya ..,. It’s the best with different concept …

  10. Guys but y in third … Pls do vote asap….

  11. Suhani si ek ladki Is the BEST… But every serial is best as everyone thought is not the same…

    1. y u didnt updates ur story

  12. wow ssel is the best… :-* :-*

  13. Well as for 6.30pm there was time when these became my fav show first SSEL but too much negativity by Dadi so I don’t watch it anymore but isaw some episodes before and after the leap but didn’t find it much interesting like b4z and then came IKRS OMG was a crazy fan of that show acting of Mishal is soooo gooooood n also exceellent chemistry between Vidhaani but now kamini track totally spoiled the show and also little overdose romance little unrealistic and concept of widow remarriage is lost but I still watch the
    show sometimes in hope of they end kamini track soon. But good they r planning to start Dhaani education track that would be nice. And vishkanya ws good in first two weeks despite unrealistic concept but excellent suspense created but somehow the show failed to grab eyeballs and make viewers watch continuously I think it’s time for a big twist like Apu-Malay marriage that may help out. As for sadda haq n girls on top I have no idea at all for these shows I just saw te ad I saw some episodes of sadda haq season 1 was nice, season 2 not that good compare to season 1.
    So there is actually no shows I watch at 6.30 but i watch IKRS sometimes still so my vote goes to IKRS

  14. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    I have watched saddha haq also. It is nice show.but I like vishkanya the most..

  15. Ishk ka rang safed…

  16. Ssel d best

  17. Suhani si ek ladki is bestest serial not only on 6:30 but also on any time slot

    1. Yu are wrong bro yeh hai mohabbatien is the best of all time slot

    2. Dry *sis instead of bro
      And ikrs

  18. I think Vishkanya is the best show….?

  19. IKRS was best, is best and will always be the best. IKRS rocks!!!

  20. My fvrate show is sadda haq …….besttt serial ever ?????

  21. Sadda haq is the best show at 6:30 pm

  22. ,ssel is the best for me and its having more vote

  23. There should be another option for none.

  24. i didn’t even know all these shows were at 6:30 pm ! bcz i only watch sadda haq ! sadda haq rockzzzz ! it deserves to be first !!! bcz it’s a youth show diff frm all the other saas bahu dramas !

  25. Sadda Haq is the best

  26. my all time best show is ISHQ KA RANG SAFED ?
    Mishal rocks?
    vidhani rocks?

  27. Ishq Ka Rang Safed! ❤ Forever and Ever! ❤

  28. Ssel d best

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