Bepannah Si Mohabbat-Mere dil ko teri dil ki hi Zaroorat Hai-Ep 6

Recap: After losing their memory, Zoya and Aditya were conspired into believing that the person they ran away from were now their soulmates for one reason; revenge. Now how will Aditya conquer back his heartbroken love, after realising the evil plans of his family?

On the other side of Zoya’s imaginary happy world, was Aditya. He seemed happier than ever, in Pooja’s trap. Mind you, this is the same pooja he ditched for the attraction he had for zoya four years ago. Zoya didn’t exist in his life, Nor did he have any memory. It was this evil conspiracy his own family trapped him in, stating that that was what Adi’s happiness lied in. They spent 4 years living happily. Until 1 day. They crossed their paths. But unknowingly. They crossed paths over an argument. “That toy is for my Nephew!” Shouted one. “That toy is for my Niece!”shouted another. A little girl came from behind and hugged Zoya lovingly. A little boy came from behind and hugged Adi lovingly. Zoya lovingly took her in her arms and kissed her. “Hi princess” she said, in a chirpy and loving voice. Aditya wanted to simulate vomit, at the disgust he had over that small bump he had with a , to him, seemed to be a snobbishly fake woman. However, something pulled him from within. There was some connection with this lady. He felt this now. He would feel it 4 years down the line. Piku, the little
princess who was so attached to Zoya, was Nikhat’s Daughter. Nikhat was the divorced wife of Arshad Ali, who whom Zoya was almost about to get married to before running away with Yash. However, Arshad and Zoya were the closest of friends, especially after, arshad tried to erase every sign and every memory of Aditya after her accident. Piku had grown very fond of Zoya, clinging onto her like this sweet doll. Piku wasn’t really Zoya’s Niece, but Arshad and Nikhat were like family, until career oriented Arshad accepted an offer in the US, leaving a pregnant Nikhat to raise Piku. At this point of time, Zoya helped Nikhat raised Piku, by taking care of Piku like her own Daughter. Zoya was extremely fond of kids and so was yash. yash would always remember the forced abortion the unconcious Zoya had to undergo, to remove her last symbol of AdiYa’s love. Life went on. Until this day, where Aditya found out, the truth behind the conspiracies they were trapped in.
Aditya was now heartbroken, and seeked solace in the white and black blanket that he crumpled in rage, ready to stand up and tear everything down. How innocent was he, to believe every single thing his Mother used to say. Those very hands which stroked his hair in times of trouble, was involved in snatching his love, his happiness forever. Suddenly, all his memories seemed to flush back into his brain. Their meeting, their love, and their meeting again after those 4 meaningless years, and now… he was going to reunite with his love. But what was his plan?

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  1. Hii Erica I loved all ur episodes and I am very much eager to know what will happen in the next episode pls post the next episode sooner with lots of love

  2. Fenil

    Superb Chappy
    I m loving it more Nishi
    Can’t wait for next

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