Bepannah Si Mohabbat-Mere dil ko teri dil ki hi Zaroorat Hai-Ep 4

one year had passed, so had maturity and perspectives changed for both Zoya and Aditya. Zoya and Aditya, were colleagues, ever since Aditya joined Zoya’s company as the eligible editor in chief. Lowkey, and ordinary Aditya Hooda had now become the hot, dashing and most wanted Boyfriend amongst ordinary girl reporters in the office. Malvika, Tara, Shikha and Trisha, were the only 4 friends of Zoya, and were deeply infactuated with Aditya. The only person who seemed too innocent to pay attention to all the Whisper of desire, was cheerful and lively Zoya Siddiqui. However, out of the many talented divas who were out there, who were ready to stab their own heart and give it to Aditya, Aditya had his chocolate coffee like charming eyes glued on one princess; his princess;Zoya.
He was deeply and madly in love with her, and she didn’t even have a clue. Infact, Aditya Hooda didn’t seem to exist for her at times when she was too indulged in work. The next day, was Zoya’s 25 th birthday. Aditya, despite finding out a day before, grandly and lavishly hosted a grand party which would make Zoya extremely happy, for it was true love that his heart beat for Zoya, and nothing more than that priceless smile was valuable to him. His identity as a Organiser was kept anonymous, incase Zoya felt awkward in freely celebrating in a party Organised by her superior, who to no one’s knowledge, loved her more than he loved himself and his family.
Weeks had passed, with dreamy Aditya staring at now the serious love of his life, who he would take a bullet for, or even use a bullet had any harm come on her. Zoya now noticed him, his smiles, and reciprocated with the Friend zone conversations. But little did Zoya know, that she too had fallen in love with her one and only destiny, Aditya Hooda, from the day she heard Pulkit and Aditya having a conversation. There was never a time, Zoya didn’t notice the charming Aditya, but acted as if, he never existed. For all those moments, she snapped Aditya’ candids, pinning them up on the notice board under her yellow and golden fairy lights .
Infact, Zoya was more attached to Aditya than he ever imagined. Weird no? Two strangers, one ran away from her marriage, and another, broke his engagement with his demandingly moody childhood Best Friend, had met, through their eyes, admist a thousand neon lights, shining, sparkling, cheering and smiling.
Then came in destiny, which attracted them to being extremely close to eachother, despite being strangers… what kind of connection was this? They were in love, they understood each and every strength and flaw of eachother without talking to eachother, and were ready to accept those and live happily in the name of marriage.
6 months later
fighting the typical conspiracies, the two feuding families witnessed the beautiful marriage forming under the row of Marigold flowers, grunting away at their life partner choices. Anjana Hooda, his snobbishly over protective Mother, was desperate that Ankita Goel married him, to maintain her social reputation in her women’s group. Harshvardhan Hooda, his insensitive father, was embarrassed at the fact that the media was frantically shooting the marriage which didn’t have his consent. The only 2 people who seemed to be happy was Pulkit, happily dancing in circles, which amused his love, Noor, who was proud of being Zoya’s Sister. Hand in Hand, Wasim Siddiqui, her overprotective and strict Father, let go of his hand, crushing it in anger, because of who he let go his hand for. For him, he was letting go his hand and passing on his princess’s responsibility to a man of no values, and to a man who had seemed to be carefree, and take the name of divorce very lightly. Coming from a family of affluent Lawyers, Wasim feared, that Zoya was going to be crushed very soon.
Happy, was the only word society could use to describe the marriage of Aditya and Zoya. Zoya was the ideal Wife; a caring,smart, sweet, sensitive and confident woman. Aditya, was the ideal Husband; understanding, caring, romantic and most importantly, loved Zoya immensely. The palace of clouds that had created a halo around the happily married couple soon got pushed down by arrows of tears, blood and animosity.
Zoya was pregnant. They had completed 5 years of their perfect marriage. That day, she fainted,vomited, to find out that their attempt to start a family was successful. Aditya’s parent’s still hadn’t accepted her. The only person who was with her while she was getting her check up done was Noor, sitting by her side, holding her hand, grinning away at the thought of being called “Maasi”. Zoya was happy too. Very very happy. She had always wanted a junior Zo or a junior Adi. She knew Aditya wanted the same. Weak, she tried to reach out for the phone, but instead pushed the marriage photo of hers and aditya’s.. shattering the glass and even pricking noor’s feet after she kept on fidgeting. Zoya wasn’t superstitious, but she knew, something was going to go wrong, she had a premonition. She frantically called Aditya, dabbing his number on her phone.
“Adi…” she shouted weakly, as though her pregnancy was killing her. Aditya panicked, and without thought, rushed back home to see a dehydrated Zoya sweating in aircon. He rushed to her side, carressed her forehead, made her drink some water and lie down once again in the comfort of the blanket. He then rubbed her feet, to generate heat, and kissed her on her forehead to top it all. She smiled.. and she mumbled “I want to tell you something”.
Aditya brought his ear close, to soon shriek in happiness. He was delighted at the fact that he was going to become a Father. He jumped around, like a little boy, as Zoya laughed, as the whole jealous family witnessed, the happiness they wanted to end that night.

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