Bepannah Pyar Hai Tumse…I Love You Intensely… AdiYa SS Part 5

Bepannah pyar hai tumse…I love you intensely… Part 5
Taani:I will make tea and your favourite snacks.
Aditya:No need Taani.I have no mood to eat food now.
Taani:But I will make it for you.What if I don’t get a chance to make it for my best friend in future?
Taani was makign tea and snacks in the kitchen.Aditya sensed it’s smell.He remembered his kitchen moments with Zoya.

Flash back…
Zoya was cooking in the kitchen.Aditya came from behind and embraced her from behind.

Zoya felt ticklish and giggled when his lips moved on her shoulder and neck.

Zoya:Aditya…what are you doing?Stop it.

Adi:No way.

Zoya:Aditya…I am cooking food for you.
Adi:But I am cooking romance with you here.

Zoya blushed.Aditya pulled her closer and continued romancing.
They both had romance and fun in the kitchen.


Taani brought tea and snacks for Aditya.
Taani:Here is your favourite snack Adi.

Aditya awoke from his dream.
Aditya started having snacks while Taani was sipping tea.
Aditya:It’s really tasty Taani.

Taani:I am happy that you loved it though it is not as tasty as what Zoya looks.Zoya’s hands are magical.

Adi:Yes,her hands are magical.
Aditya continued eating.Suddenly he felt that Zoya was standing near him and eating snacks with him.

His face blossomed.Suddenly he realized that it was his dream and became dull.
Taani:Adi…I am planning to resign the job and go back to Delhi.Because of me only these problems are taking place.So if I go everything will be alright.
Aditya:No need Taani.Zoya should trust me when you are here,she should not trust me just because you are leaving the place.If love is true she will trust me.
Taani:But Adi…
Aditya:You don’t need to go anywhere Taani.
Suddenly they heard people shouting and knocking at the door.Taani tried to open the door.
Taani:Somebody has locked it from outside.
Aditya:How is it possible without the key?
Taani:I lost my spare key yesterday.Guess somebody stole it and locked it purposefully.
Aditya:But why?
Taani:I can’t understand Adi.
Taani opened the door with the key she has.
They were shocked to see Zoya with many people.
Zoya:You both started romancing secretly in this flat too?Chee…Good that my unknown well wisher rang up and informed me.Otherwise i would have seen this.
Aditya:Zoya…that unknown well wisher only locked us here.I don’t know what her intention is.There is nothing like you think.
Zoya:Don’t cook up more stories Aditya.How many lies will you say?
The people:How can you both cheat this innocent woman?
They taunt Aditya and Taani.Taani was in tears.
Zoya:No need of scolding them.They won’t understand us.

Zoya ran away crying.
All of them left.
Aditya:I think somebody is trapping us.That person only informed Zoya and brought her here.

Taani:But why that person is playing with our lives?
Aditya:I feel that person is purposefully creating misunderstandings between me and Zoya.
Taani:But who is that person?
Aditya:It can only be someone who knows us well.
The mystery woman was hiding behind the wall and listening to their conversation.She is none other than Nitya.She dialed a number:As per your plan I did everything.Adi and Taan have no doubt on me.After all I am their dearest Nitya bhabhi.

Aditya brought Taani home.All were shocked.
Adi:Because of what happened today the flat owner too misunderstood Taani and asked her to leave the flat.So I brought her here.
Zoya:Look at my fate…my husband brought his girl friend to stay here.He is doing two timing.

Aditya held her shoulders tight:Stop it Zoya.Taani is not my girl friend and I am not someone who does two timing.

Zoya:Really?Then Why did you bring her here Aditya?
Adi:Because of the drama you did there only the owner kicked out Taani.So I brought her here.
Zoya:Oh..for that too you are blaming me.Great.

Adi:It is my duty to look after my best friend.When she is homeless I will give her shelter.
Zoya:When your wife is here you brought your mistress home.So that you can enjoy.I really appreciate your guts Aditya.You are shameless.

Aditya lost his control:Shut up Zoya.

Seeing daily soaps you think that all men are cheaters like your daily soap heroes.These daily soaps have spoiled you.It’s my fault that I allowed you to watch this crap.
Zoya:Don’t blame my daily soaps to cover your guilt.Whatever you say…But i won’t shut up.

When she is here I can’t stay here.My self respect also has value.I am leaving this house.
Aditya was shocked.
Zoya:I want divorce.Get ready for mutual divorce Aditya.
All were shocked.
Taani:Don’t do this Zoya.I will leave.But don’t divorce Adi.

Zoya:Don’t shed your crocodile tears Taani.I have decided to divorce.
Adi:But I won’t give you divorce as I have not done anything wrong.
Zoya:Then I will file a case pointing out your adultery.
Aditya was shocked.
Zoya:Rajveer bhaiyya…please take up my case and fight for me.
Rajveer was upset:Zoya…you only made me promise that i should not take up divorce case and separate couples.
Zoya:But you said you will take up divorce case if the reason is genuine and you know that my reason is genuine.Also you promised that you will fulfill my wish.
Rajveer was very upset.
Rajveer:Ok.I will be your advocate.
Zoya smiled.
All were shocked.
Aditya:Bhaiyya…how could you do this to your own little brother?
Rajveer:Because you cheated Zoya.If you had no affair with Taani you would not have brought her here.

Aditya and Taani were shocked.
Adi:Bhaiyya …you too think that i cheated Zoya?
Rajveer:Yes, I am ashamed to say that you are my brother. Zoya deserves release from you.So I will get her justice through this divorce.
Aditya was shattered.
Adi:Bhabhi…do you also think that we have affair?
Nitya was silent.

Aditya became upset.
Adi:My own people do not trust me.But I will not let this divorce happen as marriage is not a game for me.
Zoya:If you were that serious about marriage you would not have cheated and insulted our marriage Aditya.
Adi:It is you who can’t understand the depth of marriage.One day you will understand it and regret your decision Zoya.
Zoya:I will never regret my decision.Anyways I am leaving.
Zoya packed her bag and left.

Aditya cried resting his head on Taani’s shoulder.

Taani tried to console him.Aditya hugged and shed tears.

Zoya was crying in her room.Anurag and Prerna came.
Prerna:If you miss Adi so much why did you leave him Zoya?
Anurag:Can’t you re-consider your decision Zoya?

Zoya:Papa…you know that I have a reason to divorce Aditya.Then why are you talking like this?

Zoya hugged them weeping.All the 3 were in tears.

Rajveer fought in the court for Zoya and proved that Aditya was not a loyal husband.Thus the court granted divorce to Aditya and Zoya.
Aditya was depressed being defeated in the court.
Aditya wept:Zoya..please don’t leave me.I can’t live without you.
His words pricked Zoya’s heart.

Abhi Abhi Bhule Bhi Na The Tumhe,
Khyal Banke Phir Tum Aa Gaye,
Ehsaas Jo The Dil Mein Kahin Ankhahee,
Lafzon pe wo Phir Yuhin Aaa Gaye…

Zoya:Don’t try to do emotional blackmailing Aditya.Now everything is over between us.

Zoya was about to leave.Aditya held her hand.
Adi:I won’t leave you Zoya.I need you.

Saason Ke Sarzameen Par Barsaat La Gaye
Ek Jhapki Mein Tere Sau Khawab aa Gaye…
Bepnah..Bepanah … Pyaar Hai Tumse…
Bepnah..Bepanah … Pyaar Hai Tumse…

Zoya struggled hard to control her emotions.

She looked at him emotionally.

Maanti Hoon Khuda Tujhi Ko,
Tu Hi To Rehbar Mera,
Ab Se Khalipan Mein Bhi Tu,
Pass Mere Khada(Bepannah).

Suddenly Zoya removed his hand off her and pushed him.Suddenly Taani caught him.
Taani stared at Zoya angrily:Aditya fell in my arms only Zoya.He will be secure in my arms.

Zoya said in a saccastic tone:Is it?Then keep your Adi with you.I have no objection.
Taani:You are so heartless Zoya.If you had loved Adi even a bit you would not have hurt his heart like this.

Rajveer,Nitya,Anurag and Prerna became upset hearing it.
Zoya:My love is so not weak that I need to prove it to others.
Zoya walked off with Anurag and Prerna.

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  1. Saniya fathima

    Omg how sad i cant control my tears seeing adiya part ways wit eachother pls change

  2. Anuva

    Aditya and Taani are good friends. Zoya misunderstand them is very bad. Shocking Nitya is the one who trapped them. But why? Zoya take wrong decision. Wondering RajVeer too misunderstood Adi and Taani’s relationship. He gets divorce to them. Sad to see Adi and Zoya. Taani is right, if Zoya loves Adi, she should think of him for a second. But possesiveness lead her in wrong direction. Eagerly waiting for next part. Sorry for late conment.

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