Bepannah Pyar Hai Tumse…I Love You Intensely… AdiYa SS Part 4

Bepannah pyar hai tumse…I love you intensely… Part 4

Aditya saw Zoya’s eyes burning with pain and anger.
Aditya released Taani from his arms.
Zoya kept the lunch box on the table.
Zoya:Good thing that I came here to give you the lunch box as you had forgotten to take it.So I could see what you and Taani are doing here. are misunderstanding us.There is only pure friendship between us.
Zoya:But I heard you telling Taani that she is not alone and you will be there with her always.Am i a deaf?Did I hear wrong?
Aditya:I meant I will be there with Taani as a good friend.
Zoya:Oh really?Hidden love behind friendship.Right?Don’t try to fool me.

Taani:Zoya…please don’t misunderstand us.We are best friends who stand for each other in pain and happiness.Like always Adi stood with me in a moment of pain.

Zoya:I saw with my eyes how you both were hugging each other with so much of love.

Aditya and Taani could not bear it.
Adi:Zoya please…

Zoya:Till now you fooled me with your fake sugary love.But don’t think you can fool me anymore.
Adi:Stop it Zoya.You called my love fake.Then you are a fool.

Zoya:Yes I am a fool.That’s why I blindly believed your love.But not anymore.I hate you Aditya Hooda.

Aditya was shattered.
Zoya:You don’t talk.You are the one who destroyed our love by snatching Adi from me.

Taani was in tears.Hearing the noise Adhiraj and other staffs came inside.
Adhiraj:What happened?
Zoya:Don’t pretend that you don’t know anything.Aditya and Taani’s affair is happening in front of you,but you are covering it.

Adhiraj was shocked.
Adhiraj:No bhabhiji.You are having misunderstanding.

Zoya:Are you paid more to hide their cheesy affair?
Aditya:Zoya…enough….stop it.I can’t believe that you can stoop so low Zoya.
Zoya:I just caught you both red handed.And you are saying that I am stooping low.

Then what about you?How did you stoop so low by having affair with another woman?

Aditya could not take it anymore:Stop it Zoya.Don’t utter one more word.
Zoya:Cheater husband trying to hide his affair by sealing his wife’s mouth.Great!Anyways i am leaving.

Zoya went out tearfully.

Zoya walked on the road tearfully.

Adhiraj:Adi Sir…what is this?
Aditya:Do you also misunderstand us?
Adhiraj:No Sir.I know how much you love your wife and I know what a pure friendship you both share.Bhabhiji will understand it.
Taani:Don’t worry Adi.Everything will be ok.
Adi wept:How can Zoya doubt me?
Taani:Zoya is not wrong Adi.Any wife will behave this way in such circumstance.You talk and sort out.

Aditya ran out.
He saw Zoya walking on the road.He ran towards her.
Zoya:Why are you coming after me Aditya?Go to your dear Taani.
Adi:Nothing is more important than you Zoya.I promised to walk along with you in every path.
Zoya shed tears:But you yourself broke the promise.Now I don’t need you besides me.I can walk alone.


Zoya caught an auto and left.Aditya became upset.

In the evening Aditya reached home.He was very upset.Rajveer and Nitya were staring at them.
Rajveer:Adi…did anything happen between you and Zoya?
Aditya was stunned.
Nitya:Zoya says that she saw you and Taani together.

Aditya:Bhabhi…you know that your Adi can’t cheat anyone.How can I cheat Zoya?I love her a lot.She is misunderstanding us.
Rajveer:Adi…Zoya too needs to understand that.You go and talk to her.She will understand you.
Aditya nodded.He went to the room.He got shocked to see Zoya tying shawl around her neck which was hanging on the fan.

He screamed:Zoyaaaaaaaaa
He pulled out the shawl and brought her down.

Zoya:Leave me.
Rajveer and Nitya came there.
Rajveer:What happened?
Aditya:Bhaiyya…Zoya tried to commit suicide.

They were shocked.
Nitya:What is this Zoya?
She shed tears.
Zoya:Then what can I do bhabhi?My husband does’nt love me anymore.
Adi:Zoya..please don’t think like that.I love you a lot.Why should I love Taani when I have you?

Zoya:Because Taani is better than me in every way..She is beautiful…smarter than me…more educated than me.But i am good for nothing.
Zoya was crying.
Adi:It’s not like that Zoya.You simply feel like this.You are the best.

Zoya:Don’t pretend Adi.I know that you are sad that I did’nt die.Otherwise you could have married Taani easily.
Aditya screamed raising hand:Zoyaaa
All were shocked.But Aditya controlled himself from slapping Zoya.
Zoya cried:So in your blind love for Taani you tried to raise hand on me?Wah Aditya..wah..
Aditya was depressed:Zoya…
Rajveer and Nitya were upset.

After a few days….
Taani was walking towards her flat.

One of her keys fell off her bag.One woman picked it up.
Taani rang up Aditya:Adi…come to my flat.I want to talk to you.
Aditya:Ok..I am coming.

Aditya went to Taani’s flat.
Taani:Hi Adi..

Adi:Hi Taani…how are you?
Taani:I am ok.What about you and Zoya?
Adi became dull.

Taani became sad.
One woman locked the door from outside using the key Taani lost.
Then she rang up Zoya.
“Adi and Taani are together in Taani’s flat”.
Zoya gave a shocked expression.

She rushed to Taani’s house.

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  1. Anuva

    Zoya is misunderstanding their friendship. How can she misundestand Adi’s pure love? She hurt Adi by her words. I can’t see Zoya like this. Please make her understand soon. She underestimate herself. So sad to see both Adi and Zoya. Please unite them soon. Who is that new enemy?

  2. Saniya fathima

    Oh my god… Zoya doubting on adi how.. I wil kill tat taani even if it is frndship try not 2 stick wit others hubby if i was there in zoya’s place i would hav given a tight slap 2 taani rather than being angry wit adi… However 2days epi was sad BTW who is tat new thorn in adiya’s way…tat too who has zoya’s number? Fantastic epi sis bt shocked 2 see zoya attempting 2 suicide!! Thank god adi came in tym 2 save her….. But zoya is a bit stubborn y is she nt believing in her cute innocent hubby

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