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Recap-Anjana throws a welcome party for pari where yash senses that something is wrong with adi while Arnoor makes a plan to bring Adiya close

Pari makes everyone sit in circle for a game

Arjun brings bottle

Arjun-so lets play truth or dare

Arjun spins the bottle

It stops on Anjana

She selects dare

Roshnaq asks her to do romantic dance with Harshvardan

She is shy

But Harshvardan offers hand

They dance romantically on

Janaam janaam

Zoya admires them

Adi imagines Him n zoya dancing instead

He gets lost

All Clap for them

Noor spins the bottle

It stops at Wasim

Harshvardan asks him to sing song for Roshnaq

Wasim sings Dil cheez kya hain Aap meri jaan lijye

All clap

Noor winks at pari

Pari spins the bottle

It stops at zoya

Noor tells her that she should kiss adi

Adi feels awkward

Adi-no no give her something else

Arjun-come on bhai be a sport we are family

Adi is about to go

Zoya holds his hand

She goes close to him

Adi closes his eyes

Zoya gently kisses him on cheek

Adi gets lost

in intensity of kiss

He opens his eyes to find her very close

He looks deep in her eyes

Bepannah si mohbaat Hui hain tumhse plays

All clap for them

Next Arjun lifts Noor in his arms n dances

Now  bottle stops at adi

Arjun-bhai pls say a shayari sitting on ur knees for Bhabhi

Adi-Iam tried lets just stop all this

Yash is observing his behaviour

Jasmine -come on Adi show us ur talent pls pls dnt be scared

Pari-pls papa

Adi goes near zoya

Adi looks in her eyes

He sits on his knees

Adi (teareyed)-Tumhare Aane Se adhere mein bhi Dekh rahi hain rahe Joh sapne nehnoo mein the adhure Phure ho gaye hain saare

Zoya is mesmerised

Adi excuses himself n goes

Zoya finds it weird

She goes behind adi

Zoya -Aditya is everything fine?whats the matter?

Adi wipes his tears

Adi-Zoya Iam sorry whatever I did or said was just to keep everyone happy Iam sorry for my family u r forced to do all this am sorry

Adi leaves before zoya could say anything

Zoya feels broken

Tears fall from her eyes

Zoya’s pov-ur family  adi its our family n whatever u said I felt came from ur heart but…………

Yash has overheard their conversation n is very confused


Adi n yash are sitting on some rocks

Adi is drinking

Yash-Adi what’s the matter is have noticed u are trying to distance ur self from zoya Adi u have a wonderful family y are u upset

Adi  (teareyed )-yash one cannot be happy or stay happy snatching somebody else’s happiness

  1. Wow amazing , ohh Yaar kiss manngi thi kissie nhi ?? agli Baar kiss hi dena Haan ?? post soon

  2. Thank u sissy….I will read ur updates without any break.. because I got too attached to ur ff…and also I like u alot… today’s update was so nice…zoya kissed on his cheeks….ooh that was lovely…and adi singed a song for zoya… excited at the same so tensed to know what will happen next…the precap….I hope Yash will clear everything to adi…and I think he will understand…but he is drunken..I think everything will be sorted out soon and adiya will become together forever…

  3. And sissy it’s a request if u have time please post a Valentine’s special update please…

    1. Jasminerahul

      yes please a valentine episode

  4. For me you are ‘little AR’
    The way I love Ani sir’s bepannaah, i love your bepannaah too..
    Ye sab chodo.. i loved today’s episode.. the way zoya and adi’s closeness yet distance wali romance .. i loved completely..
    Keep going dear..

  5. Jasminerahul

    harsh anjana dancing on janam n adi dreaming of dancing with zoya was romantic. zoya kissing adi n adi looking at her eyes deeply was romantic. shayari scene was beautiful. arnoor dance was romantic. the last adiya scene was emotional.

  6. Anu07

    Truth or dare game is awesome. Loved Zoya kissing Adi. Adi telling poetry to Zoya was fabulous. But this Adi, when will he realise. Hope, Yash will solve his problem. Fabulous episode

  7. Anuva

    ArNoor idea of truth or dare is super. Anjana and Harsh dancing romantically is nice. Anjanja is really dare to take dare. Next Zoya kissing Adi is emotional and romantic. Arjun lifts Noor is wow. Adi telling shayari to Zoya is cute and emotional. If he can’t know about Zoya’s feelings. Atleast he should listen to her. Hope Yash will solve this problem. As Anu and Jasmine said, i too request you for valentine episode. Let’s make Adi understand and propose to Zoya. Please

  8. Awesommmee

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