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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia anuva anu tanshi Sonali Aliya 

Love u all

Aliya dear currently Iam writing only for tellyupdates

Thanks a tonne silent readers

Recap-Adi makes out that Noor is pregnant with arjun’s baby Adi decides that now he will need zoya’s help to sort this matter n he He informs zoya who breaksdown but zoya n adi together promise to help Arjun n Noor Arnoor have decided to get married

Zoya is standing in kitchen

Milk is boiling

Zoya is lost in thoughts

She remembers wasim hugging his daughter’s n telling them that they are his pride

Milk is about to fall

Zoya is lost

Does not notice

Adi sees

He rushes n pulls zoya towards him n also closes knob of gas

Zoya is in his arms

Adi (yells )-where is ur attention zoya Warm milk was about to fall on ur feet

Zoya hugs him

Adi is surprised

But zoya needs emotional support

Zoya-Iam sorry I was just worried how we will tell everyone All would be very hurt

Zoya sobs in adi’s arms

Adi too feels bad

Dard Diloo ke kam ho jaate mein aur tum agar hum ho Jate Plays

Adi-All will be fine again trust me Zoya pls dnt cry

He caresses her hair

Scene shifts

Pari is shown playing with Harshvardan

Anjana smiles looking at Harshvardan Who is having fun

Anjana is sitting near temple

Anjana -Thank you krishna jii u have filled my house with happiness by pari’s presence thank u krishna jii I hope one day a good news will come n we will become real dadi dada

Zoya n adi are shown approaching Harshvardan n Anjana

Adi is very nervous

Adi-ma papa actually I wanted to tell u all some very imp

Zoya-pari beta chalo lets to go ur room u do some drawing for us

Pari agrees

Harshvardan n Anjana are puzzled

Arjun comes

His head his down

Harshvardan-yes adi say what is the matter?

Adi tries to speak But is unable to

Anjana -Adi we are getting worried what happened

Adi-maa actually

Adi is unable

Zoya comes

Adi looks at her

She gestures him to speak

Adi-maa papa actually

Zoya-ma papa pls dnt get angry n upset pls

Actually Arjun……

Anjana -what Arjun zoya whats wrong with u both

Adi-ma Arjun loves Noor they want to get married

Harshvardan n Anjana are shocked

Zoya (teareyed )-maa Noor is pregnant with arjun’s baby

Harshvardan yells at arjun-How could u Arjun how could u Iam ashamed

Zoya-papa pls calm down papa pls relax papa Arjun is ready to take up responsibility yes he did wrong but he doesn’t want to run from this responsibility

Adi looks at zoya

Anjana breaksdown

Anjana -how will Roshnaq n wasim bhaishaab react??how will we tell them

Adi-Ma pls control maa

Arjun is about to touch Anjana

She asks him to stay away

Arjun feels bad

Scene shifts

Aditya n zoya have reached siddqui house

Zoya stands at Door

She is unable to step in

Adi holds her hand

Together they walk in

Roshnaq is surprised to see them

Wasim feels glad to see zoya

Noor comes

Wasim-welcome welcome adi n zoya pls come in

Wasim is about to hug zoya

She stops him

She hugs Roshnaq

Adi hugs wasim n Roshnaq both n take blessings

Wasim feels good

Scene shifts All are sitting

Wasim is very angry

In anger he walks towards Noor

He is about to slap her

Adi holds his hands

Adi-abuu pls no To love someone is not a mistake Yes they did wrong but now are ready to rectify mistake we should support them

Scene Shifts

Siddquis n Hoodas are discussing something seriously Anjana n Roshnaq are teareyed

Adi n zoya are seen convincing Siddquis n Hoodas

Wasim folds his hands-Harsh after whatever I did I cannot even face u i dnt….

Harsh holds his hands

He hugs him

Wasim feels very guilty

Harshvardan -Noor is like my daughter Its very good fortune of my family that both ur daughter’s are my daughter in laws

Zoya n adi smile

Harshvardan -sorry wasim but I need ur one more daughter to fill my house with happiness will u allow ur Noor to marry my Arjun

Wasim nods

Zoya feels happy

She congratulates Arjun n Noor n in excitement hugs adi

Adi too feels happy

Roshnaq n Anjana hug eachother

Anjana hugs Noor

She blesses Arnoor

Precap-Zoya n adi together get involved in decorating house pari also helps them Adi brings juice for tired zoya Adi makes Arjun ready

Pari pulls zoya n adi together n asks them to dance …


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  1. The episode was lovely….filled with emotions and happiness. ….anjana praying for become a dadi soon…hope she will become a dadi soon…finally parents agreed for arnoor marriage. …and adi and zoya is said to dance in the party by pari…all the problems are solved now…am so happy….but a little worried that adi is thinking of freeing zoya from this relation…plzz don’t separate Adiya…and can u add some Adiya moments after this sissy..please. …

  2. Nice episode and Arnoor marriage is on the way??????

  3. Anuva

    Emotional episode… somehow their parents accepted their marriage… precap is nice… when adi will understand Zoya? Waiting for next episode sissy…

  4. Ohh I think that may be good news come from adiya ?????

  5. Wow wow was so good man , precap is just amazing adia Nd zoya dance ??? and yeah finally arnoor s marriage is gonna happen ??excited

  6. Jasminerahul

    anjana wants a real grand child without knowing that pari is her own grand child.adiya scene…adi consoling zoya was emotional. though the parents were upset glad that they accepted Arnoor.waiting for the wedding functions.wassim harsh patch up hug was emotional

  7. Awwwww…..It was a really very cute one… I loved it loadsssss…… I’m very happy for ArNoor…..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️……. AdiYa dance on the wayyy…?? I love Pari ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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