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Good Morning My Lovely Readers

Thanks alot dear jasmine sia anuva anu tanshi Sonali Aliya

U all are my darlings love u all ❤❤❤

Thanks for all ur concern for my health  n all ur good wishes

Means alot

God bless u all

Aliya darling all the best for ur exams study well I will pray for u.

Sia woow u are also my Lil sis 8th std student study well

Thanks to Sanyogita

Thanks all dear silent readers

Recap-Adi feels yash loves zoya so he goes to hospital to talk to yash where he makes out that yash considers zoya to be his best friend N he will marry a girl jasmine next month Adi is embarrassed while leaving the hospital He sees Noor is sitting n crying

Adi is puzzled to see Noor this way

Noor seems nervous n scared

Adi keeps his hand on her hand

Adi (worried tone)-What happened Noor what’s the matter Iam very worried pls tell me

Noor hugs him n sobs

Adi gets more worried

Scene shifts

Adi n Noor are shown talking in a cafe

Noor is still crying

Adi-calm down pls calm down Noor Its ok relax what has happened cannot be changed

Adi-Noor does Arjun know about this

Noor nods in a no

Adi-How could u take such a big decision on ur own Noor? Arjun has every right to know about it

Noor (lump in throat )-I didn’t want to bother him As it is juju I was going to consult zoya appi thats y I had gone to hospital pls pls dnt tell anything to Arjun Pls

Adi-R u silly Noor? He has every right to know

Adi takes out his phone

After some time adi Noor n Arjun are shown talking

Guilt is visible in Arjun’s eyes

Arjun cannot face Adi n Noor

Noor leaves

Arjun follows her

Adi sits worried

Noor runs on road

Arjun goes behind her

Noor is in hurry

She is about to be hit by a car

Arjun grabs her

She lands straight in his arms

Arjun yells-Are u mad Noor? Noor relax listen to me pls

Noor-i want to die Arjun My ammi abu will get so embarrassed after knowing all this

Arjun-stop it stop it Noor

Noor looks in his eyes

He holds her firmly

Arjun -Noor I love u u love me.To love someone isnot a crime Yes we did wrong Yes our parents will be hurt.but Noor we can take responsibility of our deeds.if u n I are together whats wrong

Noor looks deep in his eyes

Arjun-how could u think of aborting our baby ?He belongs to both of us Noor.

Noor is speechless

Arjun-Noor I will marry u We will have a family Noor Pls understand


Arjun-ofcourse Noor ofcourse

Noor hugs him

Adi looks on teareyed

(So yes brilliant job anu n sia right guess Noor is pregnant )

Adi promises to support Arjun n Noor

Adi is driving

He thinks about Arjun n Noor

Adi’s pov-I cannot do this without zoya I need her help But how will I tell her she will be hurt I cannot see her stressed For some days I should forget about our matter n just focus on Noor n Arjun I cannot trouble zoya more once Noor n Arjun get married i will free her from this relationship

Adi stops car at signal

A young girl comes selling pink roses

She requests adi to buy

Adi purchases it

Scene shifts

Zoya is sitting worried

She thinks whats wrong with Adi

Adi comes

He looks at zoya

Zoya looks at him

Adi is hiding something

Zoya ignores him

Adi goes to her

Adi-Iam sorry zoya since 2-3 days Iam behaving very rude with u sorry

He innocently gives her roses

Zoya cannot stop herself from smiling

She is actually blushing

She accepts roses

Zoya-Aditya I will not accept ur sorry till u tell me what was bothering u so much

Zoya’s words to wasim echoes his ears

Adi-Zoya trust me nothing much just some issues related to work

Zoya’s pov-ur eyes say that u are lying i will not force u to speak truth

Adi-zoya I need to tell u something


Adi-zoya zoya  actually

Adi is fumbling

Zoya-what happened?

Adi-Zoya Noor is in a problem

Zoya-what happened to my kohinoor

Adi-Zoya  actually  actually

Zoya-tell me Aditya is everything fine

Adi-Zoya Noor is pregnant with arjun’s child

Zoya is dumbstruck

Adi narrates about affair between Noor n Arjun n how they spend time frequently

Tears fall from zoya’s eyes

Zoya-how could Noor do this how could she what will  I tell ammi Abu

She breaksdown

Adi hugs her

Bepannah bepannah Pyaar hain tumhse plays in Bg

Adi-relax zoya its not noor’s fault they are ready to marry each other they love each other Zoya love can never be a mistake It is not a crime

Adi’s words hit zoya

Zoya looks at him

Adi-Zoya if u n I are together we will sort out everything trust me

Zoya nods

Adi is holding her hand

Scene shifts

Noor Arjun zoya Adi meet in garden at night

Noor hugs zoya

Noor-Iam sorry appi

Zoya pacifies her

Arjun also apologies

Zoya-Dnt wry we are with you both

All 4 hug eachother

Precap -zoya n adi are standing outside siddqui house zoya is unable to enter the house Adi holds her hand They have intense eyelock

In hooda house

Adi tries to speak to wasim n Anjana

Zoya holds his hand

Zoya -ma papa actually. ……


Guys A very Happy Republic Day to All of u

So proud to be an Indian

Enjoy ur holiday

Take care

Love u all

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  1. Wowwwww loved this episode……..
    Plzzz make Adi realize his love for Zoya

  2. Anuva

    Emotional episode sissy… How broken Noor will be? How she is going to face everyone. Good to see Adi and Zoya supports them. Otherwise they will broken into peices. Please Adi should understand Zoya’s feelings towards them. Arnoor should be accepted by their parents. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY SISSY…

  3. Sonali Rathore

    Hey happy republic day to all …..
    Today’s episode was just awesome …..
    i just hope arnoor were accepted by all and specially adiya realizes love between them…..
    I am just eagerly waiting waiting for the next part……………….

  4. Woww!! What an episode! Can’t wait for next! Like in the upcoming when AdiYa will solve the problem together and I hope by then Adi understands that Zoya loves him…
    Aaahhh…. It will be so amazing…. Again best of luck for your exams…. U write so well… Do u write somewhere else too like in Instagram or India Forums??

  5. Wow it was a nice episode sissy…and noor is pregnant…why did she take a big decision of aborting the baby without telling that to she will face everyone…happy that adiya support them….hope their parents accept their relation…HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY sissy..take care

  6. Jasminerahul

    when i realized that arnoor made mistake never thought tat noor became pregnant too.adi is right.arjun has the right t know it.shocking that noor tried to end her life.loved arjun saving her n assuring her that they will take the responsibility.adiya rose scene was cute.adi consoling zoya was emotional.the last adiya arnoor scene was nice

  7. Oh yaay so my guess was right ????? thinking now what will adiya do , I am sure zoya s abbu and Ami will disagree for the marriage and will be too much upset with Noor ???

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