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Good Morning My Lovely Readers ooooowwww so with this article i complete my 250 articles on telly updates


It is amazing feeling

Loved writing every single article

on this Espl day would like to thank my every single reader

U guys always encouraged me

A big big thank you to jasmine n anu (guys sorry Pls dnt mind Iam taking their names Eachone of u is spl but jasmine was my first reader n anu she has read many of my ffs but I love u all Pls dnt mind)

I remember that jasmine read my very first ff on yrkkh n encouraged me ???????

God bless u guys

Thank u my darling sia anuva anu jasmine tanshi love u all

Thanks silent readers

Today I wish I know it will not get fulfilled but just a wish

Bepannah should return with Harshad n Jennifer n I wish just wish my this story is taken for bepannah sequel obviously with pari???

I know amnot that talented but still I wish I could  write for serials


Chalo enough of dreaming n celebration

Getting back to epi

Recap-Adi n Harshvardan get wasim’s bail done but they Dnt talk to him neither Roshnaq or Noor are happy to see him back home.Wasim is upset.Harshvardan bribed to get wasim’s bail done just for zoya.

Roshnaq informs zoya about wasim’s bail on phone

Zoya is shocked

Adi is looking at her from outside room

Zoya excuses herself without saying anything to adi

Adi’s pov-I know u are very deeply hurt zoya n I feel I could do something to make u feel better I feel so helpless today

Zoya goes in temple

She lights a lamp

Zoya-Thank u ganesha my abuu has returned home yes it was very painful for me to see him in jail but after what he did to my family is wanted him to get punished pls help him realise he has done very wrong pls ganesha return my kind hearted abuu back pls help him overcome his greed

While zoya is praying

Wasim is shown thinking something deeply

Scene shifts

Anjana is shown supervising some arrangements

Adi is puzzled

Adi-Maa what are these decorations for ??

Anjana -Adi today is lohri ur n zoya’s first lohri after marriage

Adi-but maa after all that happened will it be right to celebrate  I mean zoya’s mood…

Anjana interrupts -Adi dnt wry I have invited siddquis also I am sure after wasim bhai shaab n zoya will meet n talk things will sort out u pls dnt wry

Adi nods

Anjana gives sari to zoya

Anjana -beta this is ur first lohri after marriage pls get ready nicely

Zoya nods

Pari over hears them

She smiles

Zoya’s phone rings

Its abuu calling

Zoya’s eyes get welled up with tears

Zoya doesn’t lift

Wasim is upset

He calls once again

Zoya cannot stop herself

She picks up

Wasim smiles

Wasim -I know zoya u r very angry very upset with me beta but just listen to ur abuu once beta…

Zoya remembers how yash told her that he tried to stop her n adi’s marriage but Wasim said he knew about adi n pooja’s affair they all knew about it

Wasim-Zoya I didn’t want to harm or hurt anyone zoya whatever I did was for my family u Noor Roshnaq Zoya pls understand

Zoya’s pov-Abuu ur greed made u forget everything u got me married to adi inspite of knowing about pooja

Zoya doesn’t utter a word

Wasim insists her to spk once

Zoya disconnects call n switches of phone

She is about to cry

She notices

Pari there

She gestures pari to come inside

She wipes her tears

Pari-Zoya mumma pls wear sari soon I want to see u in sari pls

Zoya hugs her

Zoya-first let me get my pari ready chalo

Zoya is shown making pari ready

Scene shifts

Zoya comes dressed in sari

N yes she looks awesome

She makes her hair

Pari admires her

Pari gives her jewellery one by one

Zoya puts it on

Adi comes in room

Zoya doesn’t notice

He stands at Door

He is awestruck by zoya

He stares admires her

He cannot take his eyes off

Pari rushes to get something

Zoya doesn’t notice

Zoya is busy wearing bangles

Zoya realizes that her blouse thread is not tied properly

She struggles to tie it

Zoya-pari beta Pls help me tie this Pls

Adi notices

He walks towards zoya

He is lost in her beauty

He gently ties thread

Zoya is confused because of touch

She looks in mirror n is shocked to notice adi helping her

Adi looks at her

There is awkwardness

Before they could react

Pari comes with bindhi n applies on zoya’s forehead

Adi takes back steps

Adi n Arjun are talking in garden everyone is waiting

Zoya comes with pari

N yes adi is mesmerised

Anjana hugs zoya

Siddquis come

Zoya gets upset seeing Wasim

She ignores him

Anjana asks zoya n adi to stand to together

Wasim is unable to face anyone

Bonfire is lite

Pari claps

Adi n zoya on Anjana’s instruction hold hands N put offerings in fire they pray together

They look in eachother’s eyes

Deep eye contact


Wasim goes behind zoya in her room

Wasim -Atleast talk to me once zoya pls dnt punish me this way

I did this for u all for my family

Zoya-Really Abu u got me married to Aditya inspite of knowing about him n pooja ur greed made u blind Abu  .yash tried to stop our marriage n u lied to him u beat him. N u say u care for me

Adi has overheard them

Tears well up in his eyes

Adi is sitting in garden

He breaksdown

Adi-Zoya is not happy with this marriage she is just staying with us She is hurt all because of me.she is not happy she deserves a better life.I should free zoya from this relationship n responsibilities.

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  1. Anuva

    First of all congrats to you…you are really a great writer… i started reading your articles from Bepannah aashiqui, even that is the first ff i ever read… you inspired me a lot after to that only i read many fan fics in TU… many writers here inspired me… your dedication to writing is really great… today’s update is really nice… Zoya should give chance to Wasim… Adiya scene is cute… again Adi misunderstands Zoya… He shouldn’t give another pain to Zoya…

  2. Wowwww loved this episode a lot!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope Adi don’t take any wrong decisions!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats yaar…I am very happy that u completed 250 articles???….I haven’t missed any of the episodes…I was frequently visiting the forum to read the ffs and I like ur writing style,ur ffs have unexpected twist.this the most special thing that I found in ur writing.ur are blessed with such a good skill.wish u will reach greater heights…continue ur writing…and I also wish for the return of jenshad and bepannah.. bepannah was the serial I started to see after a long break..when it ended I was so depressed…then the ffs give me happiness and I have request don’t end this soon it’s my request to all my bepannah ff writers.. please..and today’s episode was awesome .. adiya scene was romantic…zoya is ignoring wasim..for a father it’s unpardonable..the precap made me upset ..again adi is misunderstanding zoya..and all the best…. take care …

  4. Jasminerahul

    first of all congrats to you for completing 250 articles.happy that you remember my comments on your yrkkh ff.that ff was special as its the only NaRa ff I have was such a romantic ff. still I miss it.later you became the top ishra writer.well . …that time you said you have a plan to write an ishra ff on kkhh.I used to wait for it.I was upset when you disappeared.then I realized that you are writing on sd ffs.I became very happy to see you back with my fav adiya ffs.

    wassim zoya conversation was zoya prayed i genuinely want wassim to realize his mistake. I guess he is changing slowly.pari zoya getting ready together was cute.adi mesmerized by zoya’s beauty was romantic. dori scene was very romantic.adiya holding hands together n offering prayers during lohri celebration was lovely

  5. Firstly congratulations for 250 articles and yyaay I too wish that jenshad come back ???? and secondly the chapter wow wow wow adi is mesmerized seeing zoya first time can’t believe ???? ahh but the precap is scaring I feel adi will say zoya to give divorce ?? for zoya s happiness ??think so

  6. Firstly congratulations for 250 articles and yyaay I too wish that jenshad come back ???? and secondly the chapter wow wow wow adi is mesmerized seeing zoya first time can’t believe ???? ahh but the precap is scaring I feel adi will say zoya to give divorce ?? for zoya s happiness ??think so!!!post soon!!!!!!!

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