Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia anuva anu and tanshi

Thanks alot dear silent readers.

Recap- Anjana organises house party for pari so that pari n meet n do friendship with neighboured kids Pari questions adi saying that papa’s wife is called mumma so is zoya new mumma God sent for her n can she call zoya mumma

Adi is speechless

But zoya hugs pari n tells her to call her mumma

Zoya is standing near window

She looks at moon

She smiles remembering pari calling her mumma

Tears fall from her eyes

Adi notices

Adi feels guilty

Adi (lump in throat )-Iam sorry zoya because of me u…..

Zoya (interrupts )-Aditya for a woman its a very big thing that a child calls her mumma It means alot.

Adi (feeling very guilty)-u could have said no to pari

Zoya is puzzled -why would I say no??Iam glad she found motherly love in me.

Tears fall from her eyes

Zoya-Aditya for me it means alot A child saw her mother in me.I cannot ask for more.It feels amazing  really amazing

Adi is stunned

Adi’s pov-zoya how can u be so sweet n kind

He looks at zoya with love

Scene shifts

It is morning time

Hoodas are having breakfast

Zoya makes pari eat

Door bell rings

Anjana goes to check

Its police

Anjana is puzzled

Inspector  -Where is Mr Harshvardan Hooda??

Harsh comes there

Harshvardan -yes inspector Iam Harshvardan Hooda

Inspector -Mr Hooda We have arrest warrant against u

All are stunned

Adi-what nonsense Why

Inspector -Mr Hooda Has sold Land to Mr Khanna Mr Kumar n Taken money from both parties He has sold land to both the same land.He has done a fraud

Harshvardan  (sweats)-Sir I haven’t signed any deal with Mr Kumar.Yes I have sold land to Mr khanna n taken money only from him

Inspector shows some documents

Harshvardan is shocked to see his sign

He passes papers to adi n Arjun

Harshvardan-Trust me sir I haven’t even met Mr Kumar someone has tried to trap me pls listen to me

Inspector  holds him n yells-What to u think Mr Harshvardan are we fools

Adi gets angry he tries to stop police

Adi-Lower ur volume inspector u are talking to my father

Inspector  (angry tone)-mind u Mr Iam talking to a criminal

Adi is about to hit inspector

Arjun holds him

Inspector -control urself Orelse I can throw u in prison as well

Pari gets very scared she hugs zoya tightly

Zoya holds adi’s hand

Adi looks in her eyes

Zoya gestures him No

Adi steps back

Inspector -whatever drama u or ur family want to do now do in police station now we are taking Mr Hooda

Inspector starts pulling Harshvardan

Harshvardan tries to explain

Arjun n adi run behind

Anjana breaksdown

Zoya rushes n hugs her

Pari brings water for her

Pari wipes her tears

Zoya is stunned n taken aback

Police make Harshvardan sit in van

Adi n Arjun follow in car

Anjana zoya n pari look on teareyed

Zoya takes out cell phone

She calls wasim

N informs him

Wasim-what how is that possible Iam coming to police station dnt wry beta

Wasim smirks n smiles

In police station

Inspector puts Harshvardan behind bars

Harshvardan feels extremely bad

Adi n Arjun come rushing

Adi-inspector my dad has done nothing leave him pls i beg u leave him

Adi gets emotional

Inspector  (laughs)-Mr Aditya Hooda u are very unfortunate u know what we have unbailable arrest warrant against ur father so no lawyer can get him out on bail either the only choice left with u is to wait for mon Produce evidences of ur father’s innocence n take him home which is impossible right ???

Adi gets angry

He walks upto prison

Harshvardan emotionally holds his hand -Trust me Adi Iam clueless about all this

Adi nods -I know papa I will get u out from here

Arjun gets emotional


Adi is sitting in tension in room

Zoya keeps her hand on his hand

Adi hugs her

He breaksdown

Adi-Iam feeling so helpless I cannot do anything my father will remain in jail whole night cannot even get his bail done

Somebody has trapped papa badly

Zoya assures adi that together they will bring outhe Harshvardan from this problem

Zoya goes through documents

She notices something n is shocked very shocked



  1. Tanshi

    Wowwwww superb!!!Precap is mast!!!!Hope adi don’t misunderstand Zoya

  2. Anuva

    Zoya is so sweet. I hate Wasim. Don’t even think about daughter’s life. Pari is so cute. Good to see Zoya gives support to Adi. There shouldn’t be anymore distance between Zoya.

  3. Hii! It’s too good to read this story, i really loved it u are doing or handling it is very well and thanks for this wonderful story because I’m missing my jenshad / adiya badly and i love every single word of this and all the best for more good and memorable episodes

  4. Hii! It is really too good yaar i really loved it and the way ur writing this from line to line and episode to episode is too good. I’m missing my jenshad / adiya too badly and really excited to read further episodes so all the best and make more episodes.

  5. It was superb.zoya she is a nice can be someone so good.what rubbish things this wasim is doing .he don’t even think about his daughter’s life .poor she after lots of hurdles she began to smile.i think in the precap zoya must have realised that wasim is the one who behind all this.and I have request yaar please don’t make adiya separate again.i hope adi will not misunderstand zoya.

  6. Wow amazing , I feel Wasim would have copied the signature of harshvardhan Hooda and zoya would have noticed it ??? think so

  7. Jasminerahul

    zoya telling adi that she is happy that pari found motherly love in her was lovely.shocking that harsh is arrested. guess wassim is behind can he do it?feeling bad for zoya

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