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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia anuva anu n tanshi

Thanks alot silent readers

Now zoya n adi will go through some roller coaster

So I hope u guys enjoy this journey full of hurdles


Recap-zoya tells Anjana that pari was admitted in hospital in Usa n she helped in adi’s recovery but her parents family or guardian were missing so they brought her to Mumbai

Anjana feels she shares some relation with pari

Anjana feels God has send pari to Unite zoya n adi


Pari is sitting in garden

She is talking to flowers n Greeting them morning

Anjana looks on with smile

Pari notices Anjana

She hugs her n very sweetly

Says GoodMorning Dadi

Anjana too kisses her

Adiya enjoy the moment from far away

Anjana-pari what were u talking to flowers

Pari-Flowers are my friends i dnt have any friends so I keep talking to flowers I just wished them good Morning

Anjana smiles at pari

Something strikes her mind

Zoya is drying her wet hair

Adi comes in room

Zoya has not noticed him

She is humming some song

N drying her hair

Adi looks on He is actually adoring her

Zoya is in her own world

Gently she makes her hair side n through mirror  notices Adi starring at her

Zoya gets conscious

Adi-u have a melodious voice

Zoya (laughs)-Iam a bathroom singer pls dnt praise me just for praising

Adi-no need of that as u deserve alot of praise

Adi comes close to zoya

Adi-Thanks is a very small word for all that u r doing for me n pari Zoya still thank u

He takes out a pink roses from his pocket n gives it to zoya

Zoya is confused

Adi-pari told me all girls love flowers n especially roses so its best way to thank all girl

Zoya smiles instantly as she notices pari is looking at them

She calls pari inside room

Zoya lifts her

Zoya-so pari u want to thank me by giving rose I have a condition put it in my hair

Pari laughs she takes rose from Adi’s hand N starts putting in her hair

As hair is wet pari is unable to manage

Adi notices her struggling

He slowly put rose with clip

He is very close to zoya

They can feel each other’s breathe

As he puts rose he also seems lost in zoya

Pari claps once they are done putting rose

Adi realizes n moves away

Zoya keeps looking at him

Scene shifts

Anjana is supervising some decoration work

Adi notices

Adi-ma is there a party at home

Anjana -yes for pari

Actually pari said she has no friends Adi at this age pari should play with other kids so today I have invited all neighbourhood kids home We will introduce pari as our relative n ask them to befriend her so that till pari is here she will have some company n play mates

Adi gets emotional he hugs Anjana n thanks her

Anjana is puzzled

But feels adi is emotional

Zoya makes pari get ready

Pari is excited to see kids

All kids began to do masti

Adi smiles seeing pari enjoy

He notices zoya serving kids food

He too joins

Harsh n Anjana notice Adiya serving together n enjoying  with kids

Anjana -Harsh pari is an angel she has completed zoya n adi

Harshvardan nods with a smile

They all play games dance eat n enjoy

Scene shifts

It is night time

Pari is lying in zoya’s lap

Pari seems upset

Pari-papa can I ask u something

Adi-sure princess

Pari-papa today all my friends were calling papa’s wife as mumma n in usa also papa’s wife is mom

So zoya Aunty is ur wife

So she is my mom??


Tears fall from zoya’s eyes

Pari-papa that photo wali mumma (pooja) God took away right because I troubled her so now since Iam a gud girl did god sent a new mumma zoya mumma

Adi is speechless

Zoya is too emotional

Pari looks at her with hope in eyes

Pari-u are my zoya mumma??right??

Zoya hugs her

Zoya-yes beta u can call me mumma but now we are playing a game u remember na

Adi is surprised that zoya permitted pari to call her mumma

Pari-yes mumma I know now u r zoya Aunty n papa is adi uncle till we Win this game n then we all will stay together

Zoya hugs her tightly

Tears fall from Adi’s eyes

Precap-police comes

Police says they have an arrest warrant against Harshvardan

As Harshvardan has sold same premises to two parties n accepted money from both he has done fraud

Harshvardan -I haven’t signed on any papers

Anjana breaksdown

Arjun n adi are confused

Zoya n pari pacify Anjana as police takes Harshvardan n Arjun n adi are running behind them.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    pari telling anjana that flowers are her best friends was cute .zoya pari rose scene was cute.adiya rose scene was so romantic. party was nice. pari asking adi if zoya is her new mother sent by God n zoya asking her to call her mumma was emotional

  2. Pari talking to flowers was so cute.Adiya rose scene was romantic and adi started to fall in love with zoya???.I am so happy. Pari asking Adi for calling soya as mumma was emotional. And zoya also like it.And who cheated harsh?is that wasim?he had an eye on hooda’s properties.eagerly waiting for next. post soon.

  3. Anuva

    Pari asking Zoya to call mumma is emotional. Really nice. Wasim is the one who did wrong thing. Please this shouldn’t lead Adi to hate Zoya. Again i don’t want any distance between Adiya.

  4. Tanshi

    Wowwww its a mast episode yaar….
    Waseem started his game!!!!????

  5. Saw that was so good , superb

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