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Good Morning My Lovely Readers

Thanks alot dear jasmine sia anuva anu Shanya Varshini

Thanks a tonne


Thanks silent readers

Recap-zoya gets Dr Watson’s call who advices her that adi should avoid exerting his knee more or he would never be able to walk again

Zoya decides to help adi

She reaches airport n accompanies him to Usa

Zoya rings door bell

Sakshi opens door

She is shocked to see adi on wheel chair n zoya behind him

Sakshi hugs him-Adi are u fine??

Adi-Sakshi maa Iam ok how is pari let me meet my pari first Did she gain her senses??

Adi excuses himself n paces his wheelchair towards room

Zoya goes behind him

-Aditya slowly pls be careful

Sakshi too follows them

Adi enters room

Sakshi looks at zoya

Zoya greets her


Sakshi nods teareyed -I know beta all this might be so difficult for u I can understand Still u came Thanks alot My pari was waiting for adi Thank u

Zoya wipes her tears

Zoya hugs her-Aunty dnt wry pari will be fine

Adi is disheartened to see pari still unconscious

Tears fall from his eyes

He holds her small hand


Adi-sorry princess  papa broke promise so sorry but Pls open ur eyes pls papa is here pls

Zoya goes near pari

She checks her forehead

Zoya panics a little

She picks thermometer kept on table N checks her fever

Display shows 103

Adi feels helpless

Sakshi -zoya these are medicines Dr gave

Zoya checks medicines

Zoya-Aunty what did pari eat what was her last meal

Sakshi -Actually she had gone to a friends birthday party So she ate some food there pizza n some thing Chinese Amnot sure

Zoya points out at some marks on pari’s hand

Zoya-This could  be a food allergy

Look at her hand

I urgently need to give her an injection  so that Her blood gets clear only then fever will reduce n she can gain consciousness

Sakshi -Beta tell me injection name i will order

Zoya writes name

Adi is still holding pari’s one hand

He is looking at pari

His eyes are filled  with guilt

Zoya feels bad for him

Zoya gets a bowl of ice water n cloth

She lovingly keeps cloth on pari’s forehead

Adi observes

Sakshi comes with an envelope

Sakshi -zoya beta injection

Zoya takes it

She pricks injection

Adi cannot bear it

He turns his face on other side

N also holds zoya’s hand

Zoya-Relax pls relax its done

Adi looks at zoya teareyed

Joh toh mera humdaard hain plays

Sakshi looks on

Adi too starts keeping  cloth on pari’s forehead

Adi repeatedly asks pari to open her eyes

Sakshi is in kitchen

Zoya comes there

Zoya-Aunty actually I wanted to give Aditya his medicine so can I pls cook something for him

Sakshi -zoya beta I have cooked dinner U pls make him have

Zoya thanks her

Zoya brings food for Adi

He still is keeping cloth on pari’s head

Zoya-Aditya pls eat little food u need to take ur medicines

Adi-Iam sorry zoya I cannot eat now pls

Zoya-Aditya ur princess wants u to eat

Zoya sits on her knees near adi’s wheelchair

Zoya-Aditya if u Willnot be fine how will u look after ur princess

Adi’s eyes are completely wet

He looks at zoya

She makes him eat

Dard Diloo ke kam ho jaate mein aur tum agar hum ho jaate

Plays in Bg

Sakshi -zoya is very good she is a gem

God bless her

May she n adi always be together

Sakshi sadly looks at pooja’s pic on Wall


Adi makes pari sit up

Pari is crying -papa what happened  to you tell me pls

Adi is unable to answer

Zoya-God is playing  a game pari papa is fine U know what he has to sit on this wheel chair for few days if he wins God will give him reward

Pari listens attentively n smiles

Adi is puzzled how zoya n he has same style to explain  pari

Pari-r u Zoya my papa’s wife.because of you papa didn’t come to me na

Zoya is surprised

Adi-Darling because of zoya papa came to you princess u know she is best N she will love u more than me she will tell u many stories

Give her a huggiiee

Pari-really? ??

Zoya tries to smile

Her eyes are wet

She hugs pari

Adi smiles

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  1. Awww that’s so sweet. Zoya have a big heart. I hope accepts pari whole heartedly. Waiting for the next.

  2. Amazing man , so now zoya and pari both will became friends ??? so nice this story is really going very well ??? all goes to u and your writing skills , it was a nice chapter

  3. Jasminerahul

    nice to see zoya taking care of pari. adi pari part was emotional. zoya adi food scene was nice

  4. Maanvi_arora

    Really nice………….. eagerly waiting for next one

  5. Anuva

    Zoya is super… she knows how to handle Adi n Pari… pari is little… she can’t understand what is happening… but she should understand zoya… waiting for next part to know about pari’s reaction…

  6. It’s amazing yaar.the way zoya took care pari was nice.i like Sakshi very much she has good character.please post the next soon.

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