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Good Morning My Lovely Readers

Thanks alot dear Shanya it is a pleasure to know my readers’s response

Thanks dear sia jasmine anu n anuva

Thanks dear silent readers

Ok so let me clear some doubts

Pari is Adi’s daughter

Now what connection she has with pooja whether she is adopted or what u will come to know very soon

Some suspense right

As of now i can just tell u one thing

Pari is adi’s daughter

Adi is pari ‘s dad


Yash tactfully makes out that girl in adi’s life is pari N she is his daughter Yash is dumbstruck

Adi plans to tell zoya about pari

Adi misses pari n hugs her photograph

While pari is angry with adi

Adi is sitting on grass in garden
Zoya is going through some videos on her cell
Zoya helps adi stretch his knees
They have intense eyelock
While they are lost in each other’s eyes
Zoya’s phone rings
Zoya attends call
Adi looks at her
Adi-Its high time I should tell her everything
But how
I cannot say a word in front of her
I just cannot speak
Its a very big truth

While adi is absorbed in his thoughts
Zoya excitedly comes
Zoya-Aditya it was Dr Watson’s call u know he is coming to hospital for rounds
He has asked me to bring u
So that he can examine
N suggest something
Iam so glad
I will get all ur reports n
Then we will leave for hospital
Aditya we need to leave in 1 hr or so
Do u want to go in ur room

Adi-no am fine here in open air


Zoya leaves

Adi gets thinking

Something strikes
He calls his servant

N asks him to get paper n pen

Adi starts writing

He cuts it
He writes

Dear zoya

Zoya u r seriously my very good friend Iam so lucky to have u in my life U have taken such a good care of Me I cannot thank u enough
Zoya there is something I need to share
I dnt know how to start
It will hurt u
It will break u
I never wanted to hurt u
But I was forced by circumstances.

He continues writing
On other side Zoya is arranging his reports
On third side
Yash is stressed up
Yash-I dnt know how I will tell u this truth zoya

Zoya n adi are in car
Adi has a letter in his hands
He looks at zoya
She smiles




Zoya-sure ???y am feeling u want to say something

Adi-actually no let it be

Zoya-ohh I got it are u scared of Dr Dnt wry he Willnot give u any injection I know u get very scared of injections

Zoya laughs

Adi looks away

Adi’s pov- u have to do it adi u have to

Adi-zoya I wanted to tell u something
Adi-zoya I have written everything in this letter u pls read it soon
Zoya is about to open letter
Her phone rings
Zoya gets busy talking to nurse
She is holding letter

Adi anxiously looks at her

Adi waits for call to end

But zoya goes on n on

Zoya -ok sister Iam reaching hospital in sometime i will check personally

Zoya keeps her phone aside

She looks at letter

Adi is tensed

Zoya keeps it in purse

Adi is stunned

Zoya-Aditya Iam sorry I will read latter now u pls listen to me first see Dr will ask u certain questions Aditya he is very renowned Dr n remains busy He Willnot be able to give us more time so we should answer fast so Iam explaining u

She goes on talking

Adi is nervous

Dr examines adi

Zoya waits patiently

Yash looks on

Dr Watson -Recovery is very good.If it continues at this pace Mr Aditya will be able to walk in 10 days or so

Zoya(excitedly )-Really Dr Thats great

Adi smiles

Dr-Mr Aditya must say u r a very lucky man ur wife has worked day n night to see u fine.

Adi smiles

His eyes get filled with guilt

Zoya-Dr It is his will power which has worked I haven’t done anything great

Dr-I know everything Dr Zoya

Yash looks on

His eyes well up with tears

Zoya thanks Dr

DR leaves

Zoya -I think we should celebrate Lets go to a restaurant for lunch what say yash

Both yash n adi are lost

Zoya-Aditya Yash where are u both

Yash-Zoya I need to discuss a case with u It is really important n urgent

Zoya-So we will discuss in restaurant Dr Yash u can take break for ur friends come on

Yash -Zoya its something very urgent u pls come in my cabin pls

Adi-Zoya Its ok u first go Do ur work I will wait in garden for u both

Zoya nods

Zoya is in yash’s cabin

Zoya-quick yash show me what u wanted to show We should leave soon because Aditya should eat lunch soon I need to give him medicines then I need to make him do exercise

Yash-zoya I dnt think he deserves ur care

Zoya-what what r u saying yash whats wrong

Yash-zoya he is cheating on u

Zoya (angry tone)-yash i told u we will discuss all this latter for me currently most important is that he should cure n be able to walk

Yash-zoya listen to me once

Zoya is about to leave in anger

Yash (yells)-Zoya Adi has a daughter in Usa her name is pari

Zoya stops at once

She remembers phone call

She remembers adi murmuring her name

Tears fall from zoya’s eyes


Yash -yes zoya Yes

Yash narrates her everything


Zoya goes to Adi

Zoya (teareyed )-How could u hide such a big truth from me Aditya u have a Daughter

Adi is speechless

Zoya -y did u marry me y

Zoya is frustrated

She goes n sits on a bench

Adi’s phone rings

Adi-what happened How did this happen I will come to my pari Sakshi Aunty pls dnt worry tell pari her papa is coming

Adi moves his wheelchair to zoya’s bench

Adi folds his hands–zoya I need ur help I know I did wrong I am guilty n sorry cannot cure ur pain but zoya pls help I need to go to Usa urgently Pari is very sick she needs me

Adi is weeping

Zoya -Get lost I dnt care U didn’t even think once of telling me all this I know u never considered me ur wife but I was ur good friend

Adi-Zoya I had written everything in that letter Its ok I will manage she is my daughter u Dnt need to care about her or me I will go

Adi makes his wheel chair move

Zoya runs to her cabin

She finds the letter

She reads it

She breaksdown

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  1. So the truth is out ?? , amazing , post soon

  2. Awww nice episode. Feeling sorry for Zoya. I hope she will accept Pari. Anyways eagerly waiting for the next.

  3. So the story is moving through twists.finally the truth is revealed.but the letter Adi wrote to zoya has something in it.That’s in the precap she breakdown reading it.waiting eagerly for the post soon dear

  4. Jasminerahul

    happy that adi will be able to walk soon.but sad that zoya didn’t read his after knowing the truth from yash she will misunderstand him.oh

  5. Anuva

    I wish zoya to be kind to Adi… She doesn’t know the full truth… ,for that small kid she has to be kind… but i am sad for zoya too… atleast he could tell the truth to zoya before marriage… don’t know how to react for both… both are going through same pain… amazing episode…

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