Good Morning My Lovely Readers
Thanks alot dear sia n jasmine n silent readers
Dear angel this is a fanfic am only writing chpts this story involves characters of bepannah serial I have just used characters story is mine

Recap-Anjana is excited as her son aditya is returning home after 1 year She has organised a mata ki chowki during navratri to welcome her son
Anjana is keen to get adi married to zoya
Adi has arrived in india n plans to leave within one month

Zoya is walking in corridors of hooda mansion
In her hand she is holding sari that Anjana gave her to wear
Zoya is smiling
Anjana comes behind her

Anjana -Zoya beta u r glowing alot today
Beta change ur dress na get ready fast Adi will reach any moment

Zoya-Aunty pls stop teasing me I consider adi to be my best friend……..

Anjana -So where did i say anything else
Beta simple logic ur best friend is meeting u after one year so u should look ur best now whats wrong in that?
U only take things in otherway

Zoya looks tensed up
Anjana smiles
Anjana-Zoya my hair have not turned grey in sunlight Its all experience I have always seen in ur eyes the feelings u have for my adi I know y u r hiding these feelings I can understand

Zoya shyly smiles
She hugs Anjana
Anjana -Trust me zoya This time amnot allowing adi to leave us n go

Anjana -Chalo u get ready now go in my room n get ready

Zoya goes to Anjana\’s room
She sits on bed
She smiles
She opens gallery on her phone
She opens a particular file
Adi\’s photo is shown on her cell phone
Zoya smiles at pic

Zoya-So mr hooda u r coming back I cannot tell u How happy am How excited am
I missed u so much so very much
I know you were very busy in usa n thats y u were unable to chat with me more
But i still remember how u spoke to me for 1 hr on my bday
My day was made spl very spl because of u
Its so easy to talk to ur pic
N when i see u i turn speechless

Zoya sits in front of mirror

Zoya-I talk to so many ppl daily give so many injections Do everything so confidently Its only when i see u that i become a dumboo

Come soon

Adi enters hooda mansion
Anjana\’s eyes well up
Adi is about to hug her
She stops him
She does his arti
Adi is not much keen but cannot stop his mom
So he just smiles looking at her smile
She puts a tilak on his forehead
Adi-Ma pls small one
I dnt like pls

Anjana obliges

Adi hugs her tightly

Arjun n Harshvardan look at them with smile

Anjana (weeping )-i missed u so so much my adi
U have become so thin
Seems u didn\’t get food

Now ur ma will make u eat

Adi-yes ma yes

Arjun-Bhai u freshen up n get ready Chowki will start in 1 hr or so

Zoya is getting ready
Anjana enters her room
She admires zoya

Anjana -u look so gorgeous Today my adi will faint

Zoya blushes

Anjana -ok so now i need to get ready
Zoya pls take this plate of flowers n give it to pandit jii pls

Zoya takes it

She finds it difficult to walk in sari

She is holding plate of flowers in her hand

Adi comes out from his room
He is busy adjusting sleeve of his kurta
While zoya is looking down
They collide
Adi holds zoya by waist
Her eyes are closed
All flowers fall over them
Adi looks at her
She gently opens her eyes
She looks deep in his eyes
Zoya is lost
Adi-Zoya are u ok
Zoya realizes that adi is holding her
She sets herself free
Adi (confused)-what which language are u speaking
Zoya-Hiiii adi i mean aditya
Adi-ohhh hii zoya
Adi starts walking away without talking much
Zoya is confused
Adi-btw zoya u in mata ki chowki n mom has involved u in preparations too??
Zoya-yes y what happened??
Adi-Being a dr u believe in all this timepass
Zoya-u crack nice jokes
Adi-i dnt find it funny
Whatever am sorry ur flowers fell down wait i will help u pick up
Adi bends down with zoya
N together they start picking up flowers
Zoya is looking at adi
Adi is busy picking up flowers
Their hands rub against each other again n again
But adi pays no heed

Adi-So these will be given to panditjii

Zoya -no now cannot give it fell down

Adi-absurd now these wonderful flowers would be wasted
Custom n rituals so funny

Btw zoya how is ur work going on??

Zoya and adi are shown talking

Anjana and Harshvardan are shown welcoming guest
Wasim comes with Roshnaq and noor
Noor winks at arjun
Wasim n Harshvardan hug eachother
While Anjana n Roshnaq too give warm hug to each other
Wasim-where is adi
Just then adi comes
He takes their blessings
Wasim hugs him
Zoya looks on with smile

Mata ki chowki starts
Everyone wears mata ki chunni on forehead
Adi is unable to wear
Zoya notices
Adi gestures her to help
Zoya makes adi wear chunni on forehead
She smiles
N gets mesmerised by adi\’s presence

Anjana smiles looking at them

Anjana\’s pov -only she can manage my son

A man is shown talking to wasim
Man-I want this contract wasim bhai i tried speaking to Harshvardan but he says contract is already given to another company
I think only u can help me
Pls wasim bhai

Wasim -What will be our cut u give us more money i will get u the contract

Man-Am ready to give u 2 crores

Wasim-ok then ur work is done

Wasim makes a call to some one

On call he says-Destory documents of earlier contractor we have got a new contracter

Adi is getting bored in chowki he gets an idea
Adi sits besides zoya in chowki
She gets goosebumps
Adi whispers in her ears-Zoya yaar pls lets go somewhere pls i want to talk to u yaar pls
Zoya agrees

Adiya are shown eating icecreams

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  1. Wow now adi s entry 😍😍😍😍 and he caught zoya , it was amazing and the precap also , post soon

  2. Wow now adi s entry 😍😍😍😍 and he caught zoya , it was amazing and the precap also , update it soon

  3. Jasminerahul

    anjana knows abt zoya’s luv 4 adi n is supporting sweet.adiya falling on them..flower picking scene ..chunri scene were romantic.will this contract create rift btw Mr.hooda n wasim?

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