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Zoya decides she will get married  to adi rest all is her destiny she cannot refuse n hurt her parents

Adi and zoya’s mehendi ceremony  takes place

Yash finds adi’s behaviour  weird and so tries to confront  him regarding  his will to get married  to which adi gets very irked  n thus yash’s doubt becomes more firm

Zoya is in her room

Zoya looks at her hands

It is full of mehendi

She looks at Aditya’s name on her hand

Zoya’s  pov-Aditya ur name is not just on my hand but also in my heart I hope my name is also written in ur heart

Tears fall from her eyes

Just then yash calls her

Yash-Zoya how r u??

Zoya-Am good yash i hoped u enjoyed at mehendi  ceremony

Yash-yes what about u Zoya are u happy

Zoya fakes laugh-yash of course  it was my mehendi  I am extremely  glad

Yash-zoya yaar pls dnt lie to me I saw everything  I understood  everything  Pls yaar zoya pls give me sometime  I will find more about adi I found him His behaviour  really weird  Pls zoya Dnt be in such haste Its matter of ur wholeg life

Zoya-yash pls u Dnt need to find anything  Yash its just that u care too much for me so u are getting  concerned  You are over thinking

Yash but…

Zoya-yash yaar tom is my Sangeet  n u have to dance come on pls chill n enjoy my marriage  pls yash


Scene  shifts

All have gathered

Arjun welcomes all to Adiya’s Sangeet

Yash is observing  adi

Who appears  to be lost today also

Adi n zoya are made to sit with eachother

Kaamariyaa song is played Arjun n Noor dance romantically  on song

Its yash’s turn

Zoya gets euphoric

Yash dances on

Ek thi kaanch ki kudiyaa ek tha phind da Mundha

He dances around Adiya

Wasim feels uncomfortable

He makes adi hold zoya’s hand

Adi holds short-while  n leaves itit

Wasim n Roshnaq  dance on London tumkta

N Harshvardan n Anjana dance on moorni bankar

Everybody  is dancing

Arjun pushes adi near zoya

Zoya looks in his eyes

Adi turns his face  on other side

Yash notices

Anjana  also brings  them close

Adi dances with zoya with hesitation

Shown adi’s phone rings

He excuses himself  n goes out

Yash follows him

Yash notices him speaking  to someone with smile on face

He goes near

Adi-yes I will come soon take care I miss u lots

Adi notices yash

He ignores him n walks away

Yash’s pov-Definitely something  is very fishy

Yash is shown doing  something  on his laptop

He is going  to  Adi’s profile on social network site

Yash-Adi has written  a status 6 months ago

Love is fine but marriages are bon bondage How can two ppl stay together 24 x7 ??

Strange after 6 months he is getting  married

Yash goes through  his pictures

He notices  comment of a girl

Pooja-My handsome  Adi love u

His eyes pop up

Zoya is shown getting  ready in bridal attire

Wasim n Roshnaq  come to her

They bless her n complement  her looks

Noor comes

They have family  hug

Yash starts checking  pooja’s  profile

Pooja works in same company  in usa in which adi works

Yash is trying  to find more hints

Soon he comes across some pics in which adi n pooja are both tagged by a mutual  friend

Yash acceses  those pics

Adi n pooja are cuddling

They are dancing

Yash is stunned

Yash tries to call zoya

Her phone rings but nobody  picks up

Yash looks at time

He takes printout of pics

N rushes in his

He keeps trying  to  call zoya

Zoya comes in Mandap

Anjana  hugs her

Adi tries to smile

She sits in Mandap

Noor goes to room n notices zoya’s  phone ringing

She is about to pick

But Wasim comes

He takes phone from her hand

N asks her to go down as her ammi is calling

Noor leaves excitedly

Wasim looks at phone

He sees yash’s  name flashing

He cuts the call

Yash is shown driving

Wasim notices 34 missed calls from yash

Yash calls again

Wasim picks up

Yash-Thank God zoya u picked up my call Zoya pls pls refuse for this marriage  zoya Adi has another girl in his life He is dating  someone since past 2 years Zoya

Wasim-what what are u saying  yash

Yash is shocked -Wasim uncle??

Wasim -come soon yash n tell me everything  am waiting  for u

Yash-yes uncle u pls with hold wedding  till then

Wasim smile in evil way

Wasim n Roshnaq  do zoya n adi’s gatbandan

Adi looks at it sadly

Precap -Adi n zoya are shown taking  pheras

Adi is completely  lost

Adi fills zoya’s  hairline  with sindoor His hands shake n most of it fall on zoya’s  face

Adi apologises

Roshnaq  looks worried

Wasim is not seen anywhere

Yash is shown walking  inside marriage  hall

Wasim follows him

Yash is shocked  to see that adi n zoya are already married they are taking  blessings


  1. Oh shit what the hell adi is having a girlfriend ???? noo , amazing , post soon

  2. Jasminerahul

    yash zoya scene was emotional. such a nice friend is yash.oh he saw adipoo pics.but are they really in relationship or just friends?dance scenes were nice.wassim is so selfish to make his own dsighter’s marriage a business. he doesn’t care about aditya’s love life.pathetic.

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