Bepannah Path of love epi 53

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Dear anuva jasmine anu yes definitely a spl Valentine’s epi is upcoming❤❤❤ I had already planned n yes sia may be used would get to witness a kiss this time ??

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Recap-Arnoor organise truth n dare game where in zoya kisses adi n adi says a beautiful romantic shayari for zoya

Adi latter breaks her heart by saying that it was merely done for his family n their happiness


Yash sees adi moving out of house

Zoya is sitting with everyone

Still she is lost in her own thoughts

Adi’s words echo in her ears

Pari notices that zoya is sad

She goes n hugs zoya

Zoya smiles

Adi is about to sit in car Yash stops him

Yash-Adi listen pls i need to talk to u urgently pls Adi

Adi -Yash Iam sorry but I too have an very urgent work thatso why Iam leaving party midway n going pls can we talk latter

Yash hugs Adi

Adi is confused

But still finds comfort in hug

Yash (emotionally)-Adi I treat u like my own bro adi Iam sensing something is not fine with u Pls try to understand at such times sharing can help can make one feel better pls

Adi nods


Scene shifts

Zoya is arranging some Untensils in kitchen Roshnaq comes to her

Zoya hides her tears from her ammi

Roshnaq looks at her with pride

Roshnaq hugs her

Zoya too breaksdown a little

Roshnaq -Iam proud of u Zoya u handled this situation so nicely Iam so proud of u u have accepted pari so good beta

Zoya’s pov-Ammi I have accepted everything Iam trying my level best still i feel Adi doesn’t like me I think he doesn’t want me in his life

Roshnaq -beta why are u crying like this Is everything fine

Zoya nods-ammi I got emotional

Roshnaq -beta u have a complete beautiful family no need to get emotional now be happy

Zoya’s pov-But ammi adi doesn’t consider me a part of this family

Scene shifts

Zoya is arranging some clothes in wardrobe

A photo falls down

Zoya notices

It is pooja’s photo

Zoya looks at photo

She gets teareyed

She remembers how adi got emotional while talking to Anjana about pooja

Scene shifts

Adi n yash are sitting

on rocks

Adi gulps beer

He is teareyed

Yash notices him

Adi-Yash u know actually love happens only once with in some very rare to rare to rare cases love can happen twice

While saying so zoya’s smiling face flash before his eyes

Scene shifts to zoya

Zoya (teareyed )-I know love happens only once n I feel pooja Adi loves u as much as I love adi but I dnt think I will ever be able to take ur place in his heart He will never ever love me

Both are emotional

Dard Diloo ke kam ho jaate mein aur tum agar hum ho Jate Plays

Yash listens attentively

Adi-sometimes ever if u are lucky to fall in love u may not get love because u have done something so wrong with someone

Yash gets confused

Yash-Adi calm down Adi.U know u are very very lucky u have zoya in ur life

Adi-but she is not lucky because she is in my life

Yash-what makes u feel this Adi

Adi-Yash which girl will like to stay with her husband’s five year old kid Zoya deserves better yash she deserves better

Yash-Has she ever told u any such thing adi

Adi-I can understand U know yash zoya is an angel she will never complaint u know she smiles but I can see the pain behind her smile

Yash-Adi I know zoya from 10 years Adi trust me she is very happy with u ur family  n pari

Adi nods a no

He starts walking with beer bottle

Yash tries to explain

But adi refuses to understand

Adi is about to trip

Yash holds him n supports him

Adi-Zoya is unhappy  zoya is very unhappy with me

Yash feels bad looking at adi’s condition

Yash’s pov-zoya is very happy with u Adi u never realised how much she loves u I think there is no use explaining u anything now i will talk to u tommorow u are badly drunk

Yash drives back adi to hooda house

He calls zoya down

Yash thinks whether he should tell her

He sees her tensed n decides not to tell her

Zoya is shocked to see adi this way

Yash-Actually zoya Adi was very happy today so we went for a couple of drinks but Iam sorry I mean

Zoya-yash I know u are lying we will talk tomorrow

She supports adi n takes him in

Yash looks at them

Yash-They are made for eachother I will ensure that nothing separates them

Zoya brings adi to room

She makes him lie on bed

She removes his shoes

Adi holds  her hand

Zoya gets teareyed

Zoya-Adi I know that day u went away because of me I can understand now that u are not happy with our relationship u still dnt consider me to be part of ur family. No problem but now u Willnot have to worry or manipulate anything for anyone as I will go away for always

She looks at adi teareyed

Adi is holding her hand

She looks at pari who is sleeping

Precap-Adi is shocked to read a letter Tears roll n roll down his his eyes

He comes to living area searching for zoya

There Harshvardan n Anjana are watching news channel in which news of a flight crash is flashed

Adi yells



Adi in a panic mode moves about in airport Everywhere there is crowd all are panicked

Arjun too is looking for zoya

Adi breaksdown shouting zoya’s name on airport

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