Bepannah Aashqui FF Thirteen epi

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Recap- Adi tactfully induces existing employees to work for zosh An excited zoya hugs adi sanchi believes Adiya to be a couple
Mahi is frustrated n she spoils the decorations at Sangeet event by cutting wire
Adi notices it
N tries to set it right
When he gets electric shock

Zoya is dumbstruck to see adi fall unconscious on floor she rushes to adi she gently makes adi lie in her lap.
Zoya (panicked )-Adi Adi Adi what happened to u adi Adi
One Employee -Zoya ma’am adi sir has got electric shock he was trying to set something in decorations.i saw when he fell

Zoya rubs adi’s hands
Tears drop from her eyes
Mahi smirks
Zoya makes adi rest properly on floor she rushes inside malhotra mansion
Veer is busy chatting with his friends
He notices a panicked zoya
Zoya (weeping )-Veer Veer Veer Adiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. ..shock…

Veer comes out he sees an unconscious adi

Adi is shifted in room
Zoya is holding his hand
Veer-zoya relax I have given him injection he should gain consciousness soon

Zoya is teareyed
She is continuously rubbing his hands.all employees are tensed
Adi slowly opens his eyes

Zoya smiles with tears in his eyes
Zoya hugs adi
Zoya (scolds)-Adi what nonsense was this what were u exactly doing with decorations
Adi if there was a problem u could have told I would have called an electrician
Y do you need to act like a hero always
Adi u r a trained pilot just be that don’t try to be a master of everything
Adi-Zoya relax atleast breathe
Zoya-What breathe what if something would have happened to u??
Adi-(laughing )-good na I would have gone atleast earth could get rid of some burden
Zoya (yells)-shut upp adi
She leaves in anger
All employees n San Veer are watching
Zoya goes outside
She cries
Zoya -Adi u don’t know what u mean to me
Sanchi looks on

Sanchi ‘s pov-From the day I saw u adi I knew there is something  much more than friendship  atleast  from ur side

Adi-Veer yaar Pls help me y is zoya so sentimental

Veer-sorry  bro this is not my cup of tea  n girls are very sentimental for a person  who means alot to them n in such cases even God cannot  do anything. You don’t wry  just rest n if u need anything  call me

Adi is looking  at ceiling -I know zoya u can remain angry with me for long time I know u will come

Just then adi sees zoya enter

Adi makes puppy  face

But zoya doesn’t  look at him

She just checks medicines

She is about to leave

Adi holds her hand

Adi -am sorry zoya I promise  I will not say anything like this ever

Adi holds his ears like child

Zoya smiles Adi feels relived.

Zoya n adi r shown talking  adi is still resting

Adi -Am feeling  so helpless  zoya  tdy is Sangeet n am here resting  on bed n u have to manage  everything  alone

Zoya-Adi am not alone mahi is helping  me she is so good at heart

Adi’s pov-y do u always see good in everybody  I cannot  tell reality n break ur heart

Adi-zoya did u confirm  with our spl celebrity  guest they are coming  right

Zoya -mahi has confirmed

Adi-Then pakka some problem will happen

Malhotras n jaya welcome everybody  to Sangeet

Zoya Is in tension  as spl guests have not yet arrived

Sanchi  n Veer are busy looking  in each other  eyes

Dr malhotra -zoya  when.r we starting  the programme  guests have arrived

Zoya is nervous

Veer-any problem  zoya

Dr malhotra -Veer I told u not to trust this company  I had contacted  the best co still u as always  wanted  to  experiment

Zoya ‘s eyes get welled up with tears

Just then a voice  is heard

Its adi announcing  on Mike he welcomes everybody

Adi -Today is such a spl day for my dear find Veer so we have prepared  a Espl performance  for him

San Veer clap

Adi-Zoya n I will present to u sanchi n veers love story through  a dance performance

Zoya is dumbstruck

Adi goes near her

Adi whispers-Zoya somebody had canceled our deal with celebrity so they went else where I came to know when I contacted their pa now I have requested  suraj n ChaKor n soumya harman to come  but it will take time till then Pls. ….

Zoya hesitates but adi takes her to dance floor

Adiya are dressed as Dr’s

They collide

They have eyelock

Dil di yaa galliyaan  plays in Bg

They dance very romantically

Its a mesmerising  performance

San Veer join  them

Everybody  is enjoying

Mahi fumes


Precap-zoya is applying  ointment  to adi’s wounds

Adi is shirtless

They are very close

Adi is lost

Zoya -Adi this mark is due to accident  u met with  3years  ago

Rajveer had planned it I don’t know since college days what problem he has with u but I never expected  him to fall so low

Adi(shocked )-zoya how do u know about accident  n y didn’t u come to see me

Zoya-Actually  Anjana  aunty told me

I had called to invite for my nikaah

Adi-mum never told me y


  1. Awesome episodes , loved it❤️?? post soon?

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  3. Anee

    It’s amazing RUUUSHIII… Just Love it.

  4. Jasminerahul

    Adiya scene was very emotional. Adiya eyelock and dance were romantic. Nice song

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    AdiYa emotional.loved it.

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