Bepannah Aashqui FF epi 33

Greetings For The Day My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear readers for ur constant support
Dear sia Tysm for always being there
Dear am facing time constraint n tight schedule Willnot be able to write ff now am so sorry but will try
Thanks all the silent readers

So this is third last update from my side
I hope to hear ur opinion about track n story.
Today the final mystery of y n how Rajveer trapped Adiya would be revealed
So would like to know ur feedback

Recap-Mahi shows a video in court In which rajVeer in an inebriated state says he used pooja to trap Adiya
He has given the parcel to pooja telling her to put it in yash’s Bag
He told her parcel contains drugs so zoya n yash would be trapped after which pooja can happily live with adi

Rajveer is brought in confession box by Constables
There is some madness in his eyes
He is fuming in anger

Harshvardan -Mr Rajveer khanna u r an ACP Just to trap adi u have killed so many ppl how could u why did u

Rajveer doesn’t respond
He looks at Harshvardan with anger

Harshvardan (yells)-speak up rajVeer

Judge- ACP Rajveer speak up

Rajveer -yes I got bomb implanted what else I could do
I wanted to see adi behind bars
I wanted to see Mr Harshvardan getting restless for his son
I wanted to see him log for adi I wanted him to feel helpless

Harshvardan is confused

Rajveer -Adi snatched my everything He ruined my life

Rajveer -Mr Hooda Do u remember swati khanna???

Harshvardan sweats

Rajveer -my mother n ur lover A woman who supported u in difficult phase of ur life.she wasn’t ur wife but love of ur life
For adi n Anjana u left my pregnant mom alone
From my childhood I have just seen my mother cry for u
U never came to us
I decided I would finish ur family
The family for whom u gave pain to my mom

I studied studied very hard
Took admission in same college in which ur son adi got admission

After that adi still was not happy now he wanted to snatch something more

U know what He snatched

He snatched my pooja

I loved pooja

She was my neighbour

I got her admission done in my college
We were best friends
But pooja met adi

She started liking him

N my love become one sided

Then I got letter that zoya had written for adi
I decided I will ruin adi’s life using that letter

Pooja got married to adi

But was never happy with adi

Adi always missed zoya

Pooja would come to me share her feelings n I provoked her more n more

I told pooja that zoya has got married

Pooja wanted to spoil her life

With my help

Pooja befriended yash

Slowly she made yash fall for her
I told her that when zoya makes out that yash was having affair with pooja
She will break n thus pooja will be able to take her revenge

Finally I played my masterstroke

I told pooja that she should ask yash to accompany her to jammu kashmir
At Delhi railway station
I handed her a parcel
I asked her to get that parcel put inside yash’s Bag
I told her it contains drugs
Once police finds it

Both yash n zoya would be trapped

N she can prove to adi that zoya was such a wrong person this way she can live good life with adi

Pooja agreed

I knew when pooja n yash both would get killed
Adi n zoya will meet each other
N then a bond will develop again
After which I used their photographs n trapped them

I knew the day zoya will feel that the only way to save adi is to take whole blame on herself
She would do so
After which adi will not let her die alone he too will confess
N Harshvardan will be helpless

Everyone is shocked
Adi gets wild
He runs towards witness box

He is about to beat Rajveer
Zoya holds his hand
N stops him

Adi (fuming )-how dare u Rajveer how dare u harm pooja n zoya how dare u

Harshvardan n Arjun stop adi

Judge-Considering all the evidences n confession made by ACP Rajveer khanna court sets zoya n Aditya free and pronounces life sentence to Rajveer khanna

Rajveer is dragged by Constables

Harshvardan hugs adi

Harshvardan (lump in throat )-Am sorry because of me u had to face this am sorry I never knew swati was pregnant I never knew I had one more son

Adi hugs him tightly

Precap-Adiya walk hand in hand in Hooda house Anjana does their arti

Harshvardan folds his hands in front of Wasim- Am sorry because of me Zoya too had to face all this am extremely sorry

Wasim-I will forgive u only on one condition
If u agree to make my daughter ur daughter in law

Zoya blushes

Adi smiles

Adi sits on his knees

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  2. Jasminerahul

    shocking that rajveer planned everything to take revenge on harsh n adi using pooja.he id harsh’s his mother alive? good that police caught him.

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