Bepannah Aashqui FF epi 29

Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear readers 

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Am planning to end this ff in 5-6 epi

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Recap-zoya and adi are happy to feel loved Wasim n Harshvardan are talking to Delhi police Arjun n Noor visit Adiya college n talk to principal  while mahi tells Rajveer that she hates zoya n wants zoya to die mahi tells that wants to help rv with case in sc


Good cop comes to open door of adi’s prison

Cop-my son today is ur lucky day

Actually  u may not like what u have  to do but u will get to see zoya

Adi smiles

His eyes glitter

Adi (excited tone)-Zoya I can see my zoya

Cop nods

Adiya are brought in open ground  various prisoners  are brought  there

They have  to churn wheat

Adi looks at zoya

Zoya looks at adi

Eyes of both glitter

Cop smiles

Both are smiling  at each other

They are getting  peace rest n happiness  in each others eyes

They feel relaxed n calm

A lady cop-lalilaa majnu u r not here to look at each other  come on start churning  wheat

She drags zoya

Adi fumes

He is about to react

Good cop holds his hand

N zoya gestures  him to remain calm

Zoya starts churning

She finds it painful

Adi too starts

He looks at zoya

His eyes well up with tears seeing  her struggle

He feels helpless

Zoya is sweating

Heat is bothering  her

Sun is soarching

Adi indicates  zoya to cover her face

With one hand Zoya does that

But is unable  to churn with one hand

Adi senses her discomfort

Adi -Sir Pls help Pls  (to good cop)

Cop-how ??

Adi whispers  something  in his ears

Cop nods

Cop goes to supervise zoya

Very tactfully he takes out wheat from her sack and puts in adi’s

He does it lots of time very carefully

Hence adi is sweating  n churning  more wheat

Zoya notices cop taking  wheat from her sack

She notices adi’s condition

She sees adi’s hand is bleeding

Zoya rushes to adi

Lady cop tries to stop

But zoya takes her hand away

She stops adi

She holds his hand

She caresses his hand

Adi smiles in pain

Lady cop comes to zoya

She pulls zoya

Zoya yells Adiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Adi yells zoyaaaaaa aayaa

Lady cop -U pushed me come with me I will show u she drags zoya

Adi folds his hands in front of good cop n request  for help

Cop-Dnt wry she cannot do anything  to zoya u come ur hand is bleeding  u need first aid

Adi (lump in throat )-no Sir am fine Pls pls u go behind  them Pls she will harm zoya Pls

Cop goes

Lady is about to slap zoya

Good cop holds her hand

Cop-u cannot touch any criminal  without permission  of Sir I will complaint  against u

Lady cop leaves in anger


Cop-ur bepannah Aashqui has saved u today not me N u know ur aashqui  is pure true n strong n so nobody  can harm u ever

Zoya smiles at him


Noor n Arjun are waiting  outside

Principal ‘s cabin

Peon calls them in

Principal-We have tried searching  pooja ‘s admission  form all forms are here nothing  has misplaced only her form is missing  If we had her form we could get name of person who recommended  her in our college Because  of whom she got admission

I will still try to see n find out

Arjun n Noor thank him n Leave

Tears fall from Arjun’s eyes

Noor holds his hand

They hug

Arjun’s phone rings

Its mahi

Mahi-Arjun I have hacked bhaiyaa’s  account n Arjun through  chats I found out pooja had sent bhaiyaa friend request  on face book  they became friends first on fb n then decided to meet.


Arjun remembers  something

Noor -what happened Arjun

Arjun -When blast took place N we made out about Bhabhi n yash’s affair one of yash ‘s friend had come i spoke to him He told me pooja n yash met at poetry  night first from there They became friends but Bhabhi  used to hate literature  n poetry  since some 2.5 years ago she started liking  all this so for whom she went???


Mahi is hearing  them on phone

Mahi-bhaiyaa loved poetries He was huge fan n attended all poetry nIghts in city

Noor gets thinking

Noor-This clearly means pooja deliberately  befriended  yash n she started showing  him that their likes n dislikes match

Mahi-Why would she do so?? N who told her about bhaiyaa’s  liking  for poetry  he hasn’t  mentioned  anything  in chat about it

Pooja sent him  friend  request

She apologised saying  she wanted to send her school friend yash arora n sent bhaiyaa by mistake  now she realised  he is not the yash arora she wanted to send request  to

Bhaiyaa  didn’t  reply

But pooja didn’t  unfriend him

Neither did bhaiyaa  unfriend her

After 2 months

Bhaiyaa  wrote a msg that destiny made them meet at poetry  night n world is really small he is not her school friend but they can be good friends still since their likes match

After which they have chatted alot

Met several  times

Arjun-mahi this appears so plotted it cannot be mere Co incidence

Noor nods

Noor-mahi do they have any mutual friend

Mahi-yes Ashish mehra He is bhaiyaa’s  best friend

Arjun-I think he is same guy who told me that they met at poetry  night

Mahi-we have to meet him

They nod

Delhi police station

Police man-Hooda sir from ccTV footage  we have found a man who has touched yash’s  bag may be he is involved in putting  bomb inside We can save zoya n Aditya If we can catch this man N make him speak out

Harshvardan -so y are u not catching  him

Police man -we are trying  From his sim it was indicated that he was last in jammu n kashmir

We have made strict security  arrangements  there Dnt wry we will get hold of him soon


Ashish is not telling anything

Arjun grabs his collar

Arjun-speak up i will kill u speak up

Ashish-pooja sent me friend request  on fb n told me she is interested in yash she requested me for help she lied to me that she is un married She threatened that she would tell my wife that we are having  extramarital  affair  so I told her about  very


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  1. Jasminerahul

    adiya scene was very emotional. cop is very nice.shocking that pooja purposefully made friends with yash n pretended that her likes are same as his.but why?were pooja n rajveer together in trapping yash?is rajveer poosh’s killer?

  2. Fenil


  3. It was awesome.e , loved it , yaar as you said that you are gonna end this story soon then plz start another ff of adiya plz in which they are married to each other but hate other and adi torchers zoya or like dominates zoya scolds her for small small things and ignores zoya if she shares problems with adi then how their hate marriage convert into love marriage that you can write about in your ff 🤗 what say plz think about it 😫actually I want a story like this only and if yes then plz start it asap and post it on telly updates only plz

  4. I can literally imagine each and every scene…it was sooo beautiiful….loved it…😍 tc dii

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