Bepannah Aashqui FF epi 25

Good Morning My Lovely Readers
Thanks alot dear arunima fenil jasmine sia
Thanks alot silent readers
Yes the roller coaster of twists and turns have just started
I hope u have fun on this bumpy ride

Recap- in court its proved that Adiya had affair also zoya is called in witness box she agrees giving yash a Steel Round box of ladoos
It is proved through a report that bomb was found in that box

Lawyer-my lord its very clearly indicated in reports that bomb was in the box which zoya just agreed she gave to yash

Harshvardan -I object my lord
But no way it can be proved that zoya has put that bomb in box

Adi is sweating
Anjana n Arjun are worried
Mahi is confused
Zoya is unaffected

Judge- Proceedings for today are over Court is adjourned for today.Hearing will continue tomorrow

Adiya are taken back to prison
Anjana cries inconsolably
Harshvardan tries to pacify her

Adiya are brought back to prison
Zoya has turned emotionless
Adi’s eyes are red with anger n guilt

Rajveer -Welcome back Adiya woowww sounds so good ur names together just like lalilaa majnu

Adi gives him angry look

Zoya sits in corner in prison
Rajveer goes near her cell

Rajveer -zoya u know now ur n adi’s life will be ruined its not murder of one or two persons
100s were killed bomb blast
U know u can save adi
If u take blame on urself
Thats the only way to get him our of this mess
Think it advice of a friend of a well wisher

Tears fall from zoya’s eyes
Adi notices rajVeer talking to zoya
Adi cannot hear a single word
Rajveer is whispering

He gestures good luck to zoya

Rajveer leaves
Adi-what did he say ??

Zoya doesn’t react

Adi-zoya zoya Zoya say something atleast

Zoya-Adi I need some time Pls

Tears fall from their eyes

Rajveer’s words echo zoya’s ears

Adi is continuously staring zoya
Zoya is staring at roof

Bepannah aashqui hain tumhse plays in Bg

Sun is shown rising
Anjana is very tensed
Anjana (teareyed )-Harsh how will u save kids

Harsh do anything but get both Zoya n adi out of this mess none of them should be caught up in all this Pls

Harshvardan hugs her

Arjun watches teareyed

Adi is still looking at zoya

Constables come n take them to court

Hearing starts

Zoya is again in witness box

Lawyer-Zoya so how was ur relationship with pooja?

Zoya- I always considered her as a friend

Lawyer-what about her

Zoya is speechless

Adi feels bad

Lawyer-My lord zoya n pooja had always problems ACP Rajveer has told about it N some other classmates have given written witness about same

He presents some pprs to judge

Harshvardan -My lord what is my friend trying to prove he is wasting court’s time

Lawyer-I have already proved yesterday box was given by zoya now am trying to prove zoya didn’t like pooja so yes revenge my lord revenge made her do this

Am I right Zoya

Adi turns his face

Lawyer-Zoya when did u both plan all this

Rajveer’s voice echoes in her hears

Zoya -Yes I planted the bomb yes I did it

What else could I do

Pooja snatched first adi

Then yash

I wanted to kill pooja

I wanted adi to be all mine

My love one sided love

My bepannah Aashqui made me do all this

Adi is not involved in it.

I did it

She breaksdown

Adi is shattered

All are stunned

Rajveer smiles

Precap Proceedings continue

Adi-Sir zoya is not speaking truth

Yes we have done this she has not done alone

We have done it together because yash n pooja had an affair

Harshvardan keeps his hand on head

Rajveer is glad

Zoya is stunned

Adi whispers in zoya’s ears-I was unable to spend my life with u Zoya

But if we die we will die together

U took entire blame on urself to save me

But zoya I will not repeat my mistake again

I cannot leave u alone

I cannot survive without ur bepannah Aashqui I need u zoya

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  1. Aww..this update was soo cute dii…just amazing as always…you always do great job… awesome update dii… can’t wait for the next bye

  2. Fenil


  3. Jasminerahul

    bcz of this rajveer to save adi zoya took the blame on her painful.adi sharing the blame was sad.adi’s words to zoya were touchy.does adi love zoya now?when did adi realize his love first?

  4. Hey don’t say that you are ending this storyπŸ€”πŸ€” because as per the precap if they both died together then the story will end 😫😫 please don’t do that please

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