Bepannah Aashqui FF epi 24

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Recap-Flash back was shown how five years Zoya was excited to tell her feelings to adi .Noor knows about it.
Zoya is heartbroken to know that adi just proposed pooja
Zoya crushes her love letter which rajVeer picks up
Back to present
Adi feels guilty for ruining zoya’s life
He tells her she had first right on him She could have told him to be with only which zoya replies she loved him bepannah n was happy to see him happy with pooja

Adi sits on grass
He recollects all that zoya told him
His eyes are red
Filled with tears
Zoya walks in corridors of court
Madhu comes N stands in front of her
Zoya cannot look at madhu
Madhu-Zoya I always thought u loved my yash whats this Zoya
Zoya is about to speak
Madhu signals her to remain silent
Madhu-Zoya I Dnt need any fake explanation

Mahi comes
Mahi-mum atleast listen to zoya

Zoya leaves from there

Anjana comes
She hugs zoya

Zoya breaksdown in her arms
Tears flow from Anjana’s eyes

Anjana-Zoya beta u did nothing wrong To love someone is not a crime.Infact it takes lot of love n courage to see ur loved one with someone else Still care for him.
Zoya am proud of u beta

Proceedings start again

Zoya is seated
Adi is not there

Arjun goes to garden
He sees adi crying there
Arjun keeps his hand on adi’s shoulder
Adi-Arjun I thought I knew zoya I understood her but I failed in this relationship too I ruined my best friends life

Arjun -Bhai its not ur fault not zoya’s fault Its fault of circumstances Pls Dnt blame urself Pls bhai

Adi cannot stop crying
He hugs Arjun n breaksdown
Arjun -Bhai Pls control urself proceedings have started we need to go

Adi walks in
He is lost

He sits besides zoya
Zoya doesn’t look at him
Her head is down
Adi stares at her with guilty eyes

Lawyer-My lord as u saw that zoya loved Aditya n she Infact proposed him obviously  Aditya agreed

Adi fumes in anger n guilt

Lawyer-My lord Aditya n zoya both had wonderful  affair long distance  relationship they enjoyed  their relationship  n simultaneously  married pooja n yash may be for property  or for some other reason made a master plan planted bomb in train n killed them both n also many more lives

Harshvardan -I object  my lord

Aditya n zoya belong to good families  they are not terrorist to plant bomb n kill so many ppl Infact ACP Rajveer  is trapping  them

Lawyer-My friend of course  u will feel so afterall aditya is ur son

Harshvardan -A love letter cannot indicate affair

Lawyer-Harsh sir we have  many  evidences have patients

My lord Aditya n zoya met on 23rd December  The Day of blast on Delhi airport.Infact they both hugged each other

We can present the ccTV footage

A ccTV footage is shown

Adi is excited to see zoya in gift shop at airport

He hugs her tightly

Madhu turns her face to other side seeing it

Harshvardan  keeps his hand on forehead

Anjana feels bad

Adi feels trapped

Zoya is nonreactive

Lawyer-My lord this footage  clearly indicates their love their affair

Harshvardan-How is this blast linked to their affair ok even if they had affair  where is the proof that bomb was planted by them

Lawyer-Harsh sir patience

My lord as in footage its clearly seen they are talking  with each other they are discussing  the plan

Harshvardan -I object  my lord  we cannot hear a word

Lawyer-My lord from the investigations  it was made out that bomb was planted  in a box this box was in yash arora’s bag n this box was given by zoya to him that zoya will tell herself I want permission  to call her in witness  box

Adi gets concerned

He tries to keep his hand on zoya’s  but she resists n walks to witness  box

Lawyer-Zoya where was yash going on 23rd Dec 2017

Zoya (teareyed )-He told me he is going  to Mumbai

Lawyer-But he was in train to kashmir

Zoya feels bad

Adi is fumes

Zoya -I was clueless

Lawyer-ohhh achaa obviously  ur relationship  was not good not intimate

Tears fall from her eyes

Her face is red

Adi closes his fist in frustration

Zoya-Yes I didn’t know

Lawyer-Did u give him a box

Zoya-Yes a box of ladoos I made for mummy jii n mahi as yash told me he is going  to meet then

Lawyer-Do u remember  how box looked

Zoya-It was a Steel Round box

Lawyer-my lord here are reports that indicate that bomb was found in round steel box

Adi panics

Harshvardan  is speechless


Proceedings  continue

Zoya (teareyed)-yes I kept the bomb I kept it what else could I do

Pooja snatched first adi n then yash from me

How could I let her do this

I liked her I killed him I killed everybody because  I loved adi bepannah  n wanted him back in my life

After pooja’s death adi had only me

Adi is not involved  in all this I did it  i did it

Zoya breaksdown

Adi is shattered

  1. Whattttt , it was totally unexcepted , now zoya is gonna jail , is she mad , I didn’t thought that she loves adi this much , I thought she loved Yash that’s why she was broken this much when Yash died , was she doing acting of all this till now ???? many questions in my mind , anyway this time please please post soon??? loved it ????

  2. Jasminerahul

    loved Anjana supporting zoya.sad that all evidences are against adiya.sad precap

  3. OMG..that ws a sudden twist..just loved it…loved to see anjana on good side…awesome update dii like always..?? can’t wait for the next dii?

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