Bepannah Aashqui FF epi 23

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Recap-zoya had written a love letter to adi 5 years ago on Valentine’s Day to express her feelings
This letter is presented by rajVeer as a evidence in court proceedings
Adi confronts zoya
Zoya admits her feelings n says she was unable to tell adi as adi told her He loved pooja

Noises of bangles are heard
Some lady is wearing green bangles
A lady is getting ready
She is sitting in front of mirror
She applies mascara
She brushes her small hair
She looks n winks
Lady-Masahaa Allah zoya siddqui kya lag rahe ho Aaj aap.
I just hope adi u will like me this way.

(So lady is our zoya who was getting ready for adi)

Zoya blushes looking at mirror
Adi we have always been together
We have always been best friends
This is so new
But today on Valentine’s Day I need to tell you I see u more than a friend

Zoya sits near window
Breeze is blowing

Adi I want u to be my soul mate

She blushes
She takes out a paper
N starts writing something
She smiles

She is imaging something just then Noor comes
Noor tries to snatch the letter
Zoya runs with letter
Noor runs behind her
Noor -I know Appi this is ur hale dil Pls appi am toh ur kohinoor na let me read na Pls Pls appi

Zoya-Noor u know everything y u want to read .Only adi can read this He has first right to read it

Noor hugs zoya
Noor-No problem appi am so happy finally u r confessing ur feelings to adi
All the best appi
My best appi deserves everything best

Zoya -Sukriyaa humara kohinoor

Zoya is about to leave

Noor-Appi Dnt forget to purchase flowers
Proposals without flowers are so incomplete Actually ur new in this field so this was expert advice

Zoya -ohhoooo as if u have lots of experience of proposing guys

Noor-Movies appi

Zoya smiles n sits on scooty
She stops it midway
N purchases flowers
She smells the flowers

Zoya-Adi this fragrance will mark our new beginning

Zoya climbs temple stairs

She is smiling

As she enters the temple

She is dumbstruck  to  see

Adi n pooja  hugging

Tears fall from zoya’s  eyes

Flowers fall

Adi notices  zoya

Adi-Aree zoya come come.Pooja as u know zoya is my best friend  I called her here today as I wanted her to be a part of my new beginning  our new beginning

Adi holds pooja’s hand

He kisses it

Adi-u know zoya I never hide anything  from u but from few days I was hiding  something  Actually  I love  pooja I love her alot I want to spend my whole life with her

I proposed her

N u know what

He hugs zoya

Zoya is speechless

Adi-She agreed she agreed zoya She loves me am so happy so happy

Tears keep falling  from zoya’s  eyes

Adi-what happened  zoya are u not happy for us

Zoya (somehow manages  to spk)-Am very happy

Pooja takes adi’s  hand

Pooja-Adi I think we must spend some time lets go for movie

Adi-hmm great idea zoya join  along

Pooja makes faces

Zoya-Adi  its ur date silly u go I will spend  some time  in temple

Adi-R u sure I can drop u home

Pooja-Aree adi she said na lets go

Pooja pulls adi

Zoya n adi’s hand separate

Adi looks at zoya

She tries to fake a smile

She gestures good luck

Adi-Zoya BTW sari doesn’t  suit u yaar sorry to say u look weird  in sari with small hair

N studs Sari suits pooja long hair long earings

Adi winks

Zoya-yes u r right  pooja is perfect  for adi

Zoya sits in temple n weeps

Zoya returns to her room

Her eyes are wet face red

Noor is confused

Noor-Appi kya hua

Appi appi

Zoya walks silently  n sits on her bed

Noor gets tensed

Appi appi

Zoya hugs her n cries

Zoya-Hamare pehla Pyaar adhura reh gaya He doesn’t  love me He loves pooja

She breaks down

Tears fall from noor’s eyes

Tujhe yaad naa meri aaii kissi se kya Kehna plays in Bg

Zoya is sitting  in college  corridor

She is lost in her thoughts

Adi comes there

Adi (excitedly )-guess what mom n dad agreed for our marriage  zoya they agreed n u know we are getting  married  before college gets over Anyways only one year left to our graduation  I cannot wait I want to spend my day n night with pooja

Zoya tries to hide her tears

Adi-Zoya are u not well ur eyes are so red

Just then pooja calls him

Adi -Zoya

Zoya-Adi  am fine just didn’t  sleep yesterday  night was studying  u go pooja is waiting

Adi -Zoya Pls take care of urself u have to do all arrangements  for our marriage

Adi winks n leaves

Tears fall from zoya’s  eyes

She takes out letter from her jeans pocket

Crushes it

N throws it in dustbin

Rajveer  was noticing  all this

He removes the letter

Rajveer  reads n smiles devilishly


Flash Back ends

Adi is stunned

Adi-Zoya I thought  i know u I understand u but I failed I couldn’t  sense the storm that was going  inside  ur heart.I failed zoya I failed.

Tears fall from Adi’s  eyes

Adi -Zoya u left ur degree ur college midway because  of me I ruined my best friends  life zoya y did u remain silent u had first right on me u shd have told me I have to be with u

Zoya looks in adi’s  eyes

Zoya-Adi love cannot be forced love is feeling  not right Adi when there is bepannah  Aashqui  for someone in ur heart U just want to see that person happy .N adi u were happy with pooja in ur happiness  I got happiness

Zoya leaves

Adi sits on his knees

Tears flow


Harshvardan  is tensed

Harshvardan -zoya did wrong  by hiding about this letter thing if she would  have  told me I would have somehow manipulated

Anjana -Harsh  she was hiding  her feelings  from five years How could she have made tamashaa about it.

Harshvardan -case has got out of our hand

Precap-Adi  n zoya hugging  clip is shown in court

Rajveer has brought  many witnesses to prove Adiya had affair

Harshvardan-How can someone plan a bomb blast

Rajveer-explosive  material was found from sweet box which zoya gave to yash

Zoya is stunned

Adi panics

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