Bepannah Aashqui FF epi 22

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Tdy’s epi is so close to my heart

Its something I have gone through

Recap-zoya is hiding something from five years she feels her secret will come out during this court case .She is extremely worried

Adi notices zoya sitting in one corner in her prison there are tears in her eyes

She is deeply lost her thoughts

Adi-zoya is everything fine.Zoya if u wish u can hire other lawyer too.

Zoya -Adi I trust uncle more than I can trust anyone Pls adi Dnt say such things its just that am Tired

Adi (teareyed )-u would be out of this prison this mess very soon

Zoya nods n tries to smile

Adiya are brought in court

Anjana gets emotional seeing them

She hugs both Adiya together

Tears fall from her eyes

Anjana-Zoya Adi are u both fine Dnt wry harsh has promised me he will take u out from here tdy

Zoya-Pls Dnt cry Aunty

Adi is unable to speak anything

Rajveer (smiles )-Aunty this prison is permanent house of ur beloved son and daughter in law .Dnt wry we are taking good care of them

Adi fumes in anger

Zoya asks him to calm down

Their eyes meet

Harshvardan n Arjun give them reassuring look

Zoya looks at madhu n mahi

Mahi’s eyes are guilt ridden

The judge comes

Harshvardan takes a deep breath

Proceedings begin

Lawyer -Your honour this is a very simple case two ppl loved each other they didn’t get married to each other for some reason which they know They married other ppl ruined their lives killed them

Harshvardan -I object my lord

Lawyer-There is no question of objecting we have evidences Zoya and Aditya were madly in love with each other

Tears fall from zoya’s eyes

Aditya is red with anger

Lawyer(continues)-Your honour I want to present my witness

Judge-u may

Lawyer-My first witness is ACP Rajveer khanna who was classmate of Aditya ,Zoya and pooja

Rajveer gives a killer look to adi

N enters witness box

Lawayer-ACP Rajveer Were Aditya Zoya and pooja ur classmates

Rajveer -Yes we studied in same college

Lawyer-How was Adiya n zoya’ s relationship

Rajveer -They were always together claimed to be best friends but were much more than that They did almost everything together studying playing .They were always together everywhere may be in toilets too

Adi (yells)-Shut up rajVeer thats crap think twice before you speak A girl is involved

Zoya makes adi sit

Harshvardan feels worried

Rajveer smiles

Rajveer -U can my lord in front of u They are they were madly in love with each other I have an evidence a letter Miss zoya siddqui wrote five years ago on Valentine’s Day 14th Feb 2012

Zoya is dumbstruck. Adi looks at her in confusion

Letter is presented

Its read aloud

Dear Adi

Till today I called u my best friend actually u mean everything to me .I cannot think of life without u.Adi u make me complete Adi just like we need water to stay air to breathe I need ur presence to smile to live.adi am not good in writing but I can just say I want spend my whole life with u adi.I love you more than words can describe I love u to infinity

Yours only yours forever yours


All are shocked

Adi is confused

Zoya’s eyes cannot meet his

Judge-proceedings will continue after one hour

Zoya runs out weeping

Anjana feels her pain

Adi goes behind zoya

Zoya runs

She sits on a bench

And breaksdown

Adi comes there

Zoya is hiding her face in palms

Adi-What’s all this Zoya

U wrote this?when did all this happen?

How could u not tell me?how could u hide from me

Zoya speak up I need answer

He shakes zoya

Zoya-yes I loved u Loved u like a mad how could I tell u when I came to tell u told me u loved pooja

Adi looks at zoya

There is pain in their eyes

Tears flowing continuously

Precap-Zoya is getting ready

She looks in mirror

Zoya’s pov -For first time am wearing a sari a green sari all for u adi

She purchases flowers

She blushes

She sees pooja hugging adi

Flowers n letter fall from her hands

She breaksdown

  1. Anee

    Wowwww!!! Ru so my guess was right…. actually i read and commented on your previous article but suddenly my phone’s battery dead that’s y I wasn’t able to submit that comment… but I guessed the same… wow yaarrr lovely… now really excited what’s going to happen next??….. and Happy RakshaBandhan Dear…. Love u Rushii Bye Tc.Good night.

  2. It was awesome , waiting for the next chapter , post soon

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  4. Jasminerahul

    oh rajveer is so cheap.he even presented zoya’s old love letter to the what will happen? shocking that zoya had written a love letter to adi on Valentine’s day

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